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Scrapebox Review

The fast-paced and ever-growing e-commerce industry is largely dependent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With over $12 trillion in its revenue, the importance of SEO weighs on the mind of everyone linked with an internet business. This simply means that SEO does not only revolve around the circle of bloggers, web designers, digital marketers, and creative professionals.

Good SEO ensures the creation of awareness and eventual achievement of marketing goals. Still, many individuals including business owners know little about SEO and how to fully harness it to their benefits. This is a major reason why SEO experts are hired across different industries and niches. However, this increases the workforce and demands management oversight, which requires time and money eventually. Many companies cannot afford to hire an SEO expert. This is challenging, considering the importance of SEO to any business outfit. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost. There are renowned tools to plug into the gap and ensure the SEO needs of any business are met. One of such tools is ScrapeBox. Here is all you must know about ScrapeBox as well as how it improves the SEO on your business website, which increases traffic and further leads to sales conversion.

What is ScrapeBox


Going by its name, it is fairly easy to see what ScrapeBox is. It is an SEO Software used for scraping or collecting information off the internet.

How ScrapeBox Works

Scrapebox review

This SEO tool has its power entrenched in the addons it features. It provides a whole lot of SEO services through its addon tab, which is found at the top of the page. ScrapeBox searches out blogs automatically to comment on and it posts comments along with the URL of your website. This automated tool does not stop at commenting as it generates backlinks and serves as a backlink generator to thousand of websites within an hour. Backlinking is a core aspect of SEO and ScrapeBox does it in a timely fashion. Despite its commenting and backlink-creating attribute, ScrapeBox does even more.

Features of ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox takes Search Engine Optimization to a different level. Here are the features that set this SEO tool apart and how you can make use of it.

1.) Keyword Harvester

Scrapebox Keyword Scraper

Using the right keywords is integral to the success of any SEO strategy. ScrapeBox features the harvesting of keywords to help its users connect and engage with the right audience. You are assured to get a list of the keywords that count to your niche within a few minutes. And the software populates keywords from different sources to give you broader options. Finding long-tail keywords is something ScrapeBox lets you do under minutes compared to hours spent doing it manually. Here is how to go about it:

Enter your key-phrase(s) and click the scrape button. This can be done in the text area that is found on the left of the page. You will get a populated list of results. Depending on your need, copy the list and paste on the text area and repeat the process. The list will be further populated and you will get more possible ideas for your content.

2.) URL Harvester

Scrapebox URL Harvester

Search engine URLs Including YouTube, Ask, Excite, Blekko, Lycos, Rambler, TalkTalk are available for harvesting using ScrapeBox. Other URLs include IXQuick, DogPile, AOL, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. The keywords generated by ScrapeBox will lead you to relevant blogs and websites related to what you have. You can confirm the credibility of these sites and decide where your backlinks would come from, making your decision on the likelihood of winning the competition over. To check your backlink, here is what you must do:

Insert your URL in the text area. Copy the inputed URL, then paste it in the righthand box (URLs Harvested). Next, you must go to the 'addons’ tab found at the screen’s top and select it. Select ‘backlink checker’ from the list that follows, and click on the ‘show available addon’ if no addon was available. Using the ‘show available addon’ button will give you access to install addons in case you do not have them already installed for use. Once you have your addon installed and the ‘backlink checker’ button clicked, a new screen is presented to you. Beneath it, there is a ‘load URL list’ button that you must click. Lastly, click on the ‘load from ScrapeBox harvester’ button to get the backlinks used by your domain or that of the competition.

3.) Meta Scraper

Scrapebox Metascraper

ScrapeBox further goes on to include a Meta Scraper as one of its features. After harvesting your URLs, there is a 'Grab' tab, which can be found on the right. Selecting the meta info button from the harvested list will give you access to the meta info on each URL. This includes the page title, keywords, and descriptions.

4.) Multiple Proxy Support

Scrapebox Proxy

Getting your IP banned can be frustrating. This ScrapeBox feature is designed to prevent this from happening. All you must do is to import or paste a proxy list, which the tool will use in posting comments, harvesting, pinging and checking the ranking of pages. You can be rest assured that your real IP will remain anonymous.

5.) Trackback Poster

Scrapebox trackback

ScrapeBox is one of the fastest SEO tools for posting trackbacks as it allows the posting of thousands of trackbacks in little time. This is great news for backlinking as well as traffic generation. You can be sure to get a huge amount of traffic as well as solid backlinks to your website in no time. This is because ScrapeBox is designed to target high traffic blogs and sites related to your website.

6.) Analysis

Scrapebox Analysis

Backlink analysis and the analysis of your competitors are features offered by ScrapeBox. Using this tool, you can get the details of the backlinks that your competitors are using, discover what pages rank on their sites and the right contents to post comments on. You can also compare the statistics of your competitors with yours using this tool. And this is key in planning your marketing strategy.

7.) Ping Mode

Scrapebox RSS ping

The Ping Mode feature on ScrapeBox allows you to send referrals to other websites. Even more, is that your website bears the referrer tag on the other website. This can lead to a tremendous rise in the traffic of your website and article views. ScrapeBox lets you ping tons of URLs.

8.) Automated Blog Commenting

Scrapebox Blog Commenting

Automation undoubtedly saves time. As earlier mentioned, ScrapeBox features automated commenting on blogs. But there is more it. Blog commenting requires a huge investment of your time and effort. You have to scour through many relevant websites and blogs to post comments on their articles. This can eat up much time that can be used in getting other things done. ScrapeBoxing it actually saves you all the hassle. It automatically targets related blogs having great a great amount of traffic and post your comments. This eliminates the need to spend much time looking for websites that are related to your content and posting comments.

However, with this extra feature offered by this SEO tool, automated commenting has never been recommended to generate web traffic. Also, you are required to make an extra payment for proxies. These are the issues encountered in making use of this feature, compared to its benefits.

9.) Finding Expired domains

Scrapebox Expired Domains

Many digital marketers use ScrapeBox to find out expired domains. Expired domains are those internet domains that have not been renewed by previous owners or were let to expire. Their previous owners have simply lost ownership of them. Considering SEO, these domains can be very useful. Apart from having been in existence for long, some of these domains may have amassed huge domain authority with reputable sites links. Also, the expired domain name might still be viewed highly as a reputable source by the search engine.

Google and some other search engines trust older domains than brand new ones. And this influences search rankings. Also, some solid backlinks might have been accrued over the years for certain domain names, which increases their value in the eyes of search engines. This is good news for SEO. This feature makes ScrapeBox even more valuable to SEO specialists. It provides a bridge to the top in search rankings.

10.) Trimming or Shortening URLs in bulk

Scrapebox URL shortener

There are many link-shorteners available for downloads but you can imagine having to shorten a long list of URLs. This can be tasking and time-taking. However, ScrapeBox eliminates whatever stress that may result from shortening your links individually. You can rest assured of shortening your link in bulk. First, you must ensure you have the Bulk URL Shortener addon by checking the Addon tab. You can insert the URL to be shortened or load a list of URLs from a text file. Click on the 'Start' button and 'export' when done.

11.) Rapid Indexing tool

Scrapebox Indexer

Getting content shared and eventually indexed weighs on the mind of every SEO specialist. Most times, content creators make use of social media or Google+ to share their content. Google+ has been unavailable for use for a while now and getting your content through social media requires much time investment. ScrapeBox gives you an option to catch the attention of others by using the indexing website list premade with the software. You can access the rapid indexer feature of ScrapeBox by going to the ‘addon’ tab and selecting the ‘rapid indexer’ option and highlight. Download the preinstalled list found in the ‘addon description’ section. Next, click on the ‘rapid indexer’ addon and load the indexer list using the ‘edit’ button found on the lower part of the screen. ScrapeBox enables the loading of tons of URLs reaching up to a million as well as indexer services.

12.) Page Scanner

Scrapebox Page scanner

The page scanner feature of ScrapeBox helps you analyze HTML source codes of certain URLs. This feature further categorizes the URL depending on the footprints of your choice. As with most features of this SEO software, you must ensure that you have the 'page scanner/ categorizer' feature in the addon tab. Import your URL list to scan. Using the custom footprint button, you can personalize a footprint. On getting that done, start the page scanning process. You can commence categorizing your websites once you are done.


ScrapeBox requires a lifetime/ one-time payment of $97. The pricing is set for a license covering a single PC and allows you a free transfer of license once each month. Minor upgrades and bug fixes to the software are free.


ScrapeBox is compatible with Apple Mac and Windows. It runs on Apple Mac systems up to the v10.15.xCatalina. It also runs smoothly on the XP and Vista versions of Windows including Windows 7, 8 and 10. For optimal display performance, any screen resolution above 1024x768px is recommended. This is due to the high functionality of the software.

Why you should use ScrapeBox

  • SEO is key in getting the most of the internet. ScrapeBox brings all your essential SEO tools in one package.

  • It is very easy to understand and use, even for basic users.

  • It is a cheap software and it requires only a one-time payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ScrapeBox Addon cost?

The ScrapeBox addon allows users to mix and match features. They are included in the overall package purchase and are available for free.

Does ScrapeBox require monthly subscriptions

No. Your license payment on purchase covers any other payment. It is a lifetime payment.

How do I get the software after purchase?

After a few minutes of paying, a download link and instructions on how to activate the software is sent to your email. If your payment is made via Paypal, a link redirecting you to the merchant site containing the download page is made available to you. If you cannot find the email for download, check your spam or junk folder.

Are other forms of payment such as BitCoin and eCheck allowed?

Yes. Payments other than PayPal such as eCheck will have to be cleared before activated your license. Credit card payments like Visa and Mastercard through PayPal are accepted. For BitCoin payment, contact support to obtain the address for payment.

What does the license transfer involve?

You are not required to contact support to transfer your license. All you must do is run ScrapeBox on the PC you want to transfer to and activate the license. Enter all details used to make the original purchase and submit. You need to input the purchase Email and Transaction ID given by PayPal in the appropriate sections.

Is ScrapBox a blackhat tool?

This is not the case. ScrapeBox features tons of whitehat applications and addons and it is used by some of the biggest SEO marketing agencies in the industry. It has gone on to feature on different marketing events on the planet including SES and SMX. Although it has been applied for not-so-whitehat activities in the past because of its features, it is simply a tool with different uses. What it is used for depends much on you.

Wrapping Up

ScrapeBox is one of the most simplistic but powerful SEO tools. Although its automatic blog commenting feature is sometimes considered spammy, it comes in handy when it is kept to good use. Getting results in your SEO efforts can prove to be tasking yet rewarding. And ScrapeBox is one of those tools that can bring you closer to your SEO targets.


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