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How To Build YouTube Backlinks To Your Channel and Videos [2023]

YouTube remains the largest video-sharing platform in the world. It also boasts of being the second-best search engine out there. No wonder most businesses are looking to have a strong YouTube presence. And as such, they have taken several steps to improve their SEO on YouTube. Amongst these strategies, backlinking remains very influential in the SEO world.

Backlinks do not only refer viewers to an external webpage, they also go a long way in dictating a site's credibility. Therefore, a website that has no backlinks coming in is most likely to hit rock-bottom in the long run. To avoid this, several tools and strategies are available to help generate backlinks for a site.

Build YouTube Backlinks

The same is true for your YouTube content. The more backlinks your content have, the higher you rank and vice versa. But where do you start from? This article guides you on how to create YouTube backlinks and improve your SEO.

Types of YouTube backlinks

YouTube Backlinks

Before we dive into the main course, it is necessary to identify the two types of YouTube backlinks available. And these are the dofollow and nofollow links.

In the past, all links were dofollow. However, to discourage spam, nofollow links came into existence. Simply put, nofollow backlinks refer to those links that do not affect your SEO. It doesn't improve your SERP ranking, nor does it dampen it.

On the other hand, dofollow links improve your overall SEO. In other words, it generates link juice for a site. As a result, search engines only grant dofollow backlinks to content that are of high value to viewers. And YouTube is no doubt one of such search engines.

Since social media involves lots of shared information, most links on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are nofollow. While nofollow helps to drive in more traffic, the fact that it does not improve your SEO remains. Hence, to rank high on search engines like Google and YouTube, you'll need a lot of dofollow links in your arsenal. But how do you create dofollow backlinks on YouTube? Let's get right down to the mix.

How to create YouTube backlinks

Now, you've seen the types of YouTube backlinks out there. And there is no doubt that you want to aim for as many dofollow backlinks as you can get. Keeping that in mind, here are five strategies on how to create YouTube backlinks.

1. YouTube channel

YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel is necessary when creating YouTube backlinks. It helps you utilize your content to the full. It does this by allowing you to organize your videos and playlists. Since your channel has a URL address, you can easily promote your YouTube channel on external websites including yours.

On the other hand, you can also refer viewers to your website, thereby increasing its traffic. What's more, you can place backlinks to your website on several locations on your channel. YouTube's 'Custom Links' is one of those locations. In this section, you can place lots of links depending on your want and need. However, note that most of the links you provide will be treated as nofollow. Only the first backlink provided will be dofollow.

Hence, it is advisable to add your site's URL in that spot. Once you've done that, add as many more links as you can. As noted earlier, nofollow backlinks help you generate more traffic. Therefore, do not waste this opportunity to drive in more traffic for your site and increase brand awareness.

In the long run, you'll need to verify your YouTube account. A verification will grant you access to new settings. It allows you to add another dofollow backlink under 'Associated Website". Here are three simple steps to achieve this.

  • Look for 'Associated Website' under the advanced setting.

  • Input the link you want to be treated as dofollow.

All these go to show how much a channel will benefit your backlink strategy. Therefore, you need to urgently create a channel for your brand if you don't already have one.


Another way to boost your link-building strategy is through Social Fortress. With the right assistance, you can use this SEO service for your backlinking. But what exactly is Social Fortress?

Social Fortress involves the building of social media accounts to increase brand awareness and authority. And this is very efficient since most brands are looking to establish a social media presence. What's more, Social Fortress helps you rank higher on SERPs. But it does not stop there. It goes a long way to interlink your social media accounts. However, you may wonder where to get ahold of this service.

Hybrid Traffic's dedicated team will help strengthen your backlinking through Social Fortress. With Hybrid Traffic, you are sure to get hold of a high-quality social fortress service without spending much.


3. Develop mind-blowing YouTube contents

Your content on YouTube - videos and audios - plays an integral role in creating YouTube backlinks. Since videos are the primary focus of this search engine, there is a need for mind-blowing video content. Think about it. Would you subscribe to a YouTube channel filled with poor video content? Obviously not.

Therefore, if your videos are lacking quality, your YouTube marketing strategy will only backfire. Because of this, you need to spend a lot of time creating engaging and unique videos. By doing so, viewers will find your content appealing. And they will be more willing to share your videos with others, thereby generating backlinks for your videos.

Furthermore, to keep viewers more engaged, you need to aim for consistency. If you only release videos once in a while, you are defeating the entire purpose of your marketing strategy. Backlinks aside, your overall SEO strategy is sure to come out without results. But if you regularly publish quality video content, there is a higher chance that viewers would link to your site to learn more.


In addition to the social fortress, Hybrid Traffic also offers a domain authority stacking service to help better your SEO. At Hybrid Traffic, you'll be rendered a high-quality domain stacking to help build your site's authority and trust. However, what is domain authority stacking, and how does it work to improve your backlinking.

In simple terms, DAS is an SEO strategy designed to stack domain authority links over each other to pass on authority to your money site. Since search engines favor this method, it increases your ranking on their SERP. And this does not exclude YouTube. Hence, it is important to get started with your DAS. And Hybrid Traffic will help you achieve this. You might also want to create a niche web 2.0 listing that will focus mainly in your video, for example your channel or video is about marketing, then you may need to focus on getting niche web 2.0 and start adding more content about marketing + embed your channel and videos link on it.


5. Effectively utilize your video's description

Your video's description determines how well you rank on YouTube. It gives search engines and your viewers an insight into the content of your video. Therefore, to rank high on SERPs and improve your SEO, you need to make the best use of your video's description. Here are some points to look out for when describing your videos.

First, ensure the first few words of your description are captivating. This drives readers to click on the see more icon to see your full description. It's best to place your keywords amongst the first few words of your description. This will help your video rank high for that keyword on YouTube's SERP.

Keep in mind to add one or two backlinks into your description. So if a user likes your description, as well as your video, they can easily tap on your links. And you know what that means - it generates YouTube backlinks for your website.

Final Thoughts

YouTube offers tons of opportunities for brands to promote their business. It all depends on the brand to make good use of these opportunities. As we've seen, YouTube backlinks are essential to your brand's growth. Dofollow links will improve your SEO, while nofollow will increase your traffic. All the same, it is important to start generating YouTube backlinks no matter the type.

The five strategies discussed in this article are a sure guide to tons of YouTube backlinks. All you have to do is create your YouTube channel and develop quality content. Afterward, link to different quality websites. Do not forget to get started with your social fortress and DAS strategies as well. Once you've done that, all that is left is to closely monitor your backlink strategies to see if they are still effective.

By closely following up with your backlink strategy, you are no doubt a step closer to attaining the top rank in YouTube's SERP.

To make it easy for you, we have create a diagram campaign structure below:


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