GSA (SER) Software Review And Tutorials

Link building is a strategy used to get web pages to link to each other by getting hyperlinks from other sites and apply them to your site.

This helps users navigate from one page to another on the internet. Links also help search engines crawl between pages on your site.

There are many ways to build links, and the GSA Search Engine Ranker is one of the tools that you can use.

The GSA SER tool is an automated link building software from GSA. GSA has its offices in Rostock, Germany and it launched the Search Engine Ranker back in 2012.

The software is considered by some as one of the most powerful link building software that can manage and build links to various sites. It can do the job simultaneously which increases traffic to your site.

It can submit content to over five hundred different sites and creates hundreds of valuable links pointing to your site in an instant.

What is GSA SER?

GSA SER is a software or tool that automates a lot of functions in today’s modern marketing. Basically, it is a popular link building process that helps a lot of bloggers across the world. It is built by the German Software Development and Analytics.

It functions differently from other tools you can find on the internet. It has no database of websites that build backlinks for you.

Rather, it searches new sites, registers, and create backlinks. It works as artificial intelligence on your off-site.

GSA SER Functions:

1.) It monitors your backlinks

It keeps tabs of your site’s progress. It maintains a record of the date and location that it created a backlink for you.

The record makes it easy for you to update, delete, or replan the created link strategy. The record is automated.

2.) It streamlines your site ranking

GSA SER tool helps you improve your ranking strategy and get a high place on SERPs. Just pick the right tactic for SEO and the tool will work for you.

3.) Manage your backlinks

It can build backlinks on several platforms including Social Networks, Web 2.0, Wikis, Forums, and more. After you have decided the platform, you can manage your data including keywords, anchor texts, descriptions, etc.

4.) It filters backlink quality

It helps you filter the backlinks that you need. You can set the filter that will search for sites that are reputable and relevant to you.

Some filters include language targeting, country restrictions, and the ranking of the site your link will be created. It balances dofollow and non-follow links to make your link profile more natural.

5.) Automatic Article Spinner

Plagiarism is punishable by Google. The tool knows this. It has a spinning feature that can turn your existing article into a new one. It integrates SpinRewriter, SpinChimp, TheBestSpinner, and more.

6.) Article Content Manager