How To Use Mailchimp For Email Automation

Email marketing has a tremendous impact on the conversion of sales and customer retention. Considering that each dollar spent on an email marketing campaign generates about 44 dollars in return, or the 5 percent it yields in retaining customers. Then, you'd see how your business is missing out on this digital goldmine–in case you don’t have one already in place.

Automation increases productivity. It saves time and increases monetary value both short-term and in the distant future. Whether you are a digital marketer selling a product online, or a business owner seeking to automate your sales funnel, this article is for you.

Here, you will learn how to use Mailchimp to automate your email marketing campaign. But first, let’s find out how Mailchimp works, and how to maximize its platform to trigger conversions and sales.

How Mailchimp works

How Mailchimp works

Mailchimp remains one of the top marketing automation platforms to help businesses achieve their email marketing goals. It does not require its users to install any app or software to get their email marketing going.

Asides from using its logistical resources- template creation, automation, segmentation, mailing list management—to facilitate email marketing campaigns, Mailchimp gives its users analytical features for performance measurement.

With no coding skills required to implement, Mailchimp remains one of the easiest- email marketing services for even the most basic users. Its seamless features allow for front-end management- creating email campaigns and automation. Users with coding skills can also build their preferred Mailchimp template from scratch. This is especially notable as Mailchimp allows for the easy transfer of HTML codes. All that a user needs to do at this point is to import the HTML code’s zip file.

Mailchimp achieves results with the aid of several standout features. Here are the integral features that power Mailchimp:



  • Customer Journey Builder

  • Email Automation

  • Geo-tagging for local Email campaigns

  • Preview and Test feature

  • On the go campaign launch

  • Surveys

  • E-commerce Performance Tracking

  • Tracking and Reporting

When utilized properly, Mailchimp's outstanding features make it a game-changing email marketing tool. For increased productivity and better management of all-round business operations, automating your email marketing is a no-brainer. So, how do you go about this? Here is all you should know:

How to use Mailchimp for your email automation