How To Remove Google Account From Chrome

Google Chrome is still the real deal- even in 2020. Regardless of the hot pursuit from other web browsers using a chromium-based software, it is still a fan favorite. Looking at Microsoft Edge – which just got a new look- one might think that it is all over for Chrome. Well, it is a wrong assumption. The future of the Chrome browser looks bright with the expectation of newer and better features. For now, users adore its ease of use and rapid synchronization across platforms.

Google Account Chrome

Linking your account in the chrome browser is easy, but removing a google account from Chrome can sometimes be confusing. It is especially so if it is your first time doing so. Or, you might have lost touch with finding your way around the browser. Also, you might have done it in the past, albeit the wrong way.

Here, you will discover how to remove Google account from your Chrome browser in the simplest ways possible and in the right way. There is even more in store. This article also offers some tips on how to best manage your Google accounts in Chrome. But first, let’s discuss how to get a Google account from Chrome using the right method.

How to remove Google account from Chrome

Before delving right into the mix, there is a high chance that you have tried this out in several instances. Even though you might have succeeded at some point, doing it the right way makes it all better.

Google’s chromium-based Chrome allows for the enhanced management of a user’s multiple Google account. It ensures that you can switch between different profiles during a browsing session. And as such, you can add and remove a Google account at any point in time. Whether the account is old, a business account, or it belongs to a friend who briefly used your PC or Mac. Using the 'settings' option under the 'menu' will get rid of the Google account. Here is a step by step guide to removing a Google account on a desktop computer:

1.) Access your Google Chrome browser on your PC or Mac.

How to remove Google account from chrome

2.) Locate the circular image containing your Google profile picture on the screen’s upper-right corner. In an instance whereby you have no image of yourself uploaded, you will find the initials of your name in the circular image. When you do not find an initial in the circular image or your profile picture, this simply indicates that you do not have any Google account signed on the computer’s browser.

remove Google account
Go to Google Chrome Browser And Click Your Account

3.) Click on the profile picture to reveal a menu. Towards the bottom and besides the "other people" button, a gear icon shows up. You should click on this.

Google Account Chrome
click on the settings

4.) Clicking on the gear opens a new window for you that reveals your accounts. This is the portal where you remove the Google account of your choice from your chrome browser. Hover across the account you intend to unlink from the browser until you see three dots. These dots will appear on the right corner of the account’s profile picture. Then click.