Password Generator

Every now and then, new accounts are created, and in a bid to secure these accounts, there is a need to create a password, not just a password- a strong password that is in line with the guidelines and requirements of the platform.

Strong passwords are passwords that are;

  • Long; should contain at least 8 characters (the longer the password, the more secure)

  • Random; containing a mixture of letters, numbers, cases, and symbols (this makes it unpredictable)

  • Unique; should not be used in other platforms (this prevents vulnerability in times of hack)

Did you know that having just one strong password for every platform is not enough? Creating and remembering new passwords on every new platform may be quite a challenge. Well, password generators are here to help. This article discusses what you should know about password generators.

Password Generator

What is a password generator?

A password generator is a tool that generates passwords for you based on rules you set up to produce secure and unpredictable passwords for all of your accounts.

The essence of having this is to protect your web property, whether you are a Webmaster, SEO Manager, or just any random user. A hacked password can cost you time, money, effort, and many legal issues, hence the need to get a good password generator. So, how can you find a good password generator?

Features of a Good Password Generator

Simply generating a password at random does not guarantee that it is a strong password. In fact, a password does not need to be generated by a completely random procedure; it only has to be sufficiently difficult to guess.

For a Password Generator to be considered as good, it is expected to have the following features;

  • Adjustable guidelines: A good Password Generator must have guidelines that can be easily adjusted to suit the unique requirements of different sites.

  • Secure technology: A good Password Generator must have secure technology. This comes with built-in randomness, which generates a strong password.

  • Compatibility: A good Password Generator must have good compatibility to enable easy integration into a password manager.

The top Password generators Online

  1. Prepost SEO

  2. Smallseotools

  3. Webfx

Here are some of the top password online generators to secure your accounts. Now, let's dive into each

Prepost SEO


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