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How To Rank Your Google My Business ( GMB ) In Organic And Map [2023]

Howdy guys! today, we are going to show you how to rank your google my business ( GMB ). It's from google listing map. It is where you can add your business site, logo, description, phone number, map address for free. We are going to show a step by step tutorial on how to fully maximize the rankings.

GMB is very important if you own a local store - this will help your potential customer/clients easily find your store, shop, coffee shop and hotels via Google search or local map.

Rank Your Google My Business

What does GMB do?

  • You can create a map direct to your store by adding your exact address.

  • Manage, update and edit your business information.

  • Manage customer Google reviews

  • Add and edit video, photo, multimedia.

  • Link to your main website.

  • Directions going to your store/office.

Check out images below:

how to rank GMB

Table of contents:

  • Setting up Google My Business account

  • How to get Google Map Embed URL

  • Anchor text distribution balance

  • GMB Campaign SEO Tactics

  • Quick question request from our clients about SEO software

Setting Up Your Google My Business Account

First thing you need to do is to go to their website:

You need to login your gmail account in order to create an account in GMB, so click on the start or create business and you will be redirected to enter your business name.

rank GMB

Next step is to fill up your business location or address.

how to rank GMB

Now drag your marker according to the map and find your shop / store.

ranky my GMB in organic

Choose your category that fits your business. So, if you're into website company, then your category should be website designer, web programmer etc.

ranky my Google my business in organic

Next step is to add your contact details such as phone or website domain link.

GMB contact details

After you're done in contact details, then you should be getting last page of the signing up which is the finish page.

GMB verify business

Add your postcard to verify your GMB account or you can do that later on. You will be redirected to your google my business dashboard and you can fully edit and set up your account. So you will have your home, posts, info, insights, reviews, messaging, photos, website and users. You may also create an ad or add new location. So it's important that you need to verify your account so you can fully use the account. GMB is strict when it comes to account.

Google my business

Once you're fully verified, then it's time to add more geo tagging images, videos etc. You can optimize your geo tagging images here

just a tips! add more photos and videos about your store, shop, restaurant because people like photos and videos.

Google my business listing

You can see there are lots of photos, reviews, exact address and contact information and google map directions.

How to get Google Map Embed URL

let's get google map embed URL. This is important if you're ranking with contextual links or site's that accept map embed.

1.) click on the menu.

GMB embed map

2.) click on the share and embed map.

how to get google map embed

3.) Click embed map and get the URL embed map.

google map embed

Alright, if you feel you're all set then we suggest to double check again your work, the business name, address, contact, site, photos, video etc. Just to make sure that you get it right and optimize the business with the right information and details. Once you're all good. Then you may proceed below for the GMB campaign killer SEO tactics.

rank GMB


Anchor text distribution balance

Firstly, we need to get and gather up your keywords that you're targeting and proper used of anchot text ratio.

tier 1 Anchor text (tier 1 links are the backlinks that are pointing to your Google map URL)

  • Brand - [60%] you should use 60% of anchor text as your brand name or business name. If your site's brand/business name is hybridtraffic then you should used 60% as anchor text. Be sure to add variations such as space, using of capital letters, small letters, brand name + the full URL.

Example: HybridTraffic, hybrid traffic, Hybridtraffic, hybrid Traffic, hybridtraffic

  • Generic - [20%] Generic keywords is very important these days. You will start using generic keywords and no word repeating. Meaning - once you used the word " click here" then you don't need to use that word again, but you can add more keyphrase such as "click here for more info" as long as they are not repeated words. There are lot's of generic keywords that you can use.

Example: visit site, official site, more info, check this, main site, check this out, info, etc.

  • Keywords Keyphrase - [20%] This tactics is where you will have inserted your primary keywords in a keyphrase. So, if you're ranking for the keywords "SEO strategy" then you should add a keyphrase not just " SEO strategy".

Example: the best seo strategy in 2018, how to build a good seo strategy, change your SEO strategy in 2018, 10 off-page SEO strategy that will boost your rankings etc.

So, you have your keywords ready for your tier 1 pointing to your map ( Not the embed, but the URL of the map)

Just a recap:

1.) 60% - Branding

2.) 20% - Generic Keywords

3.) 20% - Keyword Keyphrase

how to rank GMB in google organic

tier 2 Anchor text ( Tier 2 links are backlinks that are pointing to your Tier 1 links) This is optional but we will include it here as we used it for boost up or Tier 2 links if you want to gain more power in Tier 1 links. So these step will help you decide which anchor text should we used in Tier 2 links.

  • Naked links - [80%] most of the time you will have to spend naked links in boosting up your tier 1 properties. This tactics will gain more power of the page or link. If you target naked links it will gain 2x power than using any of the anchor text. Be sure to use naked links variation.

Example:,,, https://hybridtraffic.

  • Primary keywords - [20%] Have you ever wonder that we did not used exact keywords in tier 1? It's because we are going to use it in tier 2 properties. In the old game primary keywords has been abused by SEO marketers and google is changing the game plan. Now, we can use and build stacks for primary keywords in tier 2 properties.

Example: SEO strategy, SEO strategy 2018.

Just a recap:

1.) 80% - Naked links

2.) 20% - Primary Keywords

Google my business


GMB campaign SEO Tactics (Off-page & Software)

Alright!! so we have now our Google my business ( GMB ) set up, our anchor text ratio are all set! the next thing we need to do is how do we build links on those? what type of links, is there any software? we are going to list all of it here. So first thing, We are going to build quality Tier 1 properties first.

Tier 1 links

1.) Guest Posting Outreach / Services - We start our tier 1 links with a guest post outreach or services, there are lots of services that offer quality guest posting. Either you can hire a VA to do the outreach or you can search for a guest posting services ( Just be sure to check out their links and pricing, look for the best if you want to pay.)

2.) PBN - if you have PBN network or if you can afford to buy some of the services then go for it, just be sure to check out the metrics such as DA/PA/TF/CF/UR/DR , anchor text distribution that are coming in, spam score %, back links history, how many indexed post . All of these you need to check when you want to order PBN posting services.

3.) Social signals - In order to gain more social awareness, you've probably need social share to your Google map URL, there are some services that offer manual posting or you can use social signal software to generate social share.

4.) Super Web 2.0 - These are blogs or website minisites with custom sub-domain, try to create a highly quality accounts and good looking sites with these properties as they are already high established sites and good authority links. These properties are good in ranking low - medium keywords. You can find out more here 30 high active DA web 2.0 list and you can check web 2.0 tutorials.

5.) Domain Authority Stacking - The best and effective tier 1 backlinks for ranking GMB in google and map. It is where you will have to stack high DA blogs by combining PBN, Web 2.0 blogs, and some boost up. If you want to know more about DA's check it here.

Campaign Structure Of Tier 1 Links

GMB campaign structure

  • Guest posting - Try to use the keywords Keyphrase anchor text in here, as they are highly valued site links. ( refer to tier 1 anchor text )

  • PBN - Most likely use your branding anchor text ( refer to tier 1 anchor text ).

  • Social Signals - This will help your GMB social popularity increased and your social power.

  • Super web 2.0 - Used generic as anchor text ( refer to tier 1 anchor text ).

  • Domain authority stacking - Combine and link up your tier 1 properties in a way it will create a stack, don't over abuse it.

Here are the breakdown per type of links:

1.) Guest posting

  • Low keywords competition : 3 - 5 guest post .

  • Medium keywords competition: 7 - 10 guest post.

  • High keywords competition : 20 - 25 guest post.

2.) PBN

  • Low keywords competition : 5- 7 PBN post

  • Medium keywords competition: 15 - 18 PBN post.

  • High keywords competition : 30 - 40 PBN post.

3.) Social Signals

  • Low keywords competition : 100 - 150 social share.

  • Medium keywords competition: 300 - 400 social share.

  • High keywords competition : 500 - 1000 social share.

4.) Super Web 2.0

  • Low keywords competition : 5 - 10 web 2.0

  • Medium keywords competition: 20 web 2.20

  • High keywords competition : 30 web 2.0

5.) Domain Authority Stacking

  • Low keywords competition : build 2 phase

  • Medium keywords competition: build 3 phase

  • High keywords competition : build 4 phase with boost up

just a quick tips! you can skip guest posting outreach if you don't have time or you can't afford to buy the links, PBN will do great things when it comes to ranking, just be sure to get the highest quality PBN or a decent metrics. You just have to audit the sites carefully about the anchor text distribution, spam score, domain authority, URL rank, content etc.


Tier 2 links

1.) PBN - Still we are going to use PBN links as our tier 2 properties, there are services that offer this in fiverr or link linkauthority. But for me, it's good that you just have to order in bulk like in fiverr or konker. There are lot's of services that offers PBN bulk post and you can use it to your tier 1 properties. You can add your guest post, PBN and super web 2.0 you just need to ask the owner or the services if they can post 3 links. We also provide PBN services posting here in hybrid traffic.

2.) High PA web 2.0 - If you have an old web 2.0 or expired web 2.0, then you can create a post to fully gain more juices in your tier 1 backlinks. High PA web 2.0 are already given good authority which is a good value for tier 2 links. You can get this services still in fiverr or in Rankwyz ( they offer this but it's too expensive ). We also offer high PA posting for private clients.

3.) SEO - auto pilot - If you don't know SEO auto pilot, they are the new and future SEO link building software that is good for tier 2 links and contextual backlinks. We've been using this tool for almost 2 years. It's a good diversion tactics for anchor text distribution, good reports, good indexing links, good campaign. You just have to have a good integration tools to make them work such as good proxies, captcha, article spinner, article creator etc. They are like GSA mini version. But they are more focus on high authority links. We also do services for SEO auto pilot to make it work well.

4.) Syndwire - It's a social syndication tool, this will help all your tier 1 properties to be indexed and good backlinks for a starter. You will still need to add accounts and campaign in order to post. So far, it is a good tool for tier 2 boost up. You can check syndwire review here.

Campaign Structure of Tier 2 Links

Google my business how to rank

Quick tips! don't forget to index the links for all tier 1 and tier 2 links so that you will see some results. no index = no ranks!


Quick question request from our clients: Can we build and use SEO software tool to boost up our Google my business ( GMB ) ?

Our answer is YES! you can build and boost up your GMB directly with your software or SEO tools. Just don't over abuse it.

What are the benefits?

  • It can help you for anchor text distribution.

  • Build more backlinks/ referral links.

  • Social post and bookmarking.

  • Get your Map indexed.

  • More embed maps = more gain of authority.

What are the tools or SEO software that we can use?

  • Syndwire - This tools is good direct to your GMB. Use Bookmarking, status post and web 2.0

  • SEO - auto pilot - Choose the campaign domain authority stacking, this will help you to diversify anchor text and balancing.

  • Rankwyz - They do offer web 2.0 automation + you can embed maps in there.

Those are the 3 software that you can use for boosting up your Google my business. Remember, do not over abuse it. Just a little quick campaign will do.

Quick tips when using a software:

  • Always do drip and schedule the post, do not do bulk post as they will count and filter the date of posted.

  • You can use spun content but be sure that it was first spun in the original content. In other words, if you create a highly quality content, then you can spin it and use it to your software. 1 - 2 spun will do, do not over spun. Use different content for each of the software.

  • Using of private proxies ( it's better to choose residential rotational proxies because it's a private home)

  • Indexed the links once you got the report URL, let them stay a week before indexing.


Video Explanation


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