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Increase Your Google Click Through Rate In Organic Search

What is google click-through rate (CTR)?

CTR or what we called click-through rate is where it counts the number of clicks that your ads or organic keyword receive. It will count as how often the people will click your keywords in organic search. For example, I will be doing a google search about the "organic traffic service" my money site is hybrid traffic, and the user clicks on my money site redirecting to hybrid traffic. The CTR will be counted once the user clicks the money site.

Google CTR

As Brian Dean, founder of backlinko said that click-through rate is a huge ranking factor right now " think about it, if people are searching for a keyword and click on your result more than other, it tells Google that you're the best results for that keyword and you rank higher in Google."

google click through rate

In fact, a recently published Google research papers state that click-through rate data has proven to be a massive resource for improving search ranking quality.

Now the question is, how do we improve or manipulate the click-through rate?

The answer is simple, we will need a tool to do that.

Tools You needed:

1.) private proxies or rotational proxies - there are lot's of proxies provider out there, you need to find quality and fast proxies. There are also by country IP, city, or by state. If you're ranking local, then go and find IP services that serve local or city proxies.

2.) Browseo - It's a tool where you can setup per profile. Here's how it work. You will have your 3rd party tool instead you're viewing it with your firefox or chrome. Browseo is a tool that you can fully maximize the viewing strategy.

Google click through rate

Let's say if you created a profile 1, and your niche is all about SEO or marketing, then you can set up your proxies, then go to google and search about SEO related keywords and also don't forget to enter your keywords that you're already ranking in search results and click it, same method in profile 2 and 3, do search about SEO related because there will be a catch per search and Google will ping that you're looking for related searches. Here are some diagram below:

click through rate manipulation
click through rate
manual click through rate

You need to have a different proxy per profile so you can have an IP and country when it comes to Google analytics. You may also need to do page interactions, meaning, once you click the money site and you're already in the page, you will need to click also the blog page, landing pages, home, other blogs or links to make it more natural and the bounce rate will do good.

You can also check our video about how manual organic traffic works:


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