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SEMrush Review: All In One Marketing Tool?

A site owner or online marketer needs to be informed of the facts and data in order to make the right decisions for their business. SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that can provide you with the information you need to stay on top of the curve.

Aside from that, Google releases updates up to two times a month. It has been harder more than ever to rank a site. Google has more or less 200 ranking factors.

It is becoming more and more complicated to rank in search results. This makes it more complicated for sites to cope up with the rules and SEO tactics.

Fortunately, there are SEO tools that are designed to help businesses cope up with the changes in SEO and its intricacies.

What is SEMrush

semrush review

SEMrush is a web-based solution established as an across-the-board web marketing platform. It is popular for its SEO function but it becomes prominent also for other web marketing services.

It can provide you with valuable information that you can use for your site including keywords, ad campaigns, backlinks, website traffic, social media, SEO, and a lot more factors. These factors are very important in assessing your site and your competitor’s sites.

What SEMrush can do for your Business

SEMrush offers a wide range of marketing services under its hood including SEO, PPC, ad campaigns, content marketing, backlinks, keyword research, implementation, SERP, social media, and more. It has varieties of tools to help site owners understand the information and facts of their e-commerce.

The platform also offers an opportunity to help online marketers understand their competitor’s activities. The information they gather is crucial to identify opportunities and threats and make developments based on the information.

SEMrush is perfect for sites that have already built their business online and are looking to establish their traffic, sales, reach, authority, and more. It can help you accomplish these marketing efforts:

  • Identify the top and common competitors in your niche.

  • Locate where your competitors are getting backlinks.

  • Identify valuable keywords your competitors are ranking for.

  • Determine the right keywords to use.

  • Identify the products or services that your competitors are already offering.

  • Monitor keywords and their Google search position.

As mentioned, the tool is appropriate for sites that are already existing and want to really understand how their site works and improve it. If you need to develop strategies in tracking, reporting, or monitoring, this is the best tool to use.

SEMrush offers the following features:

  • SEO

  • Paid Traffic

  • Social Media

  • Content and PR

  • Market Research

Plans and Pricing:

Pro - $99.95 per month

  • For freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with limited budget

  • Run your SEO, PPC, SMM and content projects with 28 advanced tools.

  • Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.

Guru - $199.95 per month

  • For SMB and growing marketing agencies

  • Includes all Pro features plus Branded reports, Historical Data and Extended limits

Business - $399.95 per month

  • For agencies, E-commerce projects and businesses with extensive web presence

  • All the Guru features plus White label reports, API access, and Extended limits and sharing options

Enterprise - Customized plan

  • A custom solution to fit the marketing needs of your business.

  • Custom keyword databases

  • Custom limits

  • Unlimited crawling of large websites

  • On-site trainings

  • And other add-on features upon request

All the plans include 28 advanced tools and features to improve a site’s marketing:

  1. Site Audit

  2. On Page SEO Checker

  3. Position Tracking

  4. Social Media Tracker

  5. Social Media Poster

  6. Backlink Audit

  7. Marketing Calendar

  8. Log File Analyzer

  9. Brand Monitoring

  10. Post Tracking

  11. Content Audit

  12. Organic Traffic Insights

  13. PPC Keyword Tool

  14. Organic Research

  15. Keyword Research

  16. Keyword Magic Tool

  17. Ad Builder

  18. Advertising research

  19. Display Advertising

  20. Backlinks

  21. SEO Content Template

  22. Sensor

  23. Keyword Difficulty

  24. Gap Analysis

  25. Traffic Overview

  26. Lead Generation Tool

  27. Topic Research

  28. My reports

According to A Better Lemonade Stand, SEMrush helped them improved their organic search traffic by 532 percent. The site concentrated with their SEO with highlights on their keywords to target. In a period of one year, they were able to widen their readership and explode their organic search traffic.

The secret strategy of the platform lies on the Pareto Principle or the 80/ 20 rule. The majority of traffic (80 percent) comes from some pages (20 percent) for most sites, blogs, and online stores.

When you know the top ranking pages of your competitors and the keywords that they rank for, you can use the information to make your site more efficient. You can optimize your future content using those keywords that they rank for.

The platform offers analytics reports where you can gain insights of your competitor’s SEO strategies like link building, organic and paid search, traffic analysis, keyword research, product listing ads, or display advertising. The tools offered by the platform provide information so that you can compare keyword difficulty and competitive domains.

SEMrush provides visual diagrams that show your competitor’s online performance. You’ll have an idea about how much your competitors spend on Google Adwords, the traffic of your competitors via paid searches, which top ranking keywords they rank for, and declining keywords that are no longer ranking them for.

The Reports is another tool that you can use to share the information you received from the platform. It is customized where you can type in your brand, input comments, and annotations.

Another useful tool is the Keyword Magic Tool. It can help you in finding other relevant keywords that can help your site rank on search engines. It can find long-tail keywords that suit your business’ campaigns, copy, or content.

SEMrush Projects have other tools like Position Tracking, Site Audit, Social media Tracker, Social Media Poster, Brand Monitoring, On-Page SEO Checker, Backlink Audit Tool, Organic Traffic Insights, Content Analyzer, and PPC Keyword Tool. All these tools are designed to improve your campaigns.

Based on the review site, SEMrush provides a wide range of tools that can help a site. These tools are effective to improve your reach, audience, engagement, and traffic.

However, it reiterated that the results are only based on speculated information. Moreover, it is not ideal for startups and small business that is just starting. Any business that will be using it must have a deeper understanding of terms like SERP, SEM, SEO, PPC campaigns, and ad campaigns.

SEMrush is not a beginner’s tool. Sites that will be using it must already have a background of SEO and the like.

It is a pack of other tools that are powerful and comprehensive. If you are just a beginner, you may find it hard to use the platform. However, if you already have the experience, this is the right tool that can provide you information on your SEO strategy, content performance, social media engagement, brand mentions, backlinks, keywords, advertising campaign optimization, domain authority, and many more.

When it comes to features, ecommerce platforms commend the SEO function of the platform. It provides organic search function which is the best strategy to find relevant keywords.

The platform also provides insights on keywords that your competitors are ranking for so you could use it in your own campaigns. The information is helpful when making plans and decisions for your site.

SEMrush is also great for its site audit function. It examines your entire site, analyzes each page, and identify errors that can impact your SEO.

It doesn’t stop analyzing your site. It continues to scan your site to identify errors that can affect your SEO. It generates analytics reports on a regular basis to give you feedback on your site.

Another function called Position Tracking keep you informed about your site’s position on mobile and PC through Google site versions. You can also compare it with your competitor’s performance records.

You get alarms each time your site gains or loses rankings. A slight change in your rankings is reported so that you could make informed decisions.

SEMrush acts as a spy to your competitor’s sites. Aside from monitoring their keywords, PPC ads, content distribution frameworks, backlinks, and social media accounts, it also analyzes their traffic.

The tool examines your competitor’s traffic through its Traffic Analytics function. It provides data on the traffic size per country.

After all the positive points of SEMrush, Ecommerce Platforms mentioned the platform’s drawbacks. For them, it is kind of pricey, especially for small businesses. On a positive note, provided its many tools, you can save huge money if you pay for them individually.

Secondly, the functions, features, and tools are overwhelming. If you are a beginner, you would not clearly understand how everything works. It takes time to master all the SEO terms and functions.

A beginner would be totally confused using it. However, before using it, you’ll learn that it is not really recommended for beginners. Experienced marketers are the only one who can make it work.

There are some inconsistencies when it comes to results. The feedback is only based on a small number of clients who previously used the platform.

SEMrush received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Capterra. Based on 572 reviews, the average rating for ease of use is 4.5 out of 5 and customer service is 4.5 out of 5.

One review said that the platform is the best all-around SEO software in the market today. It commended the competitive analysis function that provides a comprehensive outlook into potential competitors. It is valuable because they keep on updating their tools and gives you an edge over your rivals in the industry.

It is considered as a great tool for SEO and PPC campaigns. It is a complete platform for every business online.

The same client wrote that a rank tracking tool is not that ideal to use. He wrote that it is the “jack of all trades and the master of none.” Reports need more detailed interpretation.

If your business has been already existing for many years and you’re looking forward to improving your SEO, this is the most suitable tool for you. It is perfect for all types of business owners whether you are a freelancer or entrepreneur.


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