List Of Ranking Checker For Free In [Updated 2022]

You are not required to be a digital marketing expert or SEO’er to understand the impact of keywords on SEO. As a recap, keywords are phrases used on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex. Users on these sites use these terms to find their search interest. For web owners and advertisers, this means that a good keyword strategy increases your chances of featuring higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and presenting your items, products, or pages to an increased audience.

Your online presence determines your success rate in achieving your marketing goals, hence the need to monitor your position and how you are faring. Monitoring keywords you rank or keywords that describe your business best reveals some important details. First, it helps you identify performing keywords and keywords that will yield results consistently. Also, you will get insight into relevant keywords about your product or business. Focusing on your keywords will help you grow in popularity. When done right, it leads to a massive boost of your SEO, which can take your pages to the very first page of a SERP.

Here is the thing, finding the right keywords manually can be tasking and would require much effort. To help you cope with the fast demands of the SEO phase, you need keyword tracking tools. Such tools ensure that less time is spent finding keywords statistics, and you get increased time to analyze results and optimize your website. Finding great ranking checker tools can be tasking. Here, we have compiled a list of ranking checkers for free in 2022.

Things to look out for in a Ranking Checker


You need a rank tracking tool that does not skew data. A ranking checker that is free from generating incorrect rankings must be avoided as it will cost you time and effort. No one deserves to use a rank tracker and afterward have to manually check results on Google Chrome's incognito mode for accuracy.

Access to local results

Making the best of the local circumstance is fore at the minds of business owners. Hence, the need to obtain local results from the rank checker. A good rank checker should properly identify local searches and separate the listings of the local results from the organic results. Separating local listings from organic results ensures that users can detect how they are faring in the organic ranking.


The reporting mode should be considered when picking a rank checker. The ease of reporting keeps you and your client abreast with any development with the SEO of a site. For instance, using a rank checker with email support that summarizes your rankings via mail eases reporting. When configured to be sent periodically, like on a weekly, you also get reminded to visit your rank checker.


The ability to access your data whenever you need them makes the SEO process even more seamless. Instead of waiting long hours for your data to be processed, you are better served by a rank checker when you can get your data in a short time.


There are times when you must delegate some of your SEO tasks to others. When times like this arise, you need a rank checking tool that allows you to add users with ease. That way, you can assign tasks and the workflow continues.

Now we've seen some features to look for when choosing a ranking checker in 2022, here are some of the great tools to help know your rank in 2022.

List of Ranking Checker for Free 2022

  1. MOZ

  2. WooRank


  4. Ahrefs’ SERP Checker

  5. Advanced Web Ranking

  6. LSI Graph