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iCopify: Guest Post & Blogger Outreach

iCopify is an online platform that bridges the gap between content creators, publishers, and businesses seeking to boost their online presence. However, the platform has been the subject of mixed reviews, with some lauding its benefits while others criticize its practices. This article will delve deeper into iCopify, offering an unbiased analysis of its services, customer experiences, and overall effectiveness.


Understanding iCopify

iCopify operates as a marketplace for content, connecting writers, publishers, and buyers. The platform allows website owners to monetize their sites by publishing sponsored content, while businesses can enhance their online visibility through strategic backlinking.

Services for Buyers

  1. Traffic, Leads, and Sales Increase: iCopify promises to position your content on relevant websites, aiming to attract your target audience, increase customer loyalty, and consequently, boost sales.

  2. Quality Backlinks: The platform guarantees backlinks from pertinent websites, which can drive organic and relevant traffic to your site.

  3. Budget-friendly Marketing Approach: iCopify positions itself as a cost-effective alternative to traditional paid advertising.

  4. SERP Ranking Improvement: With link placement on high-traffic websites, iCopify claims to improve your Google ranking significantly.

Services for Publishers

  1. Price Control: On iCopify, you can set your own prices for creating and placing content on your website.

  2. Task Preference: Publishers have the freedom to accept or reject tasks without any pressure.

  3. Violation Redressal: Publishers can raise complaints against unnecessary and repeated revisions by buyers.

  4. Weekly Payments: Publishers receive their payments every Monday via PayPal.

"Being a startup company, we were very pleased with the performance and ranking results delivered through iCopify platform." - Gary G.

iCopify Reviews: A Mixed Bag

While iCopify promises a lot, customer reviews present a mixed picture of the platform. Some users praise its benefits, while others criticize its practices.

Positive Reviews

  1. Timely Payments: Some publishers have reported timely payments and satisfactory customer service.

  2. Reliability: Buyers and sellers alike have praised the platform's reliability.

  3. High-quality Links: Some advertisers have found value in the high-quality links provided by iCopify.

Negative Reviews

  1. Inflated Prices: Some users have reported that the actual costs of guest posts are significantly higher than the initial prices displayed on the site.

  2. Delayed Payments: A few site owners have faced issues with delayed payments.

  3. Poor Quality Sites: Some users have raised concerns about the quality of the sites listed on the platform, with allegations of spammy sites being prevalent.

  4. Refund Issues: Users have reported problems with getting refunds and a lack of response from the support team.

A Review Analysis

Out of the reviews analyzed:

  • 48% were 5-star reviews

  • 4% were 4-star reviews

  • 48% were 1-star reviews

However, it's worth noting that the experiences of users can vary considerably, and these reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.


iCopify presents itself as a cost-effective platform for content placement and backlink acquisition. While it has its advantages, the platform has also faced criticism regarding pricing transparency and quality of sites. As such, it's essential for prospective users to conduct a thorough investigation before committing to the platform.

It's also recommended for iCopify to address these issues, as doing so could significantly enhance its reputation and user experience.



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