Quora Review: How To Market on Quora

Every business needs the right type of advertising to progress. A brand can only grow when the right audience are aware of its existence and worthiness. Thus, many brands out there make an adequate effort to seize any opportunity to publicize their brand. An effective way to create brand awareness is by putting up details about your company on popular channels. One of such famous channels is Quora. With its over three hundred million visitors each month, Quora seems to be a good chance at marketing. However, like every other form of marketing, you need to strategize. This Quora review, focuses on how to make the most of this online forum as a marketing tool.

What is Quora?

Market Quora

Quora is an information-based channel. It is a question-and-answer site that has been existing since 2009. It is a website many turn to for research, knowledge, and to share public interests.

How does Quora work?

The concept of Quora is quite straightforward; it is basically about questions and answers. To participate in this informative community, all you have to do is sign up. Yes, it's that simple. Google ranks Quora high because it answers questions concerning anything and everything. Therefore, Quora has become a very useful site in answering user queries.

Should you Market on Quora?

Since Quora operates as a question-and-answer site, many don't view it as a marketing tool. But that is not the case. There are countless opportunities for you to promote your business on this channel. Here are three reasons that make Quora an effective marketing platform for you.

  1. It places you above your competitors: When you provide valuable answers, users see you as knowledgeable. They will come to recognize, trust and respect your brand for the level of expertise you show.

  2. It has a wide field: Quora is one of the most called-upon sites on the internet. It has over 300 million subscribers. Think about it. Your business could reach over 300 million people. And if you could convert a large part of these users, you'll experience tremendous growth in traffic.

  3. It points traffic to your site: You can insert links to your response. And if viewers find your responses beneficial, they can tap on your link. That means more traffic for you.

How to Market on Quora

As one of the widely-used websites, Quora can be a very influential tool for publicizing your brand. If used the right way, Quora can be your biggest shot at converting sales. Here are things you can do to market your brand on Quora.

  1. Optimize your profile: Use your profile to the highest advantage. Whenever you provide answers, Quora adds the beginning of your profile alongside your name. So, for viewers to be aware of your brand, be sure to place your company's name and description at the beginning of your profile. You can also insert links to your profile, social media accounts or site. This way, people can relate the benefit they gain from you to your company and visit your site.

Also, you can input your accomplishments on the Credentials and highlights section of your profile. It is advisable not to include all your achievements. Put up only those achievements that are pertinent to questions you wish to respond to.

Lastly, there is the ‘Knows About’ section on your profile. This section gives an insight into the themes you know about. If you put themes and keywords that are connected to your niche, it becomes easier to find questions to respond to. You can also see the number of subscribers on every keyword. Answering questions on keywords that have many subscribers gives you influence on the website.

  1. Find applicable topics: Quora suggests a list of subjects. Follow the ones that apply to your industry. Once you follow a topic, you will be notified whenever questions are asked on that subject. All you have to do is turn on notifications. This way, you will always be ready to provide answers.

  2. Answer fitting questions: Many questions arise on Quora daily. It is important to note that not all of them are advantageous to you. If you want to fully utilize Quora, ensure you reply mostly to questions that are:

  • pertinent to your niche

  • viewed by many

  • recent

If you answer these kinds of questions, you will be increasingly popular and distinct.

  1. Show your expertise: Through your answers, show that you are a master of your craft. Always remember that quality outweighs quantity. Give in-depth responses that enlighten and impress your audience. You can input links to your blog posts that apply to the question. You could scrap out a piece of an article on your site and then ask viewers to tap on the link for more details. You can also import pictures as people tend to enjoy visual aids.

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