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List of Download Foxi APK for free

Foxi is a free video streaming app that is only supported on Android Operating System. It hosts a large number of TV shows and online programs. Since a lot of individuals do not want to pay for other billed video streaming services; either they can afford it or not or for some other personal reason, they turn to Foxi as an alternative.

As stated above, Foxi is free and this feature has earned millions of downloads and millions of users. If you’re seeking to watch the best video content out there, you should consider downloading Foxi. This article highlights a list of sites to download Foxi apk for free.

Foxi APK

Foxi APK Features

Foxi is an outstanding free video streaming application readily available for download. It brings high-quality diverse information together. Its features include:

  • Hollywood and Bollywood shows

  • Live channels for sports, news, and others.

  • Free live streaming service.

  • Live streaming of the T20, IPL, and ICC World Cup.

  • Excellent server response

  • Excellent video quality

  • Labeled sections

  • Simple to use control panel

The latest version of Foxi allows video streaming in HD. It does not require payment or special packages to view some select TV programs. All programs are free. It doesn’t consume too much space. With a little number of megabytes, it can be successfully installed on your Android device. Overall, it is a great option for entertainment and relaxation.

The internet is wide and there are a lot of illegal sites and activities on it. Some of these sites put up applications for download, nevertheless, they are not recognized and their content cannot be trusted. This article will list some legitimate websites from which you can download Foxi apk.

Legitimate Websites to Download Foxi APK for Free


Foxi APK Filehippo

FileHippo is a downloading website that offers software for various operating systems. This website has sections that list recent or newly updated applications and the most downloaded applications. They are organized categorically, containing the link and the program information. You are not required to register or to pay before you use or download from this website.

FileHippo was funded by third-party advertising and donations before Softonic acquired it. Before the acquisition, it had an App manager (then known as an Update Checker) that searched a computer device for old software versions and provided links to updated versions.

FileHippo Features

  • On the FileHippo homepage, different sections give a basic overview of what the website contains. There is a version that provides the latest updates to software and recommends other similar software or software that you might like.

  • Another section is the news section. It gives updates about apps or gaming software etc, in general.

  • There is also a popular app section that shows the most downloaded applications or software that have been installed by users.

  • The section where you can browse through different apps is tagged as a “category”. Here, different apps are arranged and grouped into various categories. Among these include business, gaming, leisure, personalization, social and messaging, office, etc.

  • On the top right corner, you are provided with a search option and a 3-line sign option. The 3-line option opens a drawer that shows you where you can get more information about software, reviews, and top programs. It also allows you to select which version of the operating system you want to download. The versions include Windows, Mac OS, Android OS, and web software.

Can FileHippo be trusted?

With over 15 million user downloads, FileHippo is one of the most trusted websites in the world and it is a safe site to download Foxi apk for free.



Foxi APK Liker

ApkLiker is a website that offers downloads of just android apps.

ApkLiker Features

  • It is straightforward to use. The homepage has only two sections.

  • One for applications and the other for games. It has a search button and a 3-lined button that opens a drawer containing options for applications and games.

Can ApkLiker be trusted?

ApkLiker is a safe website to download the foxi app.



Foxi APK Pure

APKPure is an app store that offers applications that support Android OS. You can either download it from the APKPure application or from the website. It also allows the .xapk format in addition to the .apk format.

Similar to alternative app stores such as APKMirror, F-Droid, Uptodown, and Aptoide, APKPure is quite popular among Android users that do not have access to Google play. In other words, it is an alternative to Google Play. This is useful for certain type of phones that do not support Google services or if the user wishes not to use a Google account or service.

A good example that shows the site’s usefulness was in 2019. Apple and Google removed TikTok from their online stores. APKPure was recommended as the best source to download from by many users.

APKPure Features

The APKPure homepage has an almost endless list of android applications to select from. These apps are listed into various categories. The categories include:

  • Hot apps

  • Hot games

  • Discover app.

  • Popular games in the last 24 hours

  • Popular apps in the last 24 hours

  • Popular articles in the last 24 hours

  • Editors choice

  • Games on sale.

  • Latest updated games

  • Latest updated apps

  • Top new games

  • Top new apps.

On the top right corner of the homepage, there is a search icon that allows you to search for the android software that you desire.

On the top left corner, there is a 3-lined icon that opens a drawer when you click on it. In this drawer some sub-drawers are tagged as follows:

  • Home

  • Games

  • Apps

  • Articles. This leads you to where you have the news, reviews, and how-to, topics.

  • Products

  • TVOnic.

At the homepage bottom, you have the about us section where contact information is given.

Can APKPure be trusted?

Like every other unofficial app store, APKPure is not 100% safe. Nevertheless, it verifies all its apps and avoids fakes by matching the apps digital signatures. By using SHA-1, it guarantees that the applications on the store are original.



Foxi APK Latest MOd

Latestmodapk is an online app store for mod apps. These kinds of apps are re-developed versions of original android files. These files are re-designed to include features that may not exist in the original version or they may also provide access to paid features. In most cases, other developers create mod versions.

Latestmodapk Features

The web is separated into various categories to support its kind of mod versions. These categories include:

  • Updated apps

  • Updated games

  • Tools

  • Communication

  • Entertainment

  • Latest apps

  • Latest games

At the bottom of the page, there is an about section that gives more information about the website.

There is a search button at the top right corner of the website and a 3-line icon in the top left corner. This opens a drawer that shows three options. Apps, games and the third option leads to a blog.

Can Latestmodapk be trusted?

A scam detector places the latestmodapk authoritative rank at 58.50 and finds the reviews positive. This implies that it is an active website and comes from a trusted source.



Foxi APK2me

Apk2me is another legitimate website to download Foxi for android. As hinted in its name, the website offers links to download android applications. It provides links for both original and modded applications.

One distinct feature of Apk2me concerning other websites is that it provides a well-detailed description of about 90% of the applications it provides the download link for.

Apk2me Features

The apps are listed into various categories according to their systemic functions.

These categories include:

  • Android and iOS games

  • Android games

  • Apps

  • Dolphin Emulator Wii ISO

  • PS2 games

  • PSP games.

You can access the category section by clicking on the 3-lined icon at the top right corner of the homepage. It opens a drawer which then shows the categories as stated above.

At the bottom of the page, it has a search box where you can type in the application you seek.

Below the search box is the about section. Here it provides more information about the application.

Can Apk2me be trusted?

Apk2me is safe and legit to use. It has positive reviews. The trust score, based on an analysis of up to 40 online data sources, scored a 100% trust score rating. Still, it is recommended that you do your vetting of the website you wish to visit or leave your contact information.


APK Hanger

Foxi APK Hanger

APKHanger is the most straightforward website on this list. It is an online app store that allows the download of original and mod apps.

APKHanger Features

As stated above, it is straightforward to use. It has a search box and the apps are listed into the following categories

  • Games

  • Applications

  • Entertainment

  • Utilities and tools.

Can APKHanger be trusted?

APKHanger is safe to use because it falls under the requirements of Google Safe Browsing. It is a safe domain.


There are many sites on the internet to download applications from, but not all are legit. The Foxi application is found on a few websites. Unfortunately, some are unsafe because they are flagged as inappropriate and criminal. Although not all websites listed in this article, these are the most trusted and most recommended websites and platforms to download the Foxi APK for free.

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