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How to increase your site’s trust flow, citation flow In Majestic

Increasing your sites trust flow or citations flow in majestic or ahrefs is a very simple task in SEO, this will only take time and patience to get the numbers that you wanted to. There are various steps to increase your sites majestic metrics or ahrefs.


6 Strategies to follow on how to increase your trust flow and citation flow

Strategy 1.) Building High-Quality Backlinks

When building backlinks, you will need to check the Url majestic links if the links that you’re creating is on high trust flow or citation flow. For example, if the URL that you’re building is TF = 29, then you should also be getting 20 + TF on next the crawl.

Strategy 2.) Guest Post / PBN

Guest posting or PBN posting is the easiest way to increase your sites majestic metrics because some of this domain is already high metrics like PA, DA, TF, CF, UR, DR. Guest post are from real and genuine sites like EzineArticles, Forbes, Ehow, Hubpages, etc. While on PBN, some of them are expired domains or boost up, just be careful if you’re paying some service to post because some of them don’t give the report, the anchor text is not right in distribution, high spam score which can lead to penalty or not on the same niche and this can be probably a high risk.

Strategy 3.) Building Your Network

This is where you can start your own network if you don’t have any time to find a guest post, you don’t trust someone’s PBN, no money to invest in building quality links. The only way to increase it is to create your network like web 2.0 blog post; you can start with 15 – 20 different platforms with quality content on it, on-page optimize like the meta description, page title, alt text image, videos, maps, etc. These are simple but time-consuming. You can build your own schedule or you can hire your own VA to automate this task. And then you can throw or boost up your 15- 20 main platform sites with blog comments niche with high metrics, you can also do high metrics GSA ser software to boost up if you have a budget on some tools. And In a month you will see some good results with decent amount increased of your site's metrics.

Strategy 4.) Blog Commenting

The most natural part of building trust flow to your site, however this type of backlinks are very time consuming, like finding your niche that you’re commenting, checking its metrics, spam score, any other offensive anchor text, non-English site. But so far, it does give me good results.

Strategy 5.) Steal Competitor links

You may check your competitors link by using majestic or ahrefs SEO tool, which you can spy or look at your competitors backlinks. There are lots of links that you can steal with high metrics sites. In there you can have some guest post, blog comments, citations, profile list, etc. So there are many choices that you can link your money site and increase your metrics. Again, you may hire a VA that have high experience in finding links opportunity.

Strategy 6.) Get Quality SEO services packages

If you don't have enough time to create those links, then you may want to try out outsourcing your backlinks by finding quality link building services . But before that, you might need to check their packages as some company or service will create spammy links,using software, high spam score links, link farms. You need to find quality services like hybrid traffic or someone else.



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