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Kwfinder Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the phrase lurking deep down the minds of everyone desiring to gain traction from Google, remains the main goal of every website operator and digital marketer. At the heart of SEO lies the use of keywords. And as such, it determines how successful one would be featuring on the top pages of Google's SERP (Search Engine Result Page). When used in the right way, your page would reach a broader audience base and find your target audience. Thereby, increasing your potentials for more conversions. A poor keyword strategy only amounts to reduced potentials, poor results, waste of time and effort.

Keyword research is a critical step in every marketing strategy. It will make or mar the strategy used depending on the level of expertise. Regardless of how crucial this step is, it is quite straightforward – especially with the right tools. And there lies the issue – knowing what tool to use as there are tons of keyword research tools online. Well, to give you a head start, this article reviews KWFinder, a keyword research tool that will help you find the right keywords to reach your audience. Here is all you should know about KWFinder.

What Is KWFinder?


KWFinder is a spontaneous keyword research tool that aids the search of long-tail keywords with sparse keyword difficulty and soaring search volume. It presents sophisticated data in the most uncomplicated ways to benefit both SEO beginners and experts. Using visual aids, KWFinder shows accurately vital keywords at the exact period they are trending. KW Finder smoothens the process of researching important long-tail keywords because of its dynamic features.

How Does KW Finder Work?

Kwfinder Review

KW Finder's ultimate goal is to guide you in ascertaining the right keyword to write things about. It is somewhat simple to use and works with just a few steps.

  1. To research keywords, type in the keyword and enter the location.

  2. A list of related keywords is presented, you can check the autocomplete and questions section to see what searchers use.

Along with each keyword are data such as, its difficulty, what it would cost per click, amount of searches monthly, and its competition. So you can analyze your results.

  1. Then you can compile a list of the keywords you want and export them.

  2. You can search by domain for competitive research. You can study the applications of keywords by your competitors to help build yours.

  3. You can also use other tools on KW Finder to analyze backlinks, check search result pages, and observe keyword ranking.

What Features Does KW Finder Offer?

What Features does KW Finder Offer

There are several dynamic, yet simple to use features on KW Finder. These features make keyword research an effortless task for bloggers and SEO professionals alike.

  • Keywords Hunt: The KW Finder is a splendid tool for searching keywords. It, without delay, shows the number of searches the keyword has monthly in the location you entered. It shows how much a keyword would cost per click and how much competition it has when you present one. It also shows the difficulty of a keyword. The keyword difficulty is displayed on a scale of 0 - 100, 0 meaning very easy and 100, extremely difficult.

  • Mass Upload: This feature allows you to put a list of keywords for the tool to evaluate. KW Finder will provide a breakdown of the difficulty of each keyword on the list.

  • Domain Lookup: You can look up other sites to study the placements and applications of keywords. This practice can enhance your use of keywords.

  • Location Specific: You can search keywords specific to your location. There is a feature for you to search for keywords specific to your location; country, state, city, or region. You can also get keywords in different languages.

  • List Compilation: You can make a list of keywords once you have decided the keywords you want to optimize for.

  • Autocomplete: KW Finder offers keywords that Google autocompletes. It also presents to you questions asked by searchers about your topic. This will give you an insight into the way your target audience thinks.

  • Export Keywords: After researching keywords you can export the outcome. It will be saved as a CSV file.

  • Uncluttered User Interface: The user interface is candid and very helpful. The setup is plain making it perfect for bloggers and SEO newbies who do not want to be immersed with more than the needed information.

  • Inclusion of other tools: Other SEO tools are included in KW Finder. Spontaneous tools such as SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler come as a package with KW Finder. These assistant tools help you examine search results pages and observe the ranking of keywords.

How Much Does KW Finder Cost?

KW Finder is offered collectively with a few other tools from its creators. The pricing varies depending on the plan you are or wish to be subscribed to. There are three plans with a 48 hours money-back guarantee. If paid yearly, you can be able to save up to 40%.

  1. Basic plan: It costs $29.90 a month if paid annually and $49 when paid month to month. You can get up to 100 looks per day.

  2. Premium plan: It starts at $39.90 per month when billed annually ($69 month to month). This plan allows up to 500 looks daily.

  3. Agency plan: Beginning at $79.90 monthly, when paid annually and $129 month to month. You will be able to research up to 1,200 keywords daily.

  4. Free trial: It costs nothing. Using the free trial you will only be able to get 5 looks per day.

What Are The Advantages Of KW Finder?

  1. Keyword difficulty is accurate.

  2. It is secure, yielding, and extremely easy use to use.

  3. It avails you the opportunity to make competitive research.

  4. It presents other SEO tools.

  5. The user interface is clean and easy to understand.

  6. It places all needed data for keyword research to be found in one location.

  7. Amazing customer support is provided, with a responsive online chat.

  8. There is a free trial

What Are The Disadvantages Of KW Finder?

  1. Free trial is limiting.

  2. It does not support multi-tabbed research.

  3. It has a daily limit for keyword lookup. You will have to wait till the next day when you have exceeded your limit.

  4. It also restricts the number of results you get when you make a search.

Wrapping Up

Keyword research is integral to ranking on SERPs, paid advertising, and a wide range of digital marketing techniques. An effective keyword strategy will not only get your content to the right audience, but will fetch you backlinks that will help scale your visibility and eventually your business. And it is something that you just cannot ignore if you want results online.

There is no doubt that KWFinder a good tool in conducting one's Keyword research online. And this article gives an in-depth insight into what KWFinder is all about. For one thing, it provides a decent amount of ideas that can feature on your keyword list. It also gives insight into the number of monthly searches a certain keyword is receiving. And its Keyword difficulty score is quite accurate to go with. Also, users get to filter results and analyze the search engine result page they want to feature in. But, it is not entirely perfect. Just like many tools, it is not entirely free, even though it gives access to an incredible amount of features. Still, the pricing might be a turn-off for some.

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