Rankwyz Reviews And Campaign Tutorials


Two of the most important aspects to any business are marketing and time management. Rankwyz is a tool that perfectly combines those two aspects into a brilliant combination of enginership that is comprehensive and useful. Rankwyz is a professionally crafted blogging software which has the capability of managing an unlimited amount of social accounts and blogs. Rankwyz aids you in being able to post to an entire network of sites reminiscent of how files are organized in a folder.

Rankwyz review

Free account

You can use Rankwyz for free and you can only use limited features and can create a minimum project, number of blogs, posting credits ( daily ) etc. Check the image below:

rankwyz tutorials

What It Does + Features

Just to get this out of the way, Rankwyz’s major (and probably only) drawback is that it has a STEEP learning curve. Rankwyz operates on something known as “tiered-link building” campaigns. If weren’t already familiar with those, then welcome to the club. I’d hate to leave you in the dark but that’s another topic in its entirety.

However, what we can tell you instead of exactly how it works is that we’ll be moving forward with the assumption that you’re already somewhat knowledgeable about tiered-link building, web 2.0 network, social bookmarking, PBN and backlinking.

Here are the highlighted features of Rankwyz

  • You can easily manage PBN, Web 2.0 and Bookmarking accounts

  • Easy to organize your work in projects

  • It can schedule and post relevant content / Scrape syndicated content / upload your own content

  • It can embeds videos, images and can translate content up to 30 + languages.

  • Monitor your SEO metrics such as PA/DA/TF/CF/indexed pages and backlinks.

  • Check ranking for unlimited blogs

  • Automate posting and schedule them according by dates or post now.


Rankwyz lets you make everything available directly on your dashboard. This includes all your projects, stats, account usage metrics and everything you need to have a hold on everything. You can view the system-alerts as well as have progressive statistics of your blogs and projects. The program lets you see started and completed posts, SEO-metrics updates, new links found and dropped, traffic alerts and site downtime, search-engine ranking metrics changed, and even major updates with the competition.

With Rankwyz, it is possible to see and have access to a comprehensive site dashboard that includes major metrics, site screenshots, IP addresses, geo locations, nameservers & who is information. When the data you have monitored changes, you are instantly alerted so you can jump straight to it from the site giving you the chance to take action without even losing what you were previously working on. Get a leg up on the competitions with the feature to add all your competitors and have RankWyz monitor the relevant major metrics so that you can then compare your progress and then adjust your strategy.

Content Creation

The beautiful thing about Rankwyz is that it’s not only a content manag