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Password Strength Checker

Today, most of what we own is online. Like every physical asset you own, these online assets equally need protection. A password is like a gate or any form of security you use in protecting what you have. This ensures that no unauthorized person gains access to your information. However, with a guess in the right direction from the wrong person, this security can be breached. If your password is something you choose among the common categories out there like your date of birth or that of family, others can easily figure it out.

Is there any way to avoid this? There is, and it does not involve you thinking up a long random password that you might not remember eventually. Using the right algorithm, you can determine if a password you are convenient with is secure enough. To this end, we will consider some premium quality algorithms that would curtail the use of weak passwords.

Password Strength Checker

Features of Password Strength Checkers

Almost every security meter has a straightforward layout. In the least, those that will appear in this article are very direct. Except for NordPass which would require you to scroll past some content before you find the blank space.

The security meter; In the SST strength checker, this meter is beneath the enter password space. In other software, this result is rendered in text. strength of your password.

How do Password Strength Checkers Work?

  1. Launch the password Strength checker on your browser.

  2. Enter your choice password into the space labeled “Enter Password”. Special characters with accents like “à” exponentially boost the strength of your password.

  3. With your password in the provided space, depending on the software you are using, you might have to click a button to initiate the search. However, a strength meter would deliver results without extra clicks on some other software.

Pros & Cons


  • You do not need any form of technical know-how to use any of this software.

  • These password strength meters save you the stress of cooking up a random password that might become unknown to others and to you.

  • Using premium quality strength checkers, you get passwords that are not spontaneous but weak like “Primetime21”.


  • You cannot get an exact measure of your password security. Therefore, these metrics only give an average value of the password security.

Some High-end Password Testing Software

Our most preferred password testing algorithms are;

  • NordPass

  • Kaspersky

  • Comparitech

  • SST Password Strength Checker

Now, we are going to see what these password testing software are all about.

1.) NordPass:


This software tops almost every list of its kind and this is not without reason. While ensuring your password follows the five main criteria for a strong password, it informs you of how likely your password is to be hacked. It shows you how many minutes it would take for one to crack the password you put into the algorithm. If your password has been breached previously, the software equally tells you the number of breaches your password has been exposed to. Although it has a free version, some features are more efficient only in the premium plan. However, a password deemed strong by this software “Primetime21” has faced 267 security breaches.

Pass 1

Kaspersky lets you know your password strength by using an algorithm or running your desired password against previously breached passwords using the tool “Have I been Pwned?”. Dictionary words are not allowed in your password, hence, it flags such appearances down when detected. The software also tells you how many appearances your choice password has made in the “leaked passwords” database. The Kaspersky page has an array of FAQs, this is a great reserve of password security knowledge. Although it does not provide much information on password security, it gives an estimate of how long it would take to crack your password on an average computer.

Strength Checker for your password

Comparitech ensures to let its users know that no password strength checker can analyze a password’s security with total certainty. Any password you enter into the available space is not sent online. In other words, your password is not saved on any of their servers. That said, once your password has been analyzed, a detailed report is given to you. It tells you what factors you can add to your password to make it better. Comparitech also gives a time estimate on how long it would take to hack your password.


This software is the simplest to use on this list and this is in line with the aim behind it. Making premium quality tools that are free of charge, and of course, are available for anyone to use. Here, you do not need to click a button to see the results when you have inputted your password. Rather, it gives you results as you type the password into the space provided. By monitoring the strength meter, you will know when your password is strong enough to restrict unauthorized access.

Bottom Line

The value of the information you will be protecting reflects on how much you would value a secure passcode. With any of these top online-based strength meters, you can determine if your passcode is protecting your valuable information or not. Not only are the password metrics mentioned in this article free, but they also have simplistic layouts. This way, you can measure your password strength with ease and speed.

Ranging from those that give time estimates on how long it would take to figure your password out, to those that just measure how secure your password is, you have enough resources to ensure that your information is not left unduly exposed.

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