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Guest Blog And Get Paid: The Best Sites That Pay For Guest Posts

Did you know that you can guest post while getting paid? Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can improve your own business overall SEO score AND get paid to do it, too! If you are a digital marketer or freelance writer looking for ways to earn extra money, there are a variety of authoritative websites that actually pay writers to contribute content to their pages. Writing online for content is one of the fastest growing career opportunities for digital marketers.

Furthermore, freelance writing gets you paid fast. If you have a knack for writing excellent web content, this gig just might be the one for you. In this guide, we’ll show you the best sites that pay for guest posting and how you can earn from them.

The Best Sites That Pay For Guest Posts

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is the process of contributing high-quality content to other people’s blogs. There are many reasons to do guest posting. In digital marketing, marketers use it to gain backlinks to improve a site’s search engine rankings. For freelance writers, it’s excellent money to work remotely and earn competitive pay.

Here are a couple more benefits of Guest Posting:

  • It can help drive substantial traffic to your own site or blog.

  • It can boost your business branding.

  • You have a chance to build relationships with key influencers in your industry.

  • It helps boost your writing expertise.

  • You have a chance to establish yourself as an industry expert.

The Best Sites That Pay For Guest Posts

The following sites are legitimate, and payment methods and other information are all verified.

1. The Daily Crest -

Topics: Fashion, Technology and Gadgets, Lifestyle, News, Business, Travel

The Daily Crest is a news website that is regularly looking for talented freelance writers. TDC accepts a minimum word count of 500 on topics ranging from a wide array of issues including viral topics, health, and lifestyle. Guest post submissions should be original and not published anywhere else.


2. WOW! (Women on Writing) -

Topics: Female-Oriented Topics, Journalism, Reading, Writing, Publishing

As the name suggests, WOW! is a site that caters to a female-centric audience. Freelance writers can submit articles such as DIY, successful women, etc. WOW! pays $150 for 3000-word articles but if you successfully submit anything below, they can pay $50.


3. B Michelle Pippin -

Topics: Business, Making Money Online, Productivity

Michelle Pippin is a site focused for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. They are regularly looking for content contributions regarding marketing, productivity, and making money online. Content must be original and not published anywhere else. Payment per piece ranges from $50 to $150.


4. eCommerce Insiders -

Topics: E-commerce, Online Retailing, Educational

Individuals wanting to become contributors to eCommerce Insiders should be industry experts with solid direct experience in online retailing. You must provide details of your industry experience and previous works and involvements. Exclusive and original content that is successfully accepted articles can get paid $75 (400-600 words), $125 (600) words, and $150 (600+) words.


5. Developer Tutorials -

Topics: Tutorials about CSS, Illustrator, Linux, PHP, JavaScript and Photoshop

Developer Tutorials cater to programmers and designers with a focus on tutorials and educational articles regarding web development and programming. Pay is not specified on their website, but it apparently varies per subject and word count. The blog allows backlinks and are supportive of helping their writers build online reputations.


Guest blogging or guest posting is an overall excellent way to not only increase you and your business’ online presence but also to help you earn a good income while doing so. If you are an expert in your own field and have learned a thing or two you think people can benefit to know, then you are likely to succeed. Even though guest posting is highly competitive, there is always a need for good quality content and a lot of websites to go around for everyone willing to try a hand.


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