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Making business decisions is all about taking calculated risks. To make these decisions, there is one factor more important than anything else. Data. Say a company wants to launch a new product, they would need data. The question on how to obtain this data in its purest form then arises. Its answer is web scraping. Web scraping involves using a program to collect data from websites. Some of these data are not available on the surface of the website. This, as well as security, are reasons to use a proxy to get data.

Residential proxies, as an alternative from data center proxies, are becoming increasingly popular. A reason is the increased detection rate that data center proxies have today. With many people looking for residential proxies, a newcomer appears. NetNut is a young company that boasts about offering the best residential proxies. While this may be a bold statement, it certainly has features that others do not. This article reviews the somewhat novel residential proxy provider - NetNut.

What Netnut is

Netnut review

This service provider that is relatively new to the industry is different from the rest. While a majority of proxy servers rely on peer to peer (P2P) network, NetNut does not. Rather, this special service provider relies on DiviNetworks. This guarantees a more secure and efficient means of using proxy servers. A noteworthy fact about NetNut services is that they are lightning-fast. The speed with which they operate sets it apart from other proxy servers.

An easy way to describe NetNut is that it is a shield. The use of proxies is necessary against the dangers of the internet. Without the use of proxies, your IP address is vulnerable to attacks by strangers. And this means that anybody can find out where you are. NetNut, as a service, acts as a protection from these dangers. Using a proxy from sites like NetNut grants you another IP address. Thus, you would not have to worry about your IP address being vulnerable or its related harm.

How Netnut works


Using NetNut poses absolutely no difficulty. From the moment you sign up, the proxy provider provides support. For any questions or issues you may have to resolve, their customer support is great. It is always active and available. Likewise, the dashboard is easy to use. The design of the dashboard for NetNut offers a friendly user interface. This neat and clean design makes the dashboard less complicated. In fact, the majority of what is on the dashboard is information.

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After you sign up for an account, you get the login credentials. These credentials are all you need to authenticate. It is worth noting, though, that several other proxy servers are easier to use than NetNut.

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However, this is not by a large gap and can be negligible. The experience may vary from customer to customer. And this does not mean that NetNut is hard to use. It just means that there are other easier proxy servers to use.

NetNut Review

After receiving your login credentials, you can configure your crawler. This allows your crawler to make use of the proxy network. You can then pick a country. Picking a country gets you a residential IP.

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