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Ninjaoutreach Reviews

Ninjaoutreach is a lead generation and influencer marketing tool that helps users find influencers in any niche, build lists, and launch effective campaigns. It offers access to millions of bloggers, social media influencers, and leads.

We’re going to discuss what it provides in detail and see the different reviews around the internet. We will look at its features, usability, customer support, and pricing.

What Ninjaoutreach do?

It is a prospecting tool that assists you in finding influencers in your niche. It makes the process of prospecting easier and faster.

Once you have gathered the contact details of your target, you can start sending emails to them. You can schedule it in order to start establishing relationships.

It is mainly for influencer outreach campaigns in order for you to drive reach and traffic.

ninjaoutreach reviews

What does Ninjaoutreach offer?

It provides varied services including:

  • Social media marketing

  • Resource page link building

  • Content promotion

  • Sponsored post outreach

  • Product promotion

  • Expert roundups

  • Guest posting

  • Link building

  • Podcast interview outreach

  • Business marketing branding and PR

How to use Ninjaoutreach?

It is the perfect tool for improving your blog traffic and reach. The platform will make your campaign easier and easy for you.


  • The ability to send unlimited emails. The site allows unlimited emails everyday to widen exposure and reach.

  • Pre-made and personalized email templates. You can create your own template or choose from the menu of pre-written templates. You need to edit it to customize the email according to your recipient.

  • Blogging prospecting. You can begin searching for prospects by typing on the search bar. You can type the topic you want to focus on in your niche. It will yield websites from the keyword that you have entered. These websites will provide guest blogging opportunity.

  • Contact management. You can create the list of influencers and sites for your campaign and save it. You can edit the list or create a new one.

  • Twitter and Instagram research. It offers the social prospecting feature that lets you find influencers on Twitter and Instagram. You can connect with the most influential influencer in your niche to ask them to help promote your blog.

  • Auto-Outreach. The ability to automatically launch your entire outreach campaign in just one click. Sending bulk emails can also be easily accomplished.

  • Wide database. The platform offers more than 78 million social media and blogger influencers.

  • Auto-follow up. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to follow up. You can set the schedule of when to send a follow-up email to your target influencers.

  • Chrome extension. It has Ninjaoutreach chrome extension that lets you access and saves data straight to your browser.

How much does it offer its services?

Ninjaoutreach requires users to sign up in order to use the platform. It provides four subscription plans, including: Solo ($69/month), Pro ($99/month), Pro+ ($249/month), and Enterprise ($599/month). Each plan differs in the number of features and number of users.

It offers users a free online demo. They allow cancellation in its 7-day risk-free period. If users canceled within the period covered, users don’t have to pay anything.




Price (per month) - $69

Number of Users - 1

Number of Contacts - 1, 500



Price (per month) - $99

Number of Users - unlimited

Number of Contacts - 5, 000



Price (per month) - $249

Number of Users - unlimited

Number of Contacts - 25, 000



Price (per month) - $599

Number of Users - unlimited

Number of Contacts - 100,000


If you are interested in using any tool or platform like Ninjaoutreach, you need to ensure that you check review sites. These sites will give you insights on its performance, features, pricing, and customer service.


These are the reviews about the software from different review platforms:


Capterra gave the site an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5. It also gave it the same rating for ease of use and customer service.

Let’s check at what users have said about the platform:


  • The software is perfect for capturing prospecting clients and outreach CRM.

  • It is easy to use, intuitive, and visual.

  • It has curated database consisting of influencers, writers, bloggers, and business people in different niches. The database offers relevant information about these contacts.

  • It is simple and effective to use. It provides find an email that is very useful.

  • The site covers different leads.

  • It is an all-in-one solution for businesses.

  • You can export leads to acquiring your own copy.

  • The platform made it easy to launch and follow up campaigns.


  • The software is slow sometimes. They must improve the page loading and response time of queries.

  • The plans are pricey for companies that don’t have a big budget.

  • One customer commented about poor customer service, contact management, and search tool.


Ninjaoutreach is an outbound marketing software that helps generate leads through outreach and prospecting. It streamlines the outreach by placing it into a single CRM.

Crozdesk gave the software a score of 85 out of 100. User rating is 4.1 out of 5.


  • The platform is user-friendly. It also provides great customer support.

  • It offers tutorials and training materials that help many users.

  • The platform’s database keeps on growing by adding new features.

  • They ensure the users are at ease with the platform by working closely with them throughout the process.

  • They entertain suggestions like extending the trial period.

  • The pricing is great.

  • Their customer support is superb. They are ready to answer questions at any time of the day.

  • They offer guides on different topics through their blogs.

  • It offers great value for money.

Christopher Jan Benitez

Ninjaoutreach is an influencer marketing software that helps bloggers. You can find influencers under your niche. Prospecting becomes fast and easy for bloggers.

The review site gave the software a rating of 8.4 out of 10.


  • It is an all-inclusive marketing tool for bloggers. It provides a lot of solutions for bloggers to create better content.

  • It is better than BuzzSumo for its ability to conduct email outreach.

  • It is rich in features.

  • It offers excellent customer support with its friendly and accommodating staff who are ready to help customers.

  • It is priced effectively compared to its competitors. Although it is a bit pricey, it exceeds the features offered by other platforms.

  • It can do more than other sites from managing your CRM to researching for the most shared content.

  • You can use the platform instead of using multiple platforms to grow your blog. You can save a lot in the long run.

  • It is a reliable and easy-to-use marketing software as you can manage contacts and send emails right there.

  • You can monitor the results of your campaign so you can adjust the templates to improve click-through and open rates.


  • Some features are not yet ready for full function. It feels half-baked, according to the review site. For example, the data that you can obtain from Social Prospecting can be easily seen on Twitter search. The Content Prospecting offer results that are web 2.0 sites where in fact influencers don’t use web 2.0 sites in publishing content.

Based on the review site, Ninjaoutreach is a multi-purpose tool for bloggers. It is a great site because it can also perform the jobs of premium sites like Salesflare and Buzzsumo.

The site must improve the content and social prospecting features. Google and Twitter Search can do this work better but it’s not bad that they are trying to enhance these features.

Based on the site, Ninjaoutreach is a good outreach tool. Its 14-day trial is great that you can try it first before purchasing if you’re not ready yet.

One Hour Professor

Ninjaoutreach was launched in 2015 that grew from a desktop program into a web application. Today, it is a prospecting and outreach tool that is useful in finding guest post opportunities. It also helps in boosting relationships with influencers.


  • It is a great platform because it can save your time in prospecting for influencer outreach and guest posts.

  • They provide training that is straightforward and simple. The videos are short but cover the basic questions that you may ask.

  • It provides a 14-day trial that helps users decide before they sign up.

  • The price is very effective for $19 per month.

  • It saves you a great amount of time to search for sites that allow guest posts.

  • It informs the customers what is coming in terms of features.

  • The team at Ninja Outreach uses transparent approach by writing their journey as they progress.


  • They need to improve the user interface experience in saving the email template.

  • The software asks for your email in order to send messages that may be a threat to security.

Fit Small Business

Ninjaoutreach is a lead generation and influencer marketing software that helps clients in automating their campaigns and find emails. It is a platform that offers access to bloggers, leads, and social media influencers.

According to FitSmallBusiness, users find the Google Plug Chrome plugin very useful because it allows them to search for leads fast and easy. It is an excellent tool for helping them find influencers.


  • It offers tutorials in using its features that help users in navigating the site effectively. The chrome extension help saves time.

  • It is a good tool for manual link building outreach campaigns. It speeds up following up and assist in client reporting.


Ninjaoutreach is a blogger outreach software for small businesses and digital marketers. It helps in prospecting, managing relationships, and analytics.

G2crowd gave Ninjaoutreach a score of 3.6 out of 5.


  • It is a complete digital marketing tool. It’s a complete time-saver because it helps in finding emails and sends emails all-in-one-go.

  • It allows customization in emails to boost a successful campaign.

  • It provides 24 x 7 live chat support.

  • It is easy to use when searching for leads. You can find influencers by categories.

  • It provides excellent customer service. They assist clients by offering transparent communication. They resolve issues quickly.

  • Searching influencers are easy with its keyword search.

  • You can share your account with your business team like sharing your prospecting.

  • Finding and filtering influencers is so easy.

  • It offers great pricing when beginning to work with influencers. It doesn’t cost so expensive even for startups.

  • The email finder is superb. Their inbox environment is intuitive.

  • They offer great support during the process, including email and live chat. They are quick to respond and supportive.

  • They offer a wide database of influencers that help their clients in this process.

  • Quick access to blogs.

  • They help launch campaign very quickly. Their system works like a breeze.

  • The platform is very easy to use for starters by offering support on how to use the platform.

  • Ninjaoutreach outshines their competitors by identifying influencers across industries and regions and by helping clients connect with prospects.

  • They have round-the-clock support.

  • They have a dashboard where you can see the performance of your campaigns.

  • The interface is easy to navigate.

  • You can reach out to different influencers like bloggers, podcasters, or Instagrammers.

  • It produces great results because, in 48 hours, one user reported more than 20 influencers promoting its products under the affiliate program.

  • It provides great information on influencers.

  • It improves the scaling of your outreach programs.

  • A user was given a 3-day trial to test is it will work for them which is a great help before they invest.

  • It is worth to try in email marketing.

  • Their customer support is always ready to answer queries.

  • Its practical video tutorial is great.

  • It provides easy organization of contact list. It deletes the use of the spreadsheet.

  • It is a great tool for generating leads, auto follow, auto emailing, readymade templates and other features.

  • The Campaign scheduler and Send Later tools are great. It is not offered in other software.


  • They must update their video each time they upgrade their process.

  • The options in the sections are overwhelming.

  • It’s kind of difficult to integrate own email to the site.

  • A user suggested more detailed search filters for YouTube influencers.

  • One user reported that the CRM is not built-in into the system.

  • It’s hard to download the complete list of the target audience in the database.

  • You can’t separate the respondent and contacts in the list.

  • Pricing can be improved for regular users. They should provide discounts.

  • They must enhance the speed of the interface.

  • They must offer basic tutorials who don’t really understand the process. Yes, they offer tutorials but only for those who already knew it

Customer Support

Ninja Outreach is known for its customer service support in the industry. The site is quick on responding to queries by offering suggestions and solutions. They make sure that they respond in a very timely manner.


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