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How Does Sumo Search Works

In the online world, high rankings mean everything. And that is why firms are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their optimization is top-notch. However, going through all SEO tasks manually is impossible.

To aid SEOs, several tools have been designed for various tasks. For instance, in the SEO community, there exists keyword research tools, as well as backlinks and meta-tag generators. Each of these tools is essential to a site's overall rankings. And this article will focus on an analytic report tool – Sumo Search.

What is Sumo Search? How does it work? Read on and find answers to these questions. But before diving into that, why do report tools matter?

Sumo Search

Benefits of Using Reporting Tools

Believe it or not, the gathering and analyzing of data dictates your entire business's success. However, data in its raw form can appear meaningless and useless. After all, it is disorganized and can not be easily analyzed. This is where reporting tools come into play.

They do not only gather info from sources across the web. But they go the extra mile to arrange that info and make it visually appealing. With that, you can use the data to track your firm's progress and take action to grow your brand.

There are various types of reporting tools designed to meet different purposes. Three of these types are:

  • Business Intelligence. BI tools are software that collects, analyzes, and presents data for the management of business info.

  • Marketing Report. These tools allow you to track, measure, and analyze your marketing performance.

  • IT Report tools. Tools for Information Technology help you gather data to help you in monitoring business systems.

Though they have their slight differences, the tools highlighted above all help brands revisit their strategies and create a winning solution. And when it comes to business intelligence, Sumo Search prides itself as one of the most outstanding tools. So, this brings us back to the question – What is Sumo Search and how does it work?

What Is Sumo Search?

Sumo Search is a search engine and report tool that allows you to gather info from across the web to help you in your business intelligence. However, this tool is also great for collecting metrics that can help your SEO.

That said, using Sumo Search can sometimes bring up a challenge, especially for beginners who are looking to get started with this tool. Why? That's because there are different commands which when inputted, provide different results. Two of these include the 'OR' and 'AND' operating commands. So, how do you make use of them?

How Sumo Search Works

Before delving into how to use the ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ in Sumo Search, it is important that as a user, you know what search operators mean.

Simply put, search operators refer to a character (or characters) that searchers use when making a query on search engines. These characters are used to trigger an action. For search operators, this action generally involves narrowing down the search results.

The same applies to the Sumo Search. And the 'OR' and 'AND' operators are the common ones used. So, what action do these operators trigger? Or, in other words, how do they narrow down the sumo search results?


You can use this operator when you require at least one of two terms to appear in sumo search results. For example, if you search for "birds" OR "mammals" on the sumo search engine, your result will include one of the two terms. Simply put, the engine will display all pages that mention either “birds” or “mammals”.


On the other hand, you should use the 'AND' command when you need both terms to appear on your result page. Take, for instance, the above example. If you input "birds" AND "mammals", Sumo Search will return all pages that mention both terms.

Wrapping Up

As seen above, the use of tools has become critical in the SEO industry. And reporting tools offer a whole new level of value. Without them, it becomes difficult to track one's business progress. This can result in a rapid decline in traffic and rankings.

And remember, rankings mean everything in the online world. To avoid such a scenario, get started by using analytic report tools. Fortunately, there are a lot of them out there. And Sumo Search is one such effective tool.

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