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Rankwyz Reviews And Campaign Tutorials


Two of the most important aspects to any business are marketing and time management. Rankwyz is a tool that perfectly combines those two aspects into a brilliant combination of enginership that is comprehensive and useful. Rankwyz is a professionally crafted blogging software which has the capability of managing an unlimited amount of social accounts and blogs. Rankwyz aids you in being able to post to an entire network of sites reminiscent of how files are organized in a folder.

Rankwyz review

Free account

You can use Rankwyz for free and you can only use limited features and can create a minimum project, number of blogs, posting credits ( daily ) etc. Check the image below:

rankwyz tutorials

What It Does + Features

Just to get this out of the way, Rankwyz’s major (and probably only) drawback is that it has a STEEP learning curve. Rankwyz operates on something known as “tiered-link building” campaigns. If weren’t already familiar with those, then welcome to the club. I’d hate to leave you in the dark but that’s another topic in its entirety.

However, what we can tell you instead of exactly how it works is that we’ll be moving forward with the assumption that you’re already somewhat knowledgeable about tiered-link building, web 2.0 network, social bookmarking, PBN and backlinking.

Here are the highlighted features of Rankwyz

  • You can easily manage PBN, Web 2.0 and Bookmarking accounts

  • Easy to organize your work in projects

  • It can schedule and post relevant content / Scrape syndicated content / upload your own content

  • It can embeds videos, images and can translate content up to 30 + languages.

  • Monitor your SEO metrics such as PA/DA/TF/CF/indexed pages and backlinks.

  • Check ranking for unlimited blogs

  • Automate posting and schedule them according by dates or post now.


Rankwyz lets you make everything available directly on your dashboard. This includes all your projects, stats, account usage metrics and everything you need to have a hold on everything. You can view the system-alerts as well as have progressive statistics of your blogs and projects. The program lets you see started and completed posts, SEO-metrics updates, new links found and dropped, traffic alerts and site downtime, search-engine ranking metrics changed, and even major updates with the competition.

With Rankwyz, it is possible to see and have access to a comprehensive site dashboard that includes major metrics, site screenshots, IP addresses, geo locations, nameservers & who is information. When the data you have monitored changes, you are instantly alerted so you can jump straight to it from the site giving you the chance to take action without even losing what you were previously working on. Get a leg up on the competitions with the feature to add all your competitors and have RankWyz monitor the relevant major metrics so that you can then compare your progress and then adjust your strategy.

Content Creation

The beautiful thing about Rankwyz is that it’s not only a content manager but a content creator. You can handcraft new blogs and articles and other forms of content directly from the interface to be disrupted to your network. For content creation, there lies an integrated content-server that handles the building and extraction of your articles and other works for your network.

In addition to creating contents, you can also automatically translate your posts into over thirty-five languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Hebrew, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Czech, Estonian, German, Hindi, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Latvian, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Polish, and Romanian.

Rankwyz also gives you the option to collaborate with the major spinner-services like TheBestSpinner, ChimpWriter, WordAI, and SpinWriter completely being free to you. When creating your own personal content and feels that it needs to be improved, you can make use of the Rankwyz-Rewriter to pick the synonyms as well as perform other necessary functions which you feel would add improvements to your content and make the overall quality better.

Posting Management

Now that you have new content fresh out of the oven, it’s time to send it out. With the posting management features available on Rankwyz, it’s easy than ever to draft your schedule of blogs and posts to your web 2.0 sites, and even social accounts. Through the scheduling of your blog posts, you can spread out your backlinks over a certain period of time. By the act of spreading your content out across your network over different periods of time, you’re raising the ranks of your niche-site while dodging the Google spider that hunts and flags unnatural links.

Using the RankwyzWP-Plugin, you are able to send URLs of your new posts in WordPress-blogs to your RankWyz-account and start a “multi-tier” drip fed system of those links to your blogs in all your network.


Now you might be wondering what all of this will cost you. Granted that you have a grasp on the insane list of features, most of which aren’t even mentioned in this article due to the sheer volume of them, it will become clear that you are getting major value from the price of the three plans they have available.

The three categories and their corresponding sub-categories are all well worth every dollar you spend on them. Every upgrade has noticeable differences correlating to the price increase. It’s an undeniable certainty that there’s great value in every plan.



There are three levels to the Wyzard plan. 3000, 6000, and 9000. These three levels are indications of the amount posting credits you have available. Respectively prices are:

  • $31.00/m billed annually

  • $37.00/m billed monthly

  • $56.00/m billed annually

  • $67.00/m billed monthly

  • $73.00/m billed annually

  • $87.00/m billed monthly


The Pro levels come in 15,000, 30,000, and 60,000. Respectively the prices are:

  • $81.00/m billed annually

  • $97.00/m billed monthly

  • $140.00/m billed annually

  • $167.00/m billed monthly

  • $247.00/m billed annually

  • $297.00/m billed monthly


Lastly, the Agency plans come in the levels of 100,000, 150,000, and 300,000. Respective prices are:

  • $356.00/m billed annually

  • $427.00/m billed monthly

  • $490.00/m billed annually

  • $587.00/m billed monthly

  • $831.00/m billed annually

  • $997.00/m billed monthly

What is their refund policy?

Rankwyz will no longer provide refunds of payments made for any services or account purchases. The subscription fee is non-transferable.


Account Integration

In Rankwyz, you can integrate your SEO 3rd party services such as:

Captcha services

  • decaptcher

  • deathbycaptcha ( DBC )


  • Article builder

Spin Services

  • The best spinner

  • Spin Rewriter

  • Chimp Rewriter

  • WordAi

Indexing Services

  • Express indexer

  • Lindexed

  • Indexefication

  • Linklicious

  • Linkprocessor

  • Backlinksindexer

  • Instantlinkindexer

  • Gindex

  • Speed-links

  • Indexinject

Translator Service

  • Google translate

  • Bing Translate


If you have sitewyz, then you can integrate it too.

Easy blog network

you can also integrate EBN to Rankwyz


Rankwyz Campaign Tutorials

Creating a massive powerful network

Now, if you're planning to create a massive network and want to grow there metrics, aged, blog post, indexing etc. Then the First thing is you will need to have a web 2.0 network that consist of 500 + or thousands alive links, then have some post like 3 - 4 per month. Without any links, just do clean article and have them all indexed with your indexer tool or tier 2 links shared network in Rankwyz. you can check campaign structure below:


do this within 3 months and you can filter out the deads links, suspended, banned, so probably you will get a chance of 70% alive links. After that, try to use the links that has increase with metrics pointing to your PBN or Guest post links. You can have a very powerful network.

If you want to rank your moneysite

If you want to rank your moneysite using Rankwyz, then the best possible way you can do is to have a powerful PBN network, Rankwyz has the capability to manage hundreds or thousand of PBN easily. But, don't ever use their content syndication built it as it will have some problem in the future if your PBN got caught with low quality content. The secret to have a very success PBN is to feed them with quality content and do not abuse it with low quality links pointing to your PBN. Treat it like real moneysite or blog. Check the campaign structure below:

Rankwyz Campaign

Be sure to use these anchor for every campaign:

Tier 1 color red:

  • Naked links - 5%

  • Exact keywords - 50% if your PBN has metrics, if not then make it %20

  • Generic - 5%

  • Business name - 40%

Tier 2 color yellow:

  • Exact Keywords - 20%

  • Naked links - 50%

  • Business name - 30%

Tier 3 color gray:

  • Naked links - 70%

  • Generic - 30%

If you want to rank GMB or local map listing

If you don't know what is GMB means, it's Google my business or google map listing. This is a very important listing if you're in local or if you have your shop, store, restaurant, hotels, etc. This will help the potential clients or people find your business with exact address and maps. You will need to optimize first your GMB and add more information as you can like business name, address, phone, add more photos with geo tagging images or photo, add more categories, construct a unique description, put your keywords in business name.

rankwyz GMB

1st thing, you will need a quality web 2.0 created manually with proxies. We are going to use this as tier 1 pointing to your GMB or local map listing. Just try to make 40 - 50 quality web 2.0 and choose high DA like wordpress, tumblr, Deviant, FC2, etc. You can check their supported sites. Try to optimize well the account like putting the targeted keywords in page title, h1, meta description etc. that you're ranking in organic with your GMB. For example if you're ranking for a coffee shop in Miami, then create a web 2.0 that focus about "coffee shop in Miami", "the best coffee shop in Miami". Try to gather different variations but be sure that the important keywords is there like the "coffee" and the city "Miami" if you have a high skilled VA ( virtual assistant) then it will make your life easier when creating those accounts. Just a quick tip, go for quality when it comes to tier 1. You can follow this campaign structure below when building your GMB a boost up:

rankwyz reviews

Be sure to use these anchor for every GMB campaign:

Tier 1 color blue:

  • Naked links - 40%

  • Exact keywords - 20%

  • Generic - 10%

  • Business name in GMB - 20%

Tier 2 color yellow:

  • Exact Keywords - 50%

  • Naked links - 20%

  • Business name in GMB - 30%

Tier 3 color red:

  • Naked links - 100%


If you plan to have SEO work and management done and would love to reap the benefits of the profitability of maintaining a grand large scale online presence, Rankwyz might be the best way to do it. It’s intuitive, powerful, affordable in terms of potential generated profits, and so much more. It’s a large pill to swallow in terms of learning but it becomes so worth it in the long run and grand scheme of things.

The entirety of your blogs and social accounts are all placed and organized within one of these mentioned networks, set up to your leisure. The number of features you have available at your disposal is determined by which plan you decided to choose. A few of these features include backlinking services, pinging, captcha solving, indexing and a whole sleuth of many others.


Conclusion Report

The brilliance of Rankwyz is that it gives you the ability to post to more than a hundred different websites including but not limited to Tumblr, WordPress Blogger so on and so forth. It creates a space where you can post your content all at once all while having in-depth management and monitoring. Rankwyz is the tool that you need if you:

  1. Have large of client and want to manage large campaign.

  2. Want to build network of web 2.0 to increase PA.

  3. Want to create a diversify network and anchor text balance for your tier 1.

  4. Automate posting.

  5. Use as link booster for your upper tier level.

  6. schedule a post.

  7. manage PBN and rankings.

  8. build multi tiered network.

Account Store - Rankwyz has accounts store, it is a pre-made accounts from web 2.0 blogging or social bookmarking. but we don't recommend to buy it because some of their accounts are already suspended or dead when delivered. We suggest that you need to have a VA to create those quality accounts. If you want to gamble, then you can buy accounts in the store.

Done for you services - All of their DFY are useless, not unless if you want to buy posting credits or the traffic credits pack. In their DFY, you can create your own network and build it slowly, it just the same, it's a just waiting for the right time. You can make aged web.20 , high PA web 2.0, indexed blogs etc. if you know what you're doing. But if you're new or beginner then you will be bait in purchasing those DFY, but again we don't recommend to buy it, it is just a complete waste.

Shared Network - Do not use their shared network as your tier 1 level, it's a bad idea. Remember, you're not the only one who is using their shared network, so better use it wisely. You can use their shared network in tier 3 or tier 4 level for boost up. So, again ( Do not use shared network) if you don't want any footprint of problem in the future.

Web Account creator - this is feature is allow you to create a custom sub-domain name, username, title, tags and have them sent automatically to your project. So it's a daily created accounts. Sometimes their WAC is a little bit buggy, it say's created but still no accounts has been made. So don't expect too much for their web account creator.

Wyz Traffic - I don't think their wyz traffic is doing good, we don't want to be so mean, but the way we experience it, we can feel that there is something wrong about the system. It does give success rate in the report, but when we check the back log report of the site, it does not have any site visit. So, it's really frustrating to see like that. We did a couple test for days and weeks and it seem's that its not really that accurate. So if you want to buy wyz traffic credits then we suggest that stop it for now or if you want to test it by yourself, you can. But for us, it's another waste of money. Why invest if you don't see any results, right? you can try our manual organic traffic instead, if you want quality traffic and CTR manipulation.

Content Mill - Rankwyz has built in content management and you can use article builder, syndicated content, own articles or mixed content. Now for this, it seems that their syndicated content is not that good, and also with the mixed content. The article scraper is not that readable or it does not make sense at all. So, what we do is we import our own articles manually spin If you really want to be in quality then the first thing that you need to fix is your content. So, better create quality spun content than a rubbish one.


Additional tips

  1. try to get expired domain from web 2.0 and revive them. This will make save you more time building network with high metrics. You can re-create the account and import it in Rankwyz network.

  2. Do not use Rankwyz to build links for you moneysite. ( Always remember, go for quality) Rankwyz is good for booster and for lower tier level.

  3. Always check your campaign anytime and follow up issue or problem with their support if you're having trouble about creating or running your campaign, network. ( their support is not that good )


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