List of Top Social Media Platforms in 2022

The impact of social media cannot be disputed. It is a huge force that not only drives social change but holds a huge potential in leading financial benefits. Whether you are a business owner or digital marketer, your ultimate goal is to get your product to the right audience. Even individuals are not left out of the mix. One can easily make friends and build lasting connections in the right community. Social media platforms connect their users from different parts of the world, hence, driving community building.

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As a business owner, leveraging on social media platforms can be daunting if you have no clue about the right platform to find your customers. Even as a digital marketer who wants to delve into social media marketing, you must have a good idea of what each social media has in store. This will help you tailor your approach and meet your marketing objectives.

This article contains all you must know about different social media platforms. Here is a list of top social media platforms in 2022 – in no exact order- that will help you meet your business objectives. Your marketing strategy also stands to get improved results. And if you are in for the fun, then your socializing level is about to hit the next level.

Social Media sites

The list of top social media platforms in 2022

  1. Facebook

  2. Instagram

  3. YouTube

  4. Whatsapp

  5. Twitter

  6. Messenger

  7. SnapChat

  8. TikTok

  9. Pinterest

  10. Reddit

  11. WeChat

Now, let us jump right in and see why you must leverage on these social media platforms.

1.) Facebook


Having above 2.7 billion monthly users actively visiting this social media site, Facebook remains the biggest social media site in the whole world. As the stats suggest, almost one-third of the earth makes use of this social media website each month. Facebook makes it easy to share videos, photos, etc., with people. And many have found it entertaining. This makes it a daily stop for many persons. Facebook is available on desktop, android as well as iOS. Here are a few of its many features that makes it popular:

  • Photos