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How to Level Up Your Lead Generation With SEO

SEO lead generation is an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy. In fact, 91% of marketers identify lead generation as their primary goal and build their entire plan around it. The mission is to get their websites to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPS) so that it attracts more potential customers. Yet, this is more complex than simply writing a piece or two of content and hoping it does the trick.

There is a reason why 61% of marketers say lead generation is the biggest challenge for them. So many issues can arise at any point in time. For some, the problem could be a flawed follow-up process that decreases interest and retention. Yet, for the majority, the challenge is getting SEO leads in the first place. Today, we’ll explore how you can level up your lead generation with SEO tactics that work.

SEO lead generation

How Does SEO Influence Lead Generation?

Over 90% of content barely gets any traffic from Google. For many marketers who use this as their main means of generating leads, this is a real problem. You can only achieve your goals when people read your posts. The only solution, then, is to focus on techniques that can increase your web visibility. The higher you are in the search engine result results, the more traffic you get to your sites. In fact, most clicks often go to the websites on the first pages, with the top five getting more than half of all the clicks.

SEO has a strong influence on lead generation. Everything - from keyword research to content optimization and link building - works together to get your site to rank higher in search results. Take link building, for example. It is one of the most efficient off-page SEO tactics you can use to generate referral traffic. High-quality backlinks can directly improve your website’s authority score, getting more relevant SEO leads as a result. All these SEO strategies expertly combined will increase web visibility, traffic, leads, and revenue generation.

SEO for Business Growth: Worth a Shot?

As a digital marketer, you must pay attention to SEO for business growth. It's the only way to help your business stand out from competitors. But that is not the only thing it does. Consider how vital brand trust is for long-term success. SEO strategies, by design, give businesses the tools to build trust and credibility. This is what helps boost brand loyalty and customer advocacy.

For some companies, getting traffic is not an issue. Their main problem is attracting the right kind of traffic that brings paying customers. In this case, SEO provides an efficient way to develop a good user experience, increasing engagement and creating a better retention rate. The same principles apply even if you are a small local business with a niche service. Actually, you might need it even more. The best part of SEO for business growth is its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It offers a cheaper alternative to paid marketing with more returns on investment in the long term

4 Steps to Getting High-Quality Leads Using SEO

There are many suggestions on how you can get leads using a bunch of different types of techniques. Some are pricey and take years to fully implement and see results. Here are four budget-friendly tactics you can try now to get high-quality leads using SEO.

Step #1 Strategic Blogging

76% of marketers use content to generate leads. The reason behind this is simple. People constantly look for information on things, products, or services before purchasing. But you need to do your research before starting a blog. Skipping it will land you in the same shoes as that 90% of previously mentioned sites that struggle to get traffic. The best thing to begin with is keyword research. This will give you insights into what your potential customers search for on the web.

Next, you must focus on creating helpful content that aligns with your customers' needs. Think about educational content that answers their questions and gives them valuable information. Content that solves problems, like those explaining how to do something or use a product (such as the ones you stock), often gets the most traffic. To rank your posts higher, you must use keywords at strategic points throughout the article. Remember to use images and other visual elements to keep the reader engaged.

Step #2 Invest More in Your Link-Building Strategy

Link building is one of the common tactics used by lead generation SEO companies to improve web visibility and push a site to the top of Google search results. The #1 pages on Google have 3.8x more backlinks than others. Besides, building a good internal linking structure ensures that Google can understand and index your content. With this, it will be able to rank accurately in search results which mean more visibility and traffic. But before you consider buying SEO leads, there are a few powerful ways to do link-building yourself.

You should collaborate with other reputable relevant websites in your niche to get them to link back to you. But be careful and take your time to check those pages. You want to favor those with high domain authority (DA) over others and ensure that incoming links land on well-crafted, high-quality websites. Remember to include relevant links in your articles and posts that guide your visitors to additional helpful resources. These are outbound links that can also impact your search rankings.

Step #3 Fix Your Technical SEO Issues

A common mistake some businesses make is failing to fix the technical aspects of their website. You could write the best content, but if your site is unresponsive or takes forever to load, you won’t get as many SEO sales leads as you could. Sites with a comprehensive technical SEO system can get up to a 100% increase in organic traffic. So you should consider investing in this right away.

Start by using any available SEO tools like Google Search Console (GSC) or SEMrush to audit your site. This will help you find where to pay attention to and suggest ways to improve. Focus on critical areas like loading speed, HTTPS usage, mobile responsiveness, and your site’s architecture. The efforts put into these areas help to ensure a better user experience for your potential customers.

Step #4 Use Your Social Media to Create an Approachable Persona for Your Business

Social media can be a powerful SEO lead-generation tool. But this depends on how you use it. You must build an active social media presence to turn it into a lead generator. Use it to drive engagement by sharing links to your blog posts or news on product launches and events. It is also perfect for advertising, hosting giveaways, or polls to get customer feedback.

Your SM channels make it easy for you to be accessible to your customers. Tap into it to build a better relationship with existing customers and attract new ones. Remember to respond to reviews from them, including negative ones. This sends a message that you care about their input.


Using SEO for lead generation is a successful way for businesses to drive sustainable growth that lasts. This may be challenging, but the results are worth every effort it takes to implement it. Consider using the steps explored in this article to level up and build more free SEO leads for your company.


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