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List Of Free Business Guest Post Niche For SEO Outreach [2021]

Alright guys, me and my team decided to offer a free list of business leads, guest posting links. We work hard to get the best possible results for outreaching and searching leads/website. So, we will start for business niche.

Business niche for guest posting

We really love creating content, SEO campaign, structure, techniques. I think it's time to help our clients and readers as well. So there will be 4,500 + website list of business niche that we gathered up. Some will work, some will not. All you need to do is to outreach and do some email outreach, then you can do pitch about guest posting, link placement, link exchange. You don't have to search leads or site owner. You can just blast them with email with your site brand email and do a drip feed of sending email or you can manually send it couple times per day as you wish. It's purely white hat strategy and will take time to outreach, you need to reply about their needs like how many words, types of title, how many do-follow links, etc. And time goes by you will know all the in's and out about guest posting outreach.

How to determine if the site is valuable for guest posting or not?

1.) You need to have a tool for site audit and we used Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush and Majestic to audit sites links. You can check DA and PA by Moz, Domain rank and URL rank by Ahrefs, trust flow and citation flow by Majestic. You can check list of auditing seo tools here. We do offer check up too. Just a tips, be sure to get the site with good amount of traffic, decent amount of domain authority and domain rank.

2.) Check if i'ts indexed in google or not. Just type in the google search bar "" if the domain is not indexed, then it's not a good domain.

list of guests posting for business

3.) check social shares - there are lot's of services that offer free check up for social signal checker. Get the domain with 500 + social shares.

guest posting site list

4.) check traffic - to check traffic, you need to have Ahrefs account and you can check in the report " Organic traffic" and "Organic Keywords".

guest post business

5.) Check type of anchor text coming in - You can check it using Ahrefs or Majestic. try to check if there are any spam anchor text, non - English type of anchors or are there any offensive anchor text or abused anchor text.

guest posting listing

6.) Check spam score - It's the first thing that you need to do above anyone else. You can check it via Moz link explorer. The higher the % the more you are being at risk for penalty. So, if I were you I will just have to skip the domain that exceed 30% of spam.

You can see the image below of spam score breakdown: Red means the highest spam score, orange is medium and green is safe. As you can see below there are lots of green and O orange spam links.

guest post for business

What you will get in the download sheet?

  • Business site name

  • Contact page

  • Email

  • Social properties

  • Page title

  • Website title

  • Names

  • Website URL

  • Page URL

  • About URL

  • Country

  • Visitors per month

  • Backlinks

  • Moz Ranks

  • Alexa rank

  • Domain Authority

  • Page Authority​

Click the download link to get all the list of business site 4,500+ " DOWNLOAD GUEST POST BUSINESS "


Video Explanation

Just a quick tips!

  1. Be sure to use a branding email if you're going to start email outreaching. This will give you 90% trust of the blogger and you will possibly get 80% - 90% of reply. Branding email example:, Normal email is

  2. Offer link exchange, link placement or small amount of processing fee ( blogger will be more interested)

  3. If the owner have their own pricing, try to negotiate and ALWAYS ask for discount, they will likely to give you discount if you will offer quality content.

  4. Always follow up your email daily. ( Be sure to do this )

  5. If you have a VA then it will make your life easier. If you don't have one yet, we have 5 team member who's willing to help you out in your outreach. Just contact us in email or chat support and will do our best to reply you back :)

Let us know in the comment below of what niche or category that we should be doing next. Probably SEO and Marketing? we are about to know that in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned and always check your email for weekly news update.

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