How To Manage Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome, the world's most versatile browser and arguably the best. Or is it? That is a debate left for each user to decide. Still, there is no denying that the affiliation of the browser with one of the top's most used search engines gives it an astonishing edge over the rest.

Google Chrome extensions take chrome to a different level. It spices things up, adds functionalities, and enhances productivity. As a matter of fact, there are tons of these on Chrome's web store. And there lies the issue. Managing chrome extensions can be nerve-breaking. Here, we will find how to manage Chrome extensions for best performance. But first, what are the consequences of not managing chrome extensions properly?

What happens when your chrome extensions are not properly managed?

An inability to manage one's chrome extensions properly might lead to the following:

  • Security threats

One common challenge posed by a browser's extension is the vulnerability that it brings along. Security threats are not new in the internet space and having the wrong extension might just be what exposes your PC to such security threats. Giving intruders access to your PC can lead to the poor performance of your Chrome browser and the PC. It can also prove costly if the intruders gain access to files that should be for private consumption or business-related.

  • Cluster

There is a point a user gets to whereby the extension menu bar gets annoying-clustered or depressing. Another thing with such a situation is that it makes finding a particular extension icon difficult. And as such, reducing productivity.

  • Performance

The performance of your chrome browser is integral to having an amazing session online. Several things can affect your browser's performance like adware, malware, or extensions. Each extension has its code, which has a pull on the resources of the browser and PC. Having extensions one wouldn't necessarily need might also be a concern in terms of resources.

To ensure maximum performance, a great appearance to your Chrome browser, and protect your browser from security threats, you need to exert control over the extensions you install. So, this is how to manage your chrome extensions.

How to manage chrome extensions

Managing your Chrome extensions involves several things. This encompasses the installation, reinstallation, and deletion of extensions on your Chrome app. It also involves giving, restricting, and modifying permissions on each of your Chrome extensions. So, how can you manage your Chrome extensions? There are two ways to do this. You can manage your extensions manually or by using an add-on:

Managing your Chrome extensions manually

Adding a Chrome extension

1Manage Chrome Extensions

1.) First, you would have to access the Chrome web store. Click on the 3-dots at the top-right corner of your Chrome's screen.

2.) Navigate to this area of the screen and click on more tools to access the extension windows.

2Manage Chrome Extensions