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How To Boost And Power Up Your PBN Network [2023 Update]

On this blog, we will demonstrate how to build and boost up your PBN network to make them more powerful, legitimate backlinks, traffic, social properties, etc. To have this, you must put more time and effort into this, or if you have an assistant or should we say VA (virtual assistant), then this will make your life easier. So, let's start with the tools that needed first.

PBN Network

Gather up your SEO tool

1.) Private proxies - you should have your fast private proxies, not shared. Because private proxies are unique and fresh to start. We use proxies for creating accounts, emails, and other stuff.

2.) Autofill up - You can download RoboForm in firefox for free, just set up the profile name, bio, email, contact, etc. This will make your life easier by filling all the sign up for in just one click.

3.) Firefox browser - Alright, so you will have your accounts created in Firefox and no other else, to avoid any footprint. Did you know that Google uses Chrome to gather data in 2018? It's quite surprising. If your main browser is chrome, then you should be shifting now to Firefox as our recommended tool for SEO.

Boost up your PBN network

Now, you already have your SEO tool back up, and it's time for actions. Once you have your PBN up and running, the first thing you need to do is to build social properties rings. Building social properties will make your PBN more authoritative links, becoming more visible and of course the brand awareness. You need to make sure your PBN are well updated with social properties.

create social rings

PBN network

The first thing you need to do if you have your PBN online is to build social rings. This is where to send Google a message that you're not just PBN ( link farm) but to prove that you're maintaining your site authority, want to increase brand awareness, and to help improve your site's visibility. Don't just create 10 - 15 social links, if you can do more then, it's much better. Once you set up those accounts and branding in social rings, you will most like to get trusted sites because of high authority links that you have. Do that and maintain the links per each of your network. If you have 10 PBN network, then should create each social rings per PBN. Let's say you will create likely 150 social rings per PBN, and that would be 1,500 social links for the ten network ( Jezz! that's a huge link!) Yes, you heard it right, but its worth the penny after you made it. If you have a VA that can help you out, then much better. If you're a loner, then we are here to help you out on building those properties, or if you can make it by yourself, then that's good. If you want to save money, or not in a hurry then everything will be fine. But, if you're a busy man and no time to create those, then have it freelance or hire a VA. That's just simple.

tips to make your social rings work well

  • The first thing you need to do is to create a phone verified Gmail accounts. This is where you will have to create accounts, activate, lost password, verify, etc.

  • Gather up a decoy persona and write down the address, name, bio, phone number, etc. This is where you will use it to cover up your PBN NAP ( Business name, address, phone)

  • Your PBN should have a logo - You can change the logo on Twitter, Facebook page, about. Me etc.

  • Site description - A very important when you're filling up your bio or profile settings. You must have like 5 -6 different description about your site or brand. Just say anything about your site/brand/product etc.

  • Always activate your accounts after creating.

  • Designing and filling it up - add more content, design your page, add a bio, add many descriptions and fill up anything.

  • Use your network brand name as your username or URL link like

  • Use quality indexer tool to index your social links ( they need to be found in search engine) or build tier 2 properties with seo software automation tool to indexed them fast.

Web 2.0 Branding

Web 2.0 branding helps a lot to boost up your PBN network, I mean it's really a huge part of boosting up because of its content, indexing, custom sub-domain and on-page optimize.

tips to make your Web 2.0 Branding work well

  • use your brand or site name as your custom domain, Ex. We are not ranking our PBN but building our brand name, awareness and authority.

  • Activate every account created.

  • Do on-page optimization like page title, meta, H1, landing pages, tags, categories, themes, etc.

  • Use readable content or unique. Content automation will do as long as you spin them and run it on Grammarly tool.

  • Always log in the account with the same IP to avoid getting suspended.

  • Do not post any link in the first post of your blogs, have it indexed first.

  • Run the homepage URL or blog post with your indexer tool or build tier 2 links to increase indexing rate.

The Power Of Social share

Do not underestimate the social share, it's really a great help to any of the website, and we are getting there. Social sharing is also the best strategy to increase authority and trust. The more social signals share, the more it will become trusted highly authority. Some services offer social sharing on Fiverr, drip, socialadl. You have to stick the best and have some results. We do offer social signals services for a good amount of deals. But it's really up to you where you get it, be sure you get the linked post so you can run it on your indexer or build T2 links to increase indexing rate. If you have a large social network, then you can share your PBN in there. You can do Facebook post, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, Stumble, Scoop it.

So, there you have it. Now, you can start building up your PBN network boost up. Just a recap, you will need these 3 strategies:

  1. Social Rings - gather up like 150 - 200 social profile/ links per each PBN, always use your brand name as your username or URL name.

  2. Web 2.0 Branding - gather up 15 - 20 different web 2.0 site. Use your brand name of your PBN when creating a sub-domain name or username.

  3. Social Sharing - Aim 300 + social share for each PBN.


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