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SEO Automation Software For Link Building

Link building automation software is designed to streamline and enhance the process of acquiring backlinks, Link building simply involves linking webpages by getting hyperlinks. These hyperlinks gotten from other sites allow for the seamless navigation of the web. Users can kick-start a journey from one page to another as they search for relevant content that suits them. Search engines love this as it not only improves web navigation but it allows the crawling of websites. And as such, it contributes to the ranking of a website, which translates into higher web visibility and opens the door to more conversions.

The web is a large place and with massive competition for traffic. Hence, the need to scour the web for great link-building opportunities. Doing so manually has so many restrictions. For one thing, it takes much time and effort to get a hand on every search engine result page. Another thing is the human factor involved. You might miss valuable opportunities, and may have so much to handle at a time. Keeping a database of valuable backlinks then becomes a challenge. Thanks to SEO Automation Software for link building, you can avoid all these issues and get on top of your link-building process. Still, you must decide which automated link-building tool works best for you. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of SEO Automation Software for Link-Building to help you out. But first, what should you look out for when deciding on a link-building tool to use.

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SEO Automation Software

What to look out for when choosing a Link Building Automation Software

Automated SEO link builders make the life of campaign managers easy. If you are running a campaign with the intent to link only a few websites, you might choose to manually build links. However, on a larger scale, and doing so with precision, you need SEO Automation software for link building.

Building links work on some simple principles. Knowing how they operate helps you decide on what tool to use. You also have to consider other factors that they bring to the table like pricing, accessibility, and control level.

Any good SEO automation tool should cover this process:

  • Have the ability to find websites that are topically relevant to yours;

  • Have a system to vet these sites to ensure they affect your website positively and help them rank;

  • Allow for contact and support content creation of a very high standard.

  • Have great management and tracking tool to run efficient campaigns.

  • Can build high quality links

These are basic features that an SEO automation tool should have to get your link-building process on track. However, you might have specific needs from your automated link builder. Then you have to search for what best meets your needs.

Link Building Automation Software

Link building automation software refers to tools and platforms that automate various aspects of the link building process. These tools are designed to minimize manual efforts and streamline the operations associated with creating and managing backlinks. The primary functions include identifying potential link partners, automating outreach emails, tracking the placement of links, and analyzing the impact of these links on overall SEO performance. Such software often integrates with other SEO tools to provide a comprehensive view of a website's search engine optimization health.

How Automation Software Differs from Traditional Link Building Methods

Link building automation software offers several advantages over traditional link building methods, transforming how SEO professionals approach their link building strategies:

  1. Scalability: Traditional link building is labor-intensive, often involving manual research to find relevant websites, crafting personalized outreach emails, and negotiating link placements. Automation software can handle these tasks on a much larger scale, enabling users to reach out to many more potential link sources with less effort and time.

  2. Efficiency: Automation tools can quickly analyze large volumes of data to identify linking opportunities based on relevance, authority, and other SEO metrics. This rapid analysis helps in making informed decisions faster than manual methods.

  3. Consistency: Maintaining a consistent approach in manual link building can be challenging due to human error and variability in performance. Automation software ensures that every process is consistent, from how emails are sent to how links are monitored, ensuring uniform quality and reliability.

  4. Monitoring and Reporting: Automated tools continuously monitor the web for new link opportunities and changes to existing links, such as link breaks or removals. They also provide detailed reports on the link building campaign's performance, something that would require substantial time and effort to compile manually.

  5. Integration: Unlike traditional methods that may operate in isolation, modern link building tools integrate seamlessly with other digital marketing and SEO software. This integration allows for a unified strategy that can dynamically adapt based on real-time data, such as changes in search engine algorithms or shifts in website traffic patterns.

By leveraging automation in link building, companies can execute more strategic, data-driven campaigns that are not only more efficient but also potentially more effective in improving search rankings. While automation software is powerful, it's essential to balance its use with strategic oversight to ensure that the quality of links remains high and aligns with broader SEO goals. This integration of technology and human expertise is what defines the modern approach to SEO link building.

List of SEO Automation Software for link building

The list of SEO Automation Software will ensure that your site’s optimization process is easy, result-driven, and automated. They have several distinct features and pricing that sets them apart from each other. But you can rest assure to find great packages that work for you.

Automation Tool SEO

Onlywire is a social automation tool that connects and shares your content on over 4 social media sites. These sites include Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • Its premium package connects and automatically posts content on up to 50 social networks while its free plan links 4 sites only.

  • It allows you to post web links easily to all your connected social media networks with the aid of browser extensions. Onlywire browser extensions include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

  • It automatically posts content you share to your linked social media accounts when you post on the WordPress plugin.


Onlywire offers two plans. They are;

  • Premium- The Premium plan costs $9.99 monthly. With this plan, you enjoy:

  • Up to 25000 submissions to other sites per month.

  • Content recommendation

  • Connectivity with 50 social networks

  • Thorough Analytics; and

  • Add up to three RSS feeds

  • Enterprise- This plan comes at $99 monthly. It offers:

  • Unlimited submissions to connected sites

  • Unlimited networks are connected

  • Unlimited RSS feeds

  • Unlimited users

  • Team formation

Yes, you could say Onlywire is all things unlimited. If you do not require a serious online business presence, but only need its regular services, you could go for Onlywire’s free plan.


  • Its connectivity is fairly simple in all its plans, which includes the free plan.

  • It provides thorough analytics from Bitly, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • You can schedule posts using Onlywire.

  • A great advantage of using Onlywire is its audience interaction platform. Onlywire allows you to have conversations with your audience. However, this feature under the name "monitoring", is an option for premium users only.


  • Its Scheduler is quite complex. It does not allow you to set dates for an article say on a certain date of every month. To do this, you would need to manually schedule the post every month, and this is quite hectic.


Automation Software For Link Building 2021

GSA SER (Search Engine Ranker) simplifies the link-building process for SEO enthusiasts. Although it might seem difficult to comprehend for newbies, it does an outstanding job in ranking your especially when using the right configuration.

  • Fully automated software

  • Supports the posting of backlinks across 160 platforms

  • Verification of backlink submission

  • Advanced reporting

  • Fully customizable campaigns

  • Captcha integration

  • Content creation service integrations


  • Starter Package costs $46 every month

  • Premium Package costs $58 every month


  • Light software which does not use up much CPU resources

  • Regular updates

  • Run automated campaigns simultaneously

  • Support for full customizations

  • Intuitive UI, which has relative ease of use

  • 5-day free trial period


  • Poorly spun content which might lead to the detection of plagiarism.

  • It blocks sites that carry out anti-spam measures

  • It indulges in captcha breaking and automatic account creation.


SEO software tools

This quick and stable indexer is probably one of the most efficient you will ever find. RankerX has such amazing success rates that one would not mind trusting their services.

  • Custom link building

  • Great third party API Captcha integration

  • Service as a software feature that makes it browser-driven.


  • The two plans RankerX offers are the Premium and lifetime plan. The premium plan costs $49.99 monthly. Its Lifetime plan costs $999 and as its name implies, it is a one-time offer.


  • It is compatible with any operating system including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

  • It is a fast and safe link automation software.

  • It is also highly compatible with devices such as your smartphones, tablets, e.t.c.

  • It allows you to delete inactive backlinks.


  • You have to find inactive backlinks manually to delete them.


SEO auto pilot

SEO Autopilot is an SEO automated link building software, which uses the latest technology to create superior backlinks.

  • High-quality links that are guaranteed to work

  • Several Captcha options to choose.

  • Various article spin integration.

  • Unlike regular platforms with split platform social bookmarking, SEO autopilot has a single platform social bookmarking.

  • PDF link Upload


  • SEO Autopilot/1 Installation-$67

  • SEO Autopilot/2 Installations-$99

  • 3-month/1 Installation- $201, Now, $160

  • 3-month/2 Installations- $297, Now, $237

  • SEO Autopilot one-time payment1- $997

  • SEO Autopilot one-time payment 2- $1897


  • Its single platform bookmarking feature creates profiles for users and gets them through gatekeeping. This is a feature of an excellent SEO boost.

  • Edu links for users in the academic niche are trustworthy.

  • A 30-day trial period is made available to users; therefore, it is inexpensive.

  • It is a well-equipped link building software


  • It has a limited design customizing feature in comparison with larger platforms.

  • The installation process takes a while


SEO Automation Software

Moneyrobot is an automated SEO software that strives to improve the quality of your website with its high-quality backlinks. It was built to function in line with the needs of, Website owners, large companies, SEO companies, and Media companies.

  • A seven-day free trial. Along with the seven-day trial, you get a seven-day money-back guarantee. This means, if you are not satisfied with the services of moneyrobot during the seven-day trial, you get a full refund.

  • Backlink tracker with a speed of over 500 threads per second. With this feature, you can monitor your anchor text and things concerning the backlink.

  • With the Moneyrobot software connected to Chrome and Firefox, it can easily stimulate human activities and perform robot detection functions.

  • A fully automated login procedure. You need not push a button to either start or end your login process.

  • Spanish and English-speaking operators are made available to support users.

  • The Moneyrobot software solves any form of Captcha at no charge.

  • Article spin and rewrite features

  • A fast proxy system which equates to an equally fast backlink creator


  • Moneyrobot has just two pricing systems. You either use the free plan or the paid version. The paid version involves your paying $67 per month for as long as you would use Moneyrobot or a one-time purchase which costs $497.


  • Its spin and rewrite features eliminate plagiarism and its penalties, as this feature provides an article in 100 unique forms.

  • Its login/submission process is fast due to its multi-thread functions.

  • It grants access to your account details at any time, and this is possible because the Moneyrobot backs your details up in the cloud.

  • One Moneyrobot license grants you access to two individual VPS

  • There are tutorials made available to newbies to remove any difficulty of use for them.


  • The Captcha solver does not go beyond a simple Captcha solution; therefore, you need additional software like 2Captcha to solve complex Captcha.

  • The Moneyrobot indexer limits you to a maximum of 50 URLs per day, hence, you would need extra software like Indexification for faster indexing.

  • This software is compatible with the Windows Operating system; therefore, you need to install a Windows OS on your Mac before it can function there.


List Of SEO Automation Software

One of the first link-building tools to utilize the crowd searching feature is SEnuke and it still performs this function so well. It provides you with backlinks of high-quality in a short time-frame.

  • A crowd searching feature that lets Google users see how active your site and keywords are.

  • About 100000 inbuilt proxies

  • Built-in optical character recognition to help automatically solve Captcha.

  • Powerful scheduler and loop mode

  • Easy-to-use interface


  • It offers two pricing plans which both have a 7-day free trial period. The two plans are

  • SEnuke TNG Lite at $67

  • Senuke TNG Pro Single at $97

  • Senuke TNG Pro Version at $147


  • It does not require any form of knowledge on SEO to operate it

  • Its interface is user-friendly.

  • It is a highly versatile software


  • Due to constant updates, there are no applicable cons at this time.

Key Features of Link Building Automation Software

Automatic Link Building

One of the fundamental features of link building automation software is its ability to automatically build links for you. Using sophisticated algorithms, these tools build backlinks, create accounts, post links etc.

Integration with SEO Tools

Effective link building software often integrates seamlessly with various SEO tools. This integration allows users to measure the direct impact of their link building efforts on their overall SEO performance. By connecting with tools like indexer, proxies, emails, crawling, captcha etc.

Scalability and Speed Improvements

Automation software significantly enhances the scalability and speed of link building campaigns. With these tools, SEO teams can manage larger volumes of links across multiple websites without a corresponding increase in manual labor or time commitment. This scalability ensures that businesses can expand their SEO efforts as they grow, without being bottlenecked by the constraints of manual processes.

Customization Options for Different SEO Campaigns

Customization is crucial for ensuring that link building efforts are aligned with specific SEO strategies and goals. Good automation software offers various customization options, allowing users to tailor their link building activities. This can include setting parameters for the types of websites to target, the desired authority of link sources, and the specific keywords or phrases related to the links. Customization ensures that the links generated are relevant and effective in boosting the specific metrics that matter most to the user’s SEO strategy.

Reporting and Monitoring Features

Comprehensive reporting and monitoring are essential features of link building automation software. These features enable users to track the status of their link requests, monitor the health of existing backlinks, and receive alerts if issues arise, such as a link being removed or broken. Detailed reports provide insights into the effectiveness of the link building campaign, showcasing metrics like link acquisition rates, the impact on search rankings, and overall ROI from link building activities.

Overall, these key features make link building automation software a valuable asset for any SEO professional looking to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in improving their site’s visibility and ranking in search engine results.

Benefits of Using Automation Software for Link Building

Time and Resource Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of using automation software for link building is the substantial savings in time and resources. Manual link building is a labor-intensive process that involves researching potential link partners, reaching out to website owners, and negotiating link placements. Automation software streamlines these tasks by automating repetitive processes such as searching for link opportunities and sending outreach emails. This allows SEO teams to allocate their time and resources to more strategic activities, such as content creation and overall SEO strategy, rather than getting bogged down by the minutiae of link building.

Improved ROI from SEO Campaigns

Automation software can significantly enhance the return on investment (ROI) from SEO campaigns. By increasing the scale and speed of link building efforts, businesses can see faster and more noticeable improvements in search engine rankings and web traffic. Additionally, the precision of automated tools in selecting relevant and high-quality link opportunities helps in acquiring backlinks that have a stronger impact on SEO performance. This targeted approach not only improves site authority more effectively but also drives relevant traffic, potentially increasing conversions and revenue.

Consistency in Link Quality and Relevancy

Maintaining a consistent standard of link quality and relevancy is crucial for the success of SEO efforts. Automation software helps ensure that every link acquired meets specific criteria set by the SEO team, such as domain authority, relevance to the website’s niche, and non-spammy characteristics. This consistency helps avoid the acquisition of low-quality links that could harm the website’s SEO profile. Moreover, consistent quality in link building efforts reinforces the website's reputation with search engines as a credible and authoritative source.

Enhanced Ability to Analyze and Adjust Strategies Based on Real-Time Data

Automation software often comes equipped with advanced analytics that allows users to monitor the effectiveness of their link building strategies in real time. This capability is crucial for making informed decisions about adjusting strategies to optimize performance. For instance, if certain types of links are observed to drive more traffic or improve rankings more significantly, SEO teams can shift their focus to prioritize similar opportunities. Conversely, if some links do not perform as expected, adjustments can be made promptly to avoid wasted efforts. This dynamic approach to managing link building campaigns helps businesses stay agile and responsive to changes in search engine algorithms and market conditions.

Overall, the benefits of using automation software for link building are clear. They not only enhance operational efficiencies but also contribute to more strategic, data-driven decisions that improve the effectiveness of SEO campaigns. This combination of efficiency, improved ROI, consistency, and agility makes automation an indispensable tool in the arsenal of modern SEO practices.

Challenges and Considerations in Using Automation Software for Link Building

Ensuring Quality and Relevance of Links

While automation software can significantly enhance the efficiency of link building, a major challenge is ensuring that the links it generates and targets are of high quality and relevance. Automated systems may sometimes prioritize quantity over quality or may not fully discern the contextual relevance of a link to the content, which could dilute the effectiveness of an SEO strategy. It’s crucial for SEO teams to set clear parameters and continuously monitor the software's performance to ensure that the links acquired contribute positively to the website’s authority and relevance in its niche.

Risk of Penalties from Search Engines for Improper Use

Search engines like Google have sophisticated algorithms designed to penalize practices they consider to be manipulative or unethical, such as spammy link building or the use of private link networks. The misuse of automation software can inadvertently lead to practices that search engines deem as black-hat SEO, such as building excessive links in a short time or acquiring links from irrelevant or low-quality sources. This can result in penalties, which may severely impact a site's rankings and visibility. Users must ensure that their automation strategies align with best SEO practices and adhere strictly to search engine guidelines.

Keeping Up with Changes in Search Engine Algorithms

Search engines continually update their algorithms to provide more relevant and high-quality search results to users, and these updates can sometimes disrupt existing SEO strategies. A challenge for those using link building automation software is to stay updated with these changes and adjust their link building tactics accordingly. Automation software must be adaptable and quickly responsive to these updates to avoid strategies that become outdated or counterproductive. Regular updates and upgrades to the software, informed by the latest in SEO trends and search engine guidelines, are necessary to maintain the efficacy and safety of automated link building campaigns.

Additional Considerations

  • Human Oversight and Intervention: Despite the advantages of automation, human oversight remains crucial. It ensures that the software’s actions align with strategic SEO goals and ethical standards, providing a necessary check on the quality and appropriateness of automated tasks.

  • Balancing Automation with Personalization: In link building, personalization in outreach can significantly improve response rates and the success of link acquisition. Striking a balance between automation and the personal touch can be challenging but is necessary for effective outreach.

  • Technological Reliability and Support: Depending on complex software solutions necessitates robust technical support to address any issues swiftly. Ensuring that the chosen automation solution has reliable customer support and service agreements is vital to prevent disruptions in SEO activities.

Navigating these challenges involves a balanced approach that leverages the strengths of automation while mitigating its potential downsides through strategic oversight and adaptive practices.

Best Practices for Implementing Automation in Link Building

Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations

When implementing automation in link building, it's crucial to set realistic goals and expectations to gauge the effectiveness and adjust strategies accordingly. Defining clear, measurable objectives, such as increasing the number of high-quality backlinks, improving domain authority, or boosting rankings for specific keywords, helps in tracking progress and justifying the investment in automation tools. Understand that while automation can accelerate certain processes, the results still depend on various external factors such as competition, search engine algorithm changes, and the inherent quality of the content.

Combining Human Oversight with Automation

Automation should be viewed as a tool to augment human capabilities, not replace them. It's essential to maintain human oversight over the automation processes to ensure the quality and relevance of the link building efforts. Humans can provide creative solutions, strategic direction, and ethical judgment that software currently cannot. For example, manually reviewing potential link opportunities identified by automation tools can help avoid unsuitable or irrelevant links that could harm your SEO performance.

Regularly Updating and Maintaining the Software

Like any software, link building automation tools require regular updates and maintenance to function effectively. Developers continuously refine algorithms and add features to improve performance and adapt to the changing SEO landscape. Regular updates ensure that your tool remains compatible with current search engine guidelines and takes advantage of the latest advancements in technology. Additionally, regular maintenance checks can help identify and rectify any issues like bugs or performance slowdowns, ensuring that your automation efforts are running smoothly.

Considerations in Automated Link Building

Adhering to SEO practices is vital when using automation in link building. The temptation to use automation for spammy link building practices can be high, especially with the ease and scalability that tools provide. However, such strategies are likely to result in search engine penalties and damage to your site’s reputation. Focus on using automation tools to enhance genuine, white-hat SEO practices, such as:

  • Automating the discovery of relevant and authoritative sites for potential linking.

  • Using automation to help personalize outreach emails at scale rather than sending generic messages.

  • Ensuring that all automated actions align with search engine guidelines and provide real value to both your site and the sites you link to.

Additional Considerations

  • Transparency: Be transparent about your automation practices with team members and, when necessary, with link prospects. This can help manage expectations and build trust.

  • Monitoring Outcomes: Continuously monitor the outcomes of automated link building. If certain tactics do not yield the expected benefits, be ready to pivot and adjust your strategy.

  • Balance Automation and Personalization: While automation can handle repetitive tasks, personal touches in outreach and relationship building can significantly enhance the success rates of your link building efforts.

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your use of automation in link building is effective, ethical, and contributes positively to your overall SEO strategy.

Wrapping Up

Want to make your SEO efforts yield results? Then, you must never neglect link building. Yes, link building will contribute to reaching your marketing goals but you might not be able to cover much ground when you do it manually. You will only spend the time allotted for other crucial things when you go through the manual route. And you must note that the competition is more likely to use automated tools to stay ahead of the pack. And you do not want that.

This list of SEO Automation Software for link building helps you with some of the best link building tools around. From here, you can decide on what tool to use. Even more, you can combine your automated link builder with a project management tool for an organized outlook. There are several factors to consider as well when choosing the link-building tool. You have to consider how easily you can get a grab of the automated link builder, its pricing, and its effectiveness. If you have specific needs from the link builder, you also have to consider that. At the end of the day, whether you opt for Onlywire, Rankwyz, Moneyrobot, or SEnuke, one thing is sure- your SEO will come off better.


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