How To Write Product Description That Sell

Product descriptions really do matter. Even though there is no hard evidence to show that they tremendously affect sales, a poorly-written description can make potential customers change their minds about your product and decide not to purchase. With a few tweaks, however, you can turn a bad product description into a description that sells. By offering some practical tips, this guide considers how to write product descriptions that sell.

10 tips to help you write product descriptions that sell

1.) Have your target customer in mind

Who are your ideal customers and what do they like? Why do they need your product(s) and what is the most efficient way to get them to purchase? These are some questions to consider before you attempt to write a product description that sells.

Knowing the answers to the above questions will help you determine what information to include and emphasize on, as well as which ones to leave out or downplay. Bearing in mind factors like the age, gender, demographics, interests, language, and income of your potential buyers, you can write an effective product description that would sell to that audience.

2.) Be original

If you retail products from a manufacturer in your online store, resist the urge to copy the manufacturer's description word-for-word. This is because Google and other major search engines do not favor plagiarized content so your store would hardly be made visible if your content is not unique. To create sales-converting product descriptions that match your personal brand, write your own.

3.) Use words that sell

Some words are persuasive by nature and these words would help when writing a product description that sells. Without being forceful, you may use words that influence potential buyers into actually buying by placing such words in your description strategically. Here are a few examples of some of the most influential words that you can use to make your description more persuasive:

  • Suddenly

  • Introducing

  • Amazing

  • Sensational

  • Revolutionary

  • Quick

  • Hurry

4.) Optimize your description

Your product descriptions can be easily found online when you optimize them for search engines. Thus, it is important to research relevant keywords for your product and include them in the description, especially in product titles and/or bullet points, as well as any other strategic location in the description body, and even in the ALT tags for that product. Optimized product descriptions mean more people get to see it and this results in an increased sales potential.

5.) Make it easy-to-read

People rarely read. And even if they want to, they might not have the time or focus to do so. Thus, more often than not, people skim rather than read. So, make it easy for shoppers to find the important details. One of the easiest and efficient ways to achieve scannability is the use of bullet points. The use of short sentences and separating technical details from basic features and benefits are other good ways to make your description easy to read.

6.)Highlight the product's benefits