How To GEO Tagged Images For Your GMB Or Citation listing

GMB–Google My Business remains an amazing tool to put your business or brand on the radar. It is one that you must not ignore if you are targeting your local market. Simplicity, easy navigation, and mobile support are some features made available to business owners using this tool.

If you are a business owner looking to improve your brand’s SEO, then you would not want to miss out on GMB. Helping your customers connect with your business is as important as providing top-notch services. And one way to help them feel what you have going on is to use visual tools. GMB even takes the process to a next level with its geotagging feature.

What is geo-tagging, why is it important, and how do you use geotags to improve your business?

Find out how to geotag images for your GMB in this article. It is a step-by-step guide on geo-tagging your business on search engines. That said, let's dive right in the mix.

What is Geo-tagging?

When you include a geographical location to your brand images, videos, digital media with their specific coordinates, you are simply Geo-tagging. A geotag may consist of coordinates, distances, altitudes, location names, or bearings.

Ranking local SEO is location-centric, hence, the need to pay a close look into your geo-tagging strategy. Here is how Geo-tagging works.

How Geo-tagging works

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) or Image data is crucial to a successful SEO strategy. EXIF headers allow for stamping data on pictures that photo websites or other photo management tools can understand. For instance, when your digital camera takes a picture, you observe that the image is not the only information that the camera records. You will find other details like the camera's orientation, date, time, focal length, exposure, and aperture settings. If you once wondered how your PC came with such information when you look at an image's detail, now you know.

In simple terms, EXIF gives data to photos to help Google understand what niche such images belong to. Google further uses this data to rank the profile in the relevant niche, based on the information it has.

How to Geo-tag images for your GMB

Now that we understand how geo-tagging works, let's proceed on how you can make the most of this excellent feature to connect and engage your customers on search engines.

To geotag your brand images on Google My Business, here is what to do using the geoimgr tool.

1.) Firstly, you have to visit via your internet browser to locate your business.

Click on the 'place search' button on the top left of the page to derive your business location. You will get your business coordinates to help your audience find the exact location of your business when they are looking you up online.

Image tagging

GEO tagged