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Proxy Empire Review [2023]

If you run a business, there are several reasons why you might need a proxy when using the internet. It might be to improve security, control employee access, or save bandwidth through traffic compression. Even if you do not have a business, a proxy can come in handy for personal reasons like hiding your actual IP address while using certain sites. Whether for personal or corporate reasons, it is important to get a proxy that is secure and meets its purpose. To help you choose the right proxy, this review takes a look at one out of the several proxy services available – Proxy Empire.

Proxy Empire Review

Proxy Empire Sign In

Getting started on Proxy Empire

The team behind this Proxy providing host put the convenience of their clients in mind. Signing up and signing in have both been made easy. Here are all the steps you need to take to complete sign-up for this platform

  • Visit the Proxy Empire page and click on sign in at the bottom of the page under “company”.

Proxy Empire - Getting Started

  • Fill your details into the available spaces. They would require only your name, email, and password.

Proxy Empire Join Account

  • Complete this stage by clicking on the option to register.

Proxy Empire Email Verification

  • Next, you will find a message on a screen regarding your email confirmation. Visit your email on your device and click on verify email in the email you receive.


  • After your email address has been verified, you can go on to activate your account. The page after the previous one has the option to activate the account alongside other details. Here is where you would find the $1.97 activation fee detail.

Proxy Empire

  • The next step is to enter the country you are currently in the space provided and continue to the next page.

Proxy Empire Trial
Proxy Empire Review

  • To complete the purchase, the next page has the option for you to select payment means. You can choose from GPay, PayPal, or a debit/credit card. You can also add a coupon here if you have any. If you will be paying with a card, you can input your card details on the next page. Paying through PayPal would require you to log into your PayPal account. And using Google pay, you must have a functioning credit card connected to your GPay account.

Proxy Empire Activation

  • After payment, you can access Proxy Empire’s full feature like the dashboard and proxy manager.

Proxy Empire - proxy Manager

How much would it cost?

Proxy Empire Pricing

This is a question that is necessary to consider when deciding on whether to settle for paid services. Proxy empire offers its users six residential plans and an equal number of mobile plans. You can select any plan of your choice from the subscriptions tab. Note that all plans come with granular targeting and rollover bandwidth. They are also all available across 150 countries on average.

The residential plans are:

  • Starter

  • Hobby

  • Start-up

  • Business

  • Company

  • Enterprise M

  1. The starter plan: Proxy empire’s plan for starters costs $45 on a monthly basis. As this plan comes with 3GB bandwidth, a breakdown of its price would be $15 for 1GB. Email support is available for individuals on this plan.

  2. The Hobby plan: At $150 every month, users get 15GB of bandwidth which is equivalent to $10 for 1GB. This plan equally comes with email support for users.

  3. The Startup plan: Unlike the starter plan, the startup plan costs $300 each month. It comes with 40GB of bandwidth implying that users pay $7.5 for each GB. Also, unlike the other two plans, its users get support through live chats.

  4. The Business plan: Users pay a monthly fee of $600 to access this plan. A perk of this plan is that individuals get 100GB of bandwidth. In other words, every $6 you pay equals 1GB. This plan also comes with support in form of live chats for its users.

  5. The Company Plan: Do the previous plans not meet up to your requirements? If you need a plan that would be enough to cover even the needs of a company, you should try this plan. For $1250 every month, you get 250GB of bandwidth. You could consider it as paying $5 for every GB you use. Here, support for users comes in form of an account manager.

  6. The Enterprise plan: Is something more what you seek? Proxy empire also has a massive residential plan for even the needs of an enterprise. For every month, users get 1 terabyte bandwidth at $4000. This means you would be paying $4 for every gigabyte you consume. Users here also get an account manager as in the company plan. If you would like to activate this plan, kindly send an email to Proxy empire.

The Mobile plans on Proxy empire are

  • Mobile A

  • Mobile S

  • Mobile M

  • Mobile L

  • Mobile XL

  • Enterprise

  1. The Mobile A plan: Proxy empire’s first mobile plan costs $60 a month. It grants users access to 2GB bandwidth. Clients here are provided email support.

  2. The Mobile S plan: at the price of $150 every month, this mobile plan comes with 5GB bandwidth. Its users also get email support services.

  3. The Mobile M plan: For $300, individuals under this plan get 12GB mobile bandwidth. Users also get to enjoy support via live chat services.

  4. The Mobile L plan: This mobile plan costs 660 dollars per month. It provides its users with 30GB of bandwidth. Its users also get the customer support through live chat service.

  5. The Mobile XL plan: This mobile plan offers 85GB of bandwidth to its users at the monthly charge of $1530. Clients under this plan are given support in form of an account manager.

  6. The Enterprise M plan: Proxy empire's largest mobile plan costs $4500 monthly. It offers 300GB bandwidth and equally comes with an account manager’s service as support. To choose this plan, send an email to the proxy empire team.

What do you benefit from using Proxy Empire?

Proxy Empire Features

  1. You benefit from a wide range of services. Proxy empire offers services of regional data procurement, syndication tracking, and aggregation of SERP data. Aside from these SEO services, you can implement this Proxy server in brand protection, ad verification, influencer marketing, and price monitoring.

  2. You get access to residential proxies that work with security protocols. In other words, you will have no issues with HTTPS, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5.

  3. With the mobile proxy rotation, you get the best possible connection. Proxy empire's 4G proxies also enable you to work with use cases involving APP-only platforms.

What should you consider before settling for either the residential or mobile Proxy plan?

  • Your needs- If you require to carry out actions that do not involve account logins, a residential proxy would work fine. Also, if you desire to have access to a pool of IP addresses in a short time frame, the residential proxy would be best. Residential proxies have request-based rotations and these rotations are usually completed within a short time.

However, if you would be running accounts, you probably need a proxy with longer periods of rotation. This way, you can manage an IP address for longer. Therefore, you should consider residential proxies for tasks like scraping, and mobile proxies for logins and account management.

  • Your budget- The wide range of price plans on Proxy Empire makes it easier to choose a plan according to your budget.

Pros & Cons of Proxy Empire


  • For better user experience, this proxy server works with several tools including AdsPower, GOLOGIN, and sessionbox among others.

  • Proxy empire has a mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate site.

  • There are several blog posts for individuals to read whenever they have questions on related topics.

  • All Proxy plans on Proxy Empire have VIP integration. With this support, you can get set up within minutes.

  • Proxies are legally obtained and undergo advanced filtering. Therefore you need not worry about legal issues.

  • While using nothing but the best quality IP addresses, you get 99.6% uptime.


Apart from this product being novel in the market, it currently has no faults.


  • What are the differences between residential proxies and mobile proxies?

The major difference between these two proxies is their ISP source. With mobile proxies, IP addresses are sourced from mobile operators. Common examples of these mobile operators are AT&T and Orange. However, with residential proxies, IPs are provided by broadband-landline operators. Examples of these operators include BT (for the United Kingdom) and Comcast.

  • What payment methods does Proxy empire accept?

Proxy empire accepts payment through cards, PayPal, or Google pay. However, to make payments using wire transfers in EUR or USD forms, feel free to contact the sales team. You can request their invoicing information to make payments.

  • Is there a way I can test this service before I settle for a plan?

This proxy server offers a trial period for which you pay $1.97. However, this fee is what you pay to activate your account. During this trial period, you get 100-megabyte residential bandwidth and 50-megabyte mobile bandwidth. With this, you can decide if to eventually settle for a mobile or a residential plan.

  • Is Proxy empire legal and safe?

Proxy empire is completely legal and safe as it complies with the laws regarding data sharing available in all 150 countries they operate in.

Wrapping Up

With a very flexible pricing structure, Proxy Empire offers a wide range of benefits for individuals and enterprises with various needs and budgets. Although it is relatively new in the proxy market, Proxy Empire has brought convenience and impressive features such as seen in this review. Since its residential proxies cover a wide span of over 150 countries, then it just might be the fit for you if you are into influencer marketing, ad verification, SEO monitoring, or similar fields. The bottom line is that Proxy Empire is a worthy consideration when picking out a proxy service for your needs.


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