Piskel Free Online Editor Pixel Art

Having a software that creates crisp and pixel-perfect virtual art – for free – is a big win for pixel art lovers. And in this age where NFTs are gaining popularity, selling well-created virtual art can be an easy way to rake in some money. A software like the Piskel free editor can come in handy if pixel art is something you're into, whether for fun, sale, for use in your website or even games. This article reviews this Piskel free online editor software to see if it is worth using.


What is pixel art?

Pixel art has been in existence right from when the first photo editing software along with 2D games having graphics was released. However, the phrase was initially coined by Xerox PARC's Adele Goldberg and Robert Flegal in 1982, even though the concept had existed for ten past years, such as in Richard Shoup's SuperPaint system from 1972.

Pixel art was a technique for creators to produce artwork with minimal graphics and computational resources, although it wasn't exactly considered ‘art’ at the time. Because graphics systems could only generate some pixels at a time, developers had to deal with every pixel individually to guarantee that the entire image made perfect sense. Because of the earlier stated limitations, this was painstaking and arduous work but as technology advanced, the manual technique grew outdated.

Piskel Pixel Art

However, this pixel manner of making images has survived as a digital art form due to nostalgia as well as the peculiarity of the graphic style. Many recent games still utilize pixel art for their major visual motif, but they're no longer constrained by the number of pixels that a graphics card can render and display on the monitor. Pixel art has popularity across the virtual art world and, presently, is not confined to games.

Pixel art, therefore, is a type of virtual art in which images are designed and modified using graphical editing software at the pixel level. Pixel art is distinguished by its distinct visual style, in which each pixel act as the image's building components. The result is a visual style that resembles cross-stitch, mosaic art, and other needlework techniques.

What is Piskel Free Online Editor?

The Piskel free online editor is a simple and effective tool for making animated pixel art, as well as sprites (2D images or animations that are integrated into a larger scene). Even if making animated sprites appeals to a little, niche audience, the site's user-friendly editor makes the pixel art still entertaining to experiment with.

By simply clicking to include pixels inside the editing software, you can design any type of sprite that your imagination can conjure. You can still view animated figures created by other users if you need some ideas. Each one of the figures can be examined in Piskel's free online editor, allowing you to see how these were made and expand on them if desired.