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Mobdro APK Download – An Illegal Site?

Video streaming platforms are a major media sector. Currently, statistics show that video streaming platforms generate millions of viewers over time. It is of little wonder why such large numbers vie for the services of these video platforms. Be it platforms that feature hours-long movies like Netflix and YouTube, or those that feature shorts like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, streamed videos easily keep viewers hooked. Its added benefits make it more of a catch. For example, users do not have to bother about sufficient device space to see a movie or other clips.

Without a doubt, there are other platforms aside from renowned video streaming platforms like those mentioned above. Some platforms solely provide video content unlike Facebook, some have no free plans, and others ignore copyright laws to mention a few. This article will discuss one of these additions to the long-standing network of video streaming platforms namely Mobdro. Starting from what the Mobdro APK is, we will delve into why Mobdro might be worth a try. In addition to this, we will find answers to a question that several individuals who are interested in Mobdro ask – Is it a legal platform?

Mobdro APK Download

The Mobdro Apk – What is it?

In all its glory, Mobdro is a video streaming service. The platform centers around providing video content, copyright or no copyright, for viewers to watch at no cost. This implies that the platform gets videos off platforms like YouTube and, by observing patterns, Mobdro displays what is deemed the best content for viewers. For some reason, however, the Mobdro APK bears the same layout as YouTube regardless of the category you choose to view.

7 Prominent Mobdro Features

Up-to-date content

The Mobdro algorithm continuously searches for trendy videos off the renowned YouTube platform and uses these to regularly update its catalog. This means that you could find videos on the platform that were uploaded merely four minutes ago.

Easy-to-use Interface

The Mobdro apk is designed in a way that makes it easy for everyone, especially first-timers, to navigate the app easily. On launching the app, users can easily find videos of their choice by searching in categories.

Live TV

On the Mobdro apk, individuals can stream globally available media. These videos available for live streaming include news, entertainment, and sports.

Wide range of available languages

The range of available languages on Mobdro ensures that no individual misses out on the services due to language limitations.

Chromecast compatibility

The compatibility of Mobdro with Chromebooks makes it possible for them to utilize the Chromecast feature. This way, individuals can watch choice videos on a bigger screen. This feature, however, is only available on the paid version of Mobdro at €2.99 yearly.

Sharing & Bookmaking

Mobdro users can bookmark videos of interest and, in turn, share these links with whoever they wish.

Offline option

For individuals who do not readily have an internet connection, the offline option is a fine solution. You can download videos of interest and play these back at a later date. However, downloads do not stay on your device. Rather, they are stored on the Mobdro platform.

Downloading Mobdro Across Devices

Mobdro is fortunately an easy-to-acquire and versatile platform. Its developers, to the best of their ability, ensured that a device type would not be a limiting factor. Owing to this, Mobdro is available across Android devices, Windows, Kindle Fire, Roku, and Kido. How can you install Mobdro on some of the above–mentioned devices?

  1. Getting Mobdro APK on Android

  • Visit the official Mobdro site.

  • The resulting page does not contain so much. Click on the boldly written Download button.

  • Grant all necessary permissions including downloads from unknown sources, if needed.

  • With the app installed, you can proceed to view content in any category you please.

1. Downloading Mobdro APK on a PC

You would require a modulator to use Mobdro. In other words, if you do not already have a modulator like BlueStacks, you need to install one before you would be able to enjoy whatever services the Mobdro apk would offer. Using your modulator, launch Mobdro and enjoy its free streaming services.

2. Getting Mobdro APK on an iPad or iPhone

You would need to first install vShare before proceeding to download the Mobdro apk. Using the vShare application store to install Mobdro is all you need to begin enjoying the services of the streaming platform.

Of course, before adding any file type to your device or accessing a site on the web, you would want to ensure that your device will not be faced with any harm regardless of whatever mouthwatering features it may present. In addition, you would not want to get involved with actions that would warrant you running into trouble with the law. Following this, let us answer two pertinent questions concerning Mobdro. Is Mobdro illegal? And of course, is the platform safe?

Is Mobdro Illegal?

We have considered some of the features that the Mobdro platform sports, however, most individuals are rightly concerned about the legality of the platform. Let us delve into some points that would help us conclude whether Mobdro is legal or illegal.

  • For starters, the Mobdro app avails users of videos while overlooking the copyright laws surrounding these videos. It is for this reason that Google Playstore and Apple store do not have the Mobdro apk displayed for download. Due to copyright claims spanning well over 70, Google had the platform removed sometime in 2021.

  • The Mobdro platform obtains information and personal data from clients. Due to this, it is not entirely legal under certain state laws in places like some states in the US.

  • For fear of being caught participating in privacy law breaches, individuals have to opt for VPNs.

Is Mobdro Safe?

Although the issue of the legality of Mobdro is not entirely clear, the question of the app’s safety is rather clear. Here are some security concerns related to Mobdro:

  • To render customized ads to users, Mobdro obtains and makes use of the personal data of its users. In other words, your info will be accessed to improve ads.

  • Data you supply on the platform in the form of embedded pictures is not secure and can be obtained by other users of the platform.

  • Each time you launch the Mobdro official site, your data is automatically tracked.

4 Mobdro Alternatives

There are several services out there that equally offer streaming services like Mobdro. If you would rather enjoy free streaming services without having to worry about any of the above concerns, you can have a look at any of these four alternatives;


Currently, the platform Tubi is making a name for itself as the best alternative to Netflix. It is equally a free streaming service like Mobdro. However, Tubi is only open to users in the US. For interested individuals in regions outside here, the use of a VPN is required. Tubi is user-friendly, simple to set up, and most importantly, legal.


Another free-to-stream platform that is known among several lovers of streaming is Crackle. The platform offers a wide range of videos of various durations, however, it has the same geographic restrictions as Tubi. Hence, a VPN may come in handy. Although some may claim that the personal data of users is utilized by the developers (Sony Pictures), many others attest to the security of the app. Like the others mentioned above, Crackle is reasonably easy to use.

Popcornflix –

For some, the last four letters of the platform's name make them subconsciously think of Netflix. Popcornflix is a platform offering free streaming services. It is a legal platform that is available on the Google Playstore for interested users. All you require to enjoy its services are JavaScript to launch, an account for login, and a VPN if you live outside the US.


From the Paramount Global organization, Pluto is a free streaming platform. Like most platforms offering free services, Pluto depends on ad support. While you may encounter ads during viewing, your overall experience while streaming on Pluto would not be bad. Pluto, like the above three, observes copyrights.

However, if you do not mind a subscription attached, you can opt for Mobdro alternatives that are renowned platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime videos.

Bottom Line

Is Mobdro an illegal site? Technically it is. However, it is still an up-and-running streaming service. For individuals who do not mind the legal issues that arise occasionally, Mobdro just may offer services that meet up to your expectations.

Considering how the app is much similar to YouTube in terms of layout and ads, some may decide to opt for the latter. Using Mobdro pro, you can benefit from its services without having to worry about ads. In addition, you can utilize the Chromecast feature if the need arises.

If you are new to the Mobdro platform, you should weigh the available features on Mobdro against legal and security concerns. And if you find that you would rather not continue with the platform, you can proceed to work with one of the several safe and legal alternatives to Mobdro.


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