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Money Robot Review

Building an SEO link can be nothing short of time-consuming. Link building happens to be one of the most expensive and labor-intensive assets in site management. Today, it has become of great importance to consecutively provide backlinks of high quality and quantity for ranking one's website as top among search engines. Yet, creating accounts, confirming emails, and submitting your automated content to various websites will indeed take its toll on you without an SEO software. You do not need just any SEO software, however. And this is where the Money Robot software comes in handy. With Money Robot, you can save up several bucks by using its backlinks for your link building. In this article, we shall consider an overview of the features, users, pros, cons, and pricing of Money Robot.

What Money Robot Is

Money Robot

Money Robot is an automated backlink software builder that improves your website with the quality backlinks it provides. It is also known as Money Robot Submitter. And it helps you rank better on SEO. Money Robot Submitter automates the process of submitting links and thus makes it much easier. With it, your website has a large viewer flux with an unlimited number of links available to you. All of this equals more sales on your part. With simple knowledge, you can easily make your very own Money Robot campaign. Subsequently, we shall consider the steps to take to achieve this. We can safely call Money Robot one of the best tools on the SEO link building market. As we shall see, this is due to its simplicity and friendly user interface, among other features.

How Money Robot Operates

Money Robot Review

The Money Robot software provides the following modes of services in the order of:

  • Money Sites - We refer to the sites we attempt to rank or power up as Money Sites. One's money site can be Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc. These are great money sites to power because they can rank themselves and boost your main site. And this is possible because these sites link back to your homepage.

  • Keyword Research - This feature helps you get an idea of the keyword to use. It also gives insight on the current ranking position when ranking a single page. You can get help from SEMrush's organic research to compile this list and then export it to a text file.

  • Article Title - Money Robot automatically provides titles for your articles but you can decide to come up with one of your own. When running your article on the software, Money Robot spins it afterward. This is enhanced by the SpinRewriter scheme.

  • Article Body - Money Robot can prove to be time-conserving when writing an article is involved. In your article, you have so many opportunities like adding a list of photo URLs and a list of YouTube videos. It does not just end there. You can also put in iFrame embeds of Amazon affiliate link code, Google Maps or any other link you desire.

Who Money Robot Is For

The Money Robot software is made for the following persons or organizations:

  • SEO Companies - If you own or run an SEO company, Money Robot is a high-ranking tool for you. This SEO tool helps your company increase its productivity when ranking client's websites.

  • Big Companies - A part of the society which makes up a larger part of the Money Robot's customers are large corporations. Such large corporations are those that use the software for SEO-related purposes. These companies also make use of the Money Robot as blog manager software to publish their company's news, blogs, and press releases to other websites.

  • Media Companies - Either big or small, media companies make use of this software as blog-managing software to publish their daily content to several other websites and blogs.

  • Website Owners - Website owners who are struggling to attain top search engine results in any niche find it easier to attain such with Money Robot. It drastically improves your website's ranking. In effect, the number of customers increases significantly.

Money Robot Pricing

The Money Robot Submitter requires a monthly subscription fee of $67. This plan is available for those who will not be using the software for a year. Also, a one-time licensing fee is made available at $497. This plan is for those who would like to use the software for more than a year. This way, you receive all the updates of this software. Thus, it makes your SEO campaigns cost-effective. Whereas, the lifetime offer is best for those who prefer to sell backlinks to clients. As exorbitant as it seems, it is worth it.

Money Robot's Features

The cash robot not only creates quick backlinks but also features the following:

  • Frequent updates on over 5000+ websites included.

  • The Money Robot Submitter provides keyword research, either for long or short-tail keywords.

  • It features an incredibly-fast proxy system that aids quicker backlink creation.

  • The backlinks created by Money Robot need to be supervised. This is the function of the featured SEO backlink monitor.

  • Although in its test stage, Money Robot also features the MR Browser which can automate any task.

  • Article spinner and rebuilder, which enhances the quality of your article, is also an important component of the Money Robot.

  • Money Robot Submitter generates web 2.0 backlinks. And this is the easiest way to automate your links.

A fun-fact about Money Robot's function is that the more you use your account, the stronger it gets. Also, when you re-use your account, Money Robot finds it much easier to create fresh content. This is because the process of creating a new account is skipped.

How to Use Money Robot

Earlier, we termed Money Robot as easy to use but the fact remains that you need to learn to make proper use of its features. Creating even your 7-day trial version might seem to be so much of a hassle. Not to worry, below is a step-by-step guide on how to run a campaign on Money Robot.


Money Robot's inbuilt captcha runs for free but it solves only simple captchas. What becomes of complex captchas? Well, to solve complex captchas, you need to employ the services of a decaptcha account. You can purchase the account for $10, one of which contains about 1200 solved captcha packages. The decaptcha account usually lasts a month or two. It auto solves complex captcha and sends it automatically to Money Robot. Although this process is not necessary, it is profitable in terms of saving time.


After purchasing your decaptcha account, you need to plug your 2Captcha API key into the Money Robot software. This is a very simple process as you will only need to click on the Settings button. Afterward, enter the "Captcha services" tab and then insert your captcha API key. Next, click on the "Check Balance" button to ensure that the captcha KEY is rightly placed.

What to do if you receive a message saying "Invalid API key"? A simple step can fix that. You have to now recheck your pre-inserted API key (copy-paste will ease your work). This time, after clicking on the "Check Balance" button, you will find a message showing you a number depending on the amount you purchase. Lastly, click on the "Save" button and proceed to the next step.


After installing this software and properly configuring all that you need, it is time to start your first campaign. Click on the button "New Campaign" then a new window will appear. On this new window, fill in your details. First, insert the URLs of your website and this can include the URL of your homepage. Next, fill in your keywords. Now you have to insert your article. To create a 100% unique article, you can make use of MR Article Builder. They create articles that relate to your keywords and prove to be time-saving.


Lastly, select diagrams. Do this because they are special strategies of SEO, using many tiers of backlinks. The backlinks the Money Robot creates are basically with multi tiers such as:

  • Tier 1 (can be blog links)

  • Tier 2 (can be web 2.0 profiles that point to tier 1).

  • Tier 3 (serves as backlinks to tier 2 and then tier 1).

This process involves sending and multiplying the "juice throw tiers," making each link more powerful. This is the best solution that exists at the moment.

After carrying out the above-mentioned steps and filling in your campaign details, click on the "Start Campaign" button. Now, you just sit back, relax, and leave it all to the Money Robot.

Pros of Using Money Robot

There are several advantages of making use of Money Robot for building your links. The following are some of them:

  • With its multi-threaded functionality, the Money Robot software provides the fastest submission process.

  • Its automated backlink creator eliminates any need for manually created backlinks.

  • Plagiarism is out of the question. This is thanks to the article builder and spinner that take effect each time you create a blog or a social bookmark link. Therefore, it helps you to submit nothing but unique articles.

  • At any time, one can access one's account details saved on the cloud by the Money Robot.

  • With just one Money Robot license, you can run two separate VPS'. This, in turn, reflects on the cost to your benefit.

  • Money Robot provides you with a 7-day trial period. What this means is that you get to try it and then choose to invest in it or not.

  • To run your SEO network, you can install this application on three different systems.

  • Unlimited campaigns can be created due to the limitless number of opportunities that are available on this SEO software.

  • It includes tutorial videos for newbies to begin their campaigns.

  • Compared to other competing software, Money Robot stands out as one of the cheapest.

  • It creates and provides templates available beforehand. This thus makes creating a campaign less tedious in that aspect.

Cons of Using Money Robot

Below are some downsides to using the Money Robot software:

  • Money Robot's inbuilt captcha is incapable of solving complex captchas. Hence, you would need to employ other services like 2Captcha.

  • Its Indexer limits you to use at most 50 URLs a day. Therefore, you need to buy an indexer service such as Indexification to help you index faster.

  • The Money Robot software is most compatible with the Windows operating system. It cannot be used on Mac software directly. Thus, you have to install the Windows Operating system (Windows Remote desktop) on the Mac system.

  • Money Robot might be easy to use but it takes time to become adept with its features.

  • For better performance, Money Robot requires a high CPU configuration and a high VPS. Your VPS determines how soon your campaign will become complete.

  • To enjoy Money Robot's full potential and not the trial version of limited features, you have to pay a license fee of $67 per month.

Bottom Line

If you seek to create several backlinks within a short period, Money Robot could be that link building software you can turn to. Its free 7-day trial period is quite beneficial as it creates an opportunity for you to learn some basic skills. As a downside, the monthly license fee might be high. Yet, the perk is that once you begin to enjoy its services, you will almost never remember paying such a high price. You might think that it may take quite some time to acquire the starter skills required by the software. However, you have no need to consider this a downer. And this is due to the fact that such information can be gathered online. With such an easy solution at hand, you have less reasons to look elsewhere.

As seen in this review, using Money Robot is not without its cons and challenges. Yet, if you put into consideration what it has to offer, as well as its pros, you just may discover Money Robot to be nothing but your go-to SEO link building software.


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