One Hour Indexing Review

For most bloggers involved in link building, getting the server, especially Google, to index their backlinks can be very challenging. Many SEO marketers try to make use of high-profile backlinks indexing services to up their game in increasing traffic to their sites. One of the most reputable services that offers such assistance is the One Hour Indexing service.

The One Hour Indexing is a tool that builds high-quality backlinks for websites to make it more visible for indexing by the server. When the server crawls through the website, it picks and selects keywords which it stores as indexes in its database. These indexes are used to provide more accurate search results when users search for such keywords. The server then directs the users to the website whose backlinks have been indexed. Most marketers that deal with building automated links sometimes find it difficult for Google to index their backlinks. This can be corrected by making use of Indexing tools like the One Hour Indexing.

What One Hour Indexing is

one hour indexing review

When bloggers and website owners try endlessly to create links to have a good ranking in Google and fail, it could lead to a breakdown and lack of zeal in their quest for website promotion. But One Hour Indexing changes it all. What One Hour Indexing does is to create an indexing that is based on whatever search engine being used, to ensure a better standing with Google. It obtains numerous backlinks that are indexed by Google within one hour. This helps the website to be successfully upgraded and ranked high by Google.

Features of one-hour indexing

The One Hour Indexing is known to be guaranteed by many SEO agencies because of some basic admiring features. These include:

  • The support for all types of links and can be used with other types of indexing links.

  • The provision of rapid indexing response from servers without any backlog.

  • The provision of a free testing service for users.

  • It is Google approved.

  • It works in synchronization with API services.

  • It makes it possible to directly connect to service, to see your backlinks without bothering to connect your RSS feeds or waiting for hyperlinks to act.

  • Most users have testified to about a 33% rise in their indexing rate when using the One Hour Indexing.

  • It allows for upgrading of user’s account.

  • It provides access to vital materials that might be available online.

  • It has packages for different categories of users: Starter, Basic, Pro, and Agency.

There are also a few challenges with using One Hour Indexing. One of which is the fact that most page owners do not know the process involved in the index profiling. And as such, it will have to depend on the SEO agencies for the major marketing of the website. This is a turnoff because every page or website owner should be the first to know whatever undertaking they have. Another challenge can arise from the use of too many indexes on a page. This could hinder the index from being usable and distort the database.

One Hour indexing plans

The One Hour Indexing has different package plans for different accounts. It is advisable to go for the one that best suits your website. Your account can be upgraded at any moment and from time to time. It can also be downgraded. Here are the plans with their different features.

one hour indexing pricing

Starter Plan This has a daily link allotment of up to 1000. It drip links slowly on your schedule to stay out of the sandbox. It does not have an API integration for, It has no Label API for submitting. It costs $17 per month.

Average Increased Indexing

  • After one hour - 17%

  • After one day - 61%

  • After one week - 86%


Basic Plan This has a daily link allotment of up to 10000. It also drips links slowly on your schedule to stay out of the sandbox. It has only one API integration for, It has a white Label API for submitting. It costs about $47 per month.

Average Increased Indexing

  • After one hour - 19%

  • After one day - 53%

  • After one week - 92%