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List Of Web Proxy Online [2023]

Have you ever tried accessing a website and found out that you cannot, due to your location? Or maybe you want to browse the internet anonymously without divulging details of your identity? Then you need a web proxy.

A web proxy is like an intermediary between you (your device actually) and the website you want to visit. Every device has an IP address and anytime you visit a website, your IP address and all necessary information about your device including your location is submitted to the website.

A web proxy is used to hide your IP address. It connects your device to a proxy server which in turn gives the web page you are visiting a different IP address. This means that if there is a website not accessible to people in the US, for example, a web proxy can be used to access that website and all its web pages by anyone in the US.

Another use of a web proxy online is to protect your device and information from online hackers who want to steal passwords, banking details, and other sensitive information.

A web proxy is a very easy tool to use. It is similar to a search engine. All you need to do is visit the web proxy online, type the website you want to visit, and the location of the server you want to access. And that is it. The website now sees a different IP address from the location you choose instead of your real location.

web proxy

Now which web proxy should you use? There are so many web proxies online. Each of them specializes in certain tasks more than others. The following list of 2023 web proxy online is one you should check out.

List of Web Proxy Online 2023

  1. KProxy

  2. CroxyProxy

  3. Whoer

  4. Hidester

  5. Zyte

  6. SmartProxy

  7. HideMyAss (HMA)


Kproxy Web proxy

One good web proxy online is KProxy. It is known for its secure connections and the protection it offers to users from online hackers and scammers looking to steal sensitive information. Another reason why KProxy is very popular is that it is free and offers so much for its free plan. Even though there is a paid pro plan, you can do so much with the free plan.

Major Features

  • Device protection from hackers

  • Does not require installation of any kind

  • Secure server location and secure IP address

  • Extension available for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox


KProxy is free, but it has a paid plan that starts from $5 every month.



croxyproxy Web proxy

CroxyProxy is the perfect web proxy for you if you are looking to access video sites. It offers access to popular video-based platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, and even streaming platforms like Twitch. While it is perfect for video-based platforms and social media, CroxyProxy also provides access to email services and supports general websites. CroxyProxy provides an encrypted connection to these websites and platforms that lets you browse anonymously from anywhere in the world. CroxyProxy is free but also has a paid plan that lets you browse at faster speeds and without interruption from ads.

Major Features

  • Provides secure IP address

  • Supports HTML5 video playback

  • Encrypted connection

  • Supports SSL technology


CroxyProxy is free, but it has a paid plan that starts from $3.50 every month.



Whoer Web proxy

Whoer is a great free web proxy for anyone who just wants to browse the internet and perform basic online tasks. It protects your IP address like any other web proxy but is a bit limited compared to the others on this list. To use Whoer, you must download its browser extension to give you access to online content. It also provides access from only one country which is the Netherlands and it restricts the internet speed. To access more server locations and browse at faster speeds, you need to upgrade and purchase the pro plan.

Major Features

  • Extension available for major browsers including Chrome and Firefox

  • Provides secure IP address from Netherlands in the free plan

  • Unlimited speed in the pro plan


Whoer is free, but it has a paid plan that starts from $9.90 for one month. To save money, you should go for the 12-month plan.



Hidester Web proxy

Hidester is a completely free web proxy that offers so many benefits. It allows you to browse anonymously and access any restricted website without letting anyone track your online activity. It works great on mobile, unlike some other web proxies. Hidester also allows you to browse for free without any interruption from ads. It is easy to use, and safe and you do not need to pay a dime to access any part of it.

Major Features

  • Secure IP address

  • Supports SSL technology

  • Does not store any log or record online activity


Hidester is free.



Zyte Web proxy

Zyte is a web proxy that is perfect for organizations and anyone looking to gather data from the web. Zyte uses its smart proxies to scrape the web for data. Businesses usually use Zyte to anonymously get data from their competitors to get the edge. This web proxy has a high success rate of gathering data from the web and this is done properly.

Major Features

  • Provides smart proxies that rotate to bypass trackers

  • Selects IP automatically

  • High number of proxies


Zyte is a paid web proxy but offers a 14-day free trial. The paid plans start from $29 every month.



Smartproxy Web proxy

Smartproxy is another web proxy online used by a lot of organizations to gather data from the web. There are three types of proxies offered by Smartproxy:

  • Residential proxy

  • Datacenter proxy

  • Dedicated data center proxy.

Smartproxy allows you to easily scrape the data of your competitors and use that to make your business decisions. Its proxies can be used by any device and browser.

Major Features

  • Provides an unlimited number of connections

  • Supports IPv4 address

  • High number of server locations

  • Supports various devices


Smartproxy has a 3-day free trial. The paid plans start from $12.50 every month.


HideMyAss (HMA)

HMA Web proxy

HideMyAss just like the name suggests is a web proxy that hides your device’s IP address as you surf the internet. It allows you to access any website without revealing your location. It also protects hackers and cyber thieves looking to steal your private information. HideMyAss has a feature that stops your internet connection automatically if it detects any interruption. It is a web proxy online that prides itself on its tight security.

Major Features

  • Hidden IP address

  • Supports online banking due to its encrypted server connections

  • Supports multiple connections at the same time

  • Provides access to websites that are restricted in your location


HideMyAss has a free basic plan, but its pro plan starts from $2.99 every month.

Wrapping Up

A web proxy is an online service you should consider if you are looking to surf the internet without divulging your location. This is especially helpful if you want to access websites that are not allowed in your present location. A web proxy online also helps you scrape data on the web from other websites including competitors if you are running a business. The most important benefit of using a web proxy however is the freedom to surf the internet without fear of hackers and cyber criminals who want to steal your personal and confidential information.

However, you should remember that your device and browsing information are not completely private. The web proxy servers do have access to this information and this is why you should choose a web proxy carefully. It is also good practice to not use a free web proxy service to enter sensitive information like credit card details and other banking-related details. This is because hackers usually target these free services, so it is best to limit their use to minor internet activities and accessing websites that are restricted in your location.

While it is true that some web proxies are expensive, they are worth the price for the benefits they provide to you as shown in the web proxy list of 2023 above. Use them wisely. A good guiding principle to follow when engaging in any online activity is: if you are not sure about it, do not go through with it. Browse safely.

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