How To Build YouTube Backlinks To Your Channel and Videos [2022]

YouTube remains the largest video-sharing platform in the world. It also boasts of being the second-best search engine out there. No wonder most businesses are looking to have a strong YouTube presence. And as such, they have taken several steps to improve their SEO on YouTube. Amongst these strategies, backlinking remains very influential in the SEO world.

Backlinks do not only refer viewers to an external webpage, they also go a long way in dictating a site's credibility. Therefore, a website that has no backlinks coming in is most likely to hit rock-bottom in the long run. To avoid this, several tools and strategies are available to help generate backlinks for a site.

The same is true for your YouTube content. The more backlinks your content have, the higher you rank and vice versa. But where do you start from? This article guides you on how to create YouTube backlinks and improve your SEO.

Types of YouTube backlinks

YouTube Backlinks

Before we dive into the main course, it is necessary to identify the two types of YouTube backlinks available. And these are the dofollow and nofollow links.

In the past, all links were dofollow. However, to discourage spam, nofollow links came into existence. Simply put, nofollow backlinks refer to those links that do not affect your SEO. It doesn't improve your SERP ranking, nor does it dampen it.

On the other hand, dofollow links improve your overall SEO. In other words, it generates link juice for a site. As a result, search engines only grant dofollow backlinks to content that are of high value to viewers. And YouTube is no doubt one of such search engines.

Since social media involves lots of shared information, most links on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are nofollow. While nofollow helps to drive in more traffic, the fact that it does not improve your SEO remains. Hence, to rank high on search engines like Google and YouTube, you'll need a lot of dofollow links in your arsenal. But how do you create dofollow backlinks on YouTube? Let's get right down to the mix.

How to create YouTube backlinks

Now, you've seen the types of YouTube backlinks out there. And there is no doubt that you want to aim for as many dofollow backlinks as you can get. Keeping that in mind, here are five strategies on how to create YouTube backlinks.

1. YouTube channel

YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel is necessary when creating YouTube backlinks. It helps you utilize your content to the full. It does this by allowing you to organize your videos and playlists. Since your channel has a URL address, you can easily promote your YouTube channel on external websites including yours.

On the other hand, you can also refer viewers to your website, thereby increasing its traffic. What's more, you can place backlinks to your website on several locations on your channel. YouTube's 'Custom Links' is one of those locations. In this section, you can place lots of links depending on your want and need. However, note that most of the links you provide will be treated as nofollow. Only the first backlink provided will be dofollow.

Hence, it is advisable to add your site&