How To Delete Trending Searches

Every second, the Google search engine processes over 63000 queries. This data equals an approximate value of 5.6 billion searches daily. Using hidden cookies, this data is translated to a list. A list that contains what topics are most searched for. The result? Google derives a trending list, and by filtering these searches based on location, Google makes suggestions of increased relevance. In other words, your location determines what topics you find at the top of your trending-searches list.

delete trending searches

If you work in a field where you need to remain in the “what's trending” loop, this feature might be a good thing for you. However, if it poses more of a distraction to you, you might want it gone. Is it possible to stay away from a trend list without staying away from your browser? Yes, it is. In line with this, we will consider steps you should take if you are not interested in these trends.

Regardless of the device your browser is on, there are steps to take for you to no longer see the trending searches.


First, launch your browser on your Android (be it a phone or tablet). You could make this change either on Google or a different browser like Firefox.

Using Google;

  • Click on your profile, that is, your initial or display picture in the top right corner of your home page.

Delete Trending Searches using android

  • Visit the first option under the site settings. Doing so will lead you to your site's general settings. Here, you will find the option to auto-compete with trending searches.

Delete Trending Searches using android 1

Delete Trending Searches using android 2

  • Switching the auto-complete with trending searches toggle off completes this process using Google.

Delete Trending Searches using android 3