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Off-Page SEO Campaign Strategy 2021 For New Sites

Howdy guys, today we are going to show you our off-page SEO campaign strategy in 2019 which we recently used for a while and do some test. The first thing is if you have a new website or new blogs you'll probably be optimizing the on-page before doing the off-page.

Once you already did on-page optimization, you may now proceed to the 2nd strategy which is the off-page SEO or what we called backlinks, link building, building backlinks, etc.. or whatsoever. Without backlinks, your site can never be rank or get well indexed in google search engine. Well, they can be indexed, but your rankings are a way to far in the first page of search results.

Off-page SEO campaign 2019

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is the key to build a foundation links to your money site or client site, without off-page you can never be rank in the top results. So, in other words, off-page is a very powerful tactic to gain backlinks and authority.

Now, off-page SEO is much more important these days, but let me tell you this. You cannot create a multiple backlinks per day, or you will send a message to Google or other search engines that you're manipulating the off-page SEO, and that is not allowed to their policy. Now, we are here to show you our strategy that will you, your client, your sites, etc. to improve much better of the link building strategy and to manipulate it with natural diversity ninja tactics. We are not using black hat here; it's a strategy of where nature manipulation of the off-page SEO.

Strategy 1

  1. Gather up data - have them all in a sheet or notes such as your brand name, photos, video, embed, website description, address, phone, services, landing pages, blog post, website metrics, etc. It will make your life more easier if you have them compile as they will be needed in the off-page campaign.

  2. Prepare your keywords - Of-course keywords is the important value for the specific target that you wanted to rank. So, we suggest to do keyword siloing and get the best value of the anchor text that wanted to rank, better also get the generic as well, naked variation, page anchor text, etc. Variation of the keywords and proper using of anchor text is the big impact on ranking a particular keyword, also include keyword + keyphrase, brand + keyphrase, brand + generic, etc.

Strategy 2

Types of link building strategy - There are nine important link building campaign for the new site and these are:

  • Social fortress or branding

  • Web 2.0 Branding

  • Domain Authority Stacking

  • Social Signals

  • Traffic Manipulation

  • Citations & GMB ( if you're ranking local )

  • High Quality PBN site's

  • High Power Guest Posting niche or blogs

  • Tiered power boost up

So, there 9 SEO campaign that you will follow to gain good backlinks at the same time will increase your site's power, authority, and metrics. They will never be spam as long as you follow our scheduling method and don't ever do duplicated campaign, accounts or links.

SEO Campaign drip information

1st month - It's obvious that you can't direct to high power links if you have a new website or blog. The best strategy to use for the 1st month is to do social branding or awareness of your brand. This will easily get by a search engine that you're engaging into social accounts by creating properties with high authority links. Social links are the key to build a good foundation for your brand.

Campaign: Social Fortress

Schedule: drip it for one month

How many accounts to build: 300 + social accounts

Strategy: Build and attached your home page money site as many as you can per link, then do link wrapping or interlinking each social properties.

off page seo checklist 2018

2nd month - build up your web 2.0 site and focus on the branding side. Create an account to high DA site of web 2.0 and create a user name with your brand name or sub-domain name. This is where it can build up DA fast.

Campaign: Web 2.0 Branding

Schedule: Drip it for one month

How many accounts to build: 30 - 40 different sites

Strategy: Do a content blog post and focus your anchor text as your brand or naked links, don't use targeted keywords yet. The key is to build up your brand power authority.

off page seo ranking factors


3rd month - build up stacks links with domain authority stacking and social signals. It is where you will have to build up web 2.0 to web 2.0 and social shares. This is where the power comes. When you build a stack domain it will pass a high DA from one site to another, it's like tiered link network, but the difference is you're building a stacking with high DA sites + social sharing. There are automation tools that you can use when building a stacking just to automate the post, just be sure to drip and also check the list if they are a high authoritative platform such as WordPress, Wix, etc.

Campaign: Domain stacking + Social signals

Schedule: Drip it for one month

How many accounts to build: Build phase 2 and phase 3 for your phase 1 as much as possible and social signals build up to 300 social shares per each of the web 2.0

Strategy: This is strategy is boosting up your phase 1 web 2.0 properties by building stacks and increasing its social power.

SEO Tips and Tricks 2019


4th month - It's time to release the ultimate weapon in ranking specific keywords. The strategy is building on do-follow contextual links via PBN + Guest post outreach. If you know how to use these guys, then you'll probably be a success in your link building campaign.

Campaign: PBN + guest post

Schedule: Drip 2 - 3 a week

How many accounts to build: as many as you can, until you get results or 1st page.

Strategy: This is strategy is to rank high for your specific keywords, just pay attention to the diagram below as we don't need PBN to point the ranking keywords, but the guest post links.

9 Off-Page SEO Factors You Can't Miss


5th month - It's time to manipulate traffic, so while you're getting PBN post and guest posting, you may now start pointing traffic of those post to have a traffic visits for each of those post. The key here is to build up natural traffic from referral, direct and organic which I believe it is part of the ranking factors.

Campaign: Manual organic traffic + building up PBN and Guest post.

Schedule: Continuously every month.

How many traffic: you can do referral traffic, and direct traffic for the PBN post and guest post as that will send traffic to your money site which is a greater value.

Strategy: This is strategy is to manipulate the referral traffic, direct and organic traffic. So once you have a tier 1 posted like PBN or guest post, then it's time to send them traffic to show Google that you're receiving a traffic from high resource and thus your content is much more informative.

Offpage SEO campaign strategy


Free month - Build up your upper tier 1 links and make them more powerful by building up quality links and anchor text balance. You may use automation tools, high PA web 2.0, PBN, authority links, etc.

Campaign: Link Booster / Tiered Link Building

Schedule: Build up your tier 1 links for each of the link.

How many links: You can build as many links as you want as long as they will not be spam or duplicate links.

Strategy: This strategy is where you can make your tier 1 links powerful and increase more power going to your money site. This structure is so much power if you know what you're doing.

Overall Campaign Structure

SEO campaign techniques 2019

Video explanation

Quick Tips!

Do not be in a hurry, that's why we give you the campaign structure to drip feed each of those strategies, Google sees real time these days, drip feed is part of the strategy. Just take it slowly and don't stop building. Lot's of the client doesn't see about time, all they want is getting results immediately which is not reality. Once you have 1 - a 4th month set up, then focus on building outreach with a mix of PBN to maintain your keywords ranking or increasing rank.


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