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GSA (SER) Software Review And Tutorials

Link building is a strategy used to get web pages to link to each other by getting hyperlinks from other sites and apply them to your site.

This helps users navigate from one page to another on the internet. Links also help search engines crawl between pages on your site.

There are many ways to build links, and the GSA Search Engine Ranker is one of the tools that you can use.

The GSA SER tool is an automated link building software from GSA. GSA has its offices in Rostock, Germany and it launched the Search Engine Ranker back in 2012.

The software is considered by some as one of the most powerful link building software that can manage and build links to various sites. It can do the job simultaneously which increases traffic to your site.

It can submit content to over five hundred different sites and creates hundreds of valuable links pointing to your site in an instant.


What is GSA SER?

GSA SER is a software or tool that automates a lot of functions in today’s modern marketing. Basically, it is a popular link building process that helps a lot of bloggers across the world. It is built by the German Software Development and Analytics.

It functions differently from other tools you can find on the internet. It has no database of websites that build backlinks for you.

Rather, it searches new sites, registers, and create backlinks. It works as artificial intelligence on your off-site.

GSA SER Functions:

1.) It monitors your backlinks

It keeps tabs of your site’s progress. It maintains a record of the date and location that it created a backlink for you.

The record makes it easy for you to update, delete, or replan the created link strategy. The record is automated.

2.) It streamlines your site ranking

GSA SER tool helps you improve your ranking strategy and get a high place on SERPs. Just pick the right tactic for SEO and the tool will work for you.

3.) Manage your backlinks

It can build backlinks on several platforms including Social Networks, Web 2.0, Wikis, Forums, and more. After you have decided the platform, you can manage your data including keywords, anchor texts, descriptions, etc.

4.) It filters backlink quality

It helps you filter the backlinks that you need. You can set the filter that will search for sites that are reputable and relevant to you.

Some filters include language targeting, country restrictions, and the ranking of the site your link will be created. It balances dofollow and non-follow links to make your link profile more natural.

5.) Automatic Article Spinner

Plagiarism is punishable by Google. The tool knows this. It has a spinning feature that can turn your existing article into a new one. It integrates SpinRewriter, SpinChimp, TheBestSpinner, and more.

6.) Article Content Manager

It has the content manager function that uses the content that goes along with the backlinks in order for it to look more natural. There is an option where you allow the tool to search for content across the internet. An external tool called GSA Content Generator automatically provides the content for you.

7.) Auto Email Verification

You can import ready-made emails. It creates your account, verifies links, and post for you.

8.) It has a Proxy Scraper feature that helps you stay anonymous.

Proxies help you stay anonymous. The tools have its in-built proxy feature that allows you to import paid proxies. It automatically updates your proxies APIs.

9.) It has in-built CAPTCHA breaker

CAPTCHAs can be an issue for SEO specialists because it holds them in creating backlinks. The tool solves it automatically, thus saving you time and hassles of configuring out the code.

You have the option to use the GSA Captcha Breaker to solve it. The software is integrated with more than 30 CAPTCHAs bypass services.

10.) Backlinks Blacklist Filter

Google blocks sites that carry harmful links. GSA SER ensures that your site is free from unscrupulous links that can harm your reputation online. The tool uses a global blacklist database. This feature protects your site from linking with harmful sites.

11.) External API Support

GSA SER can serve you better by not limiting its functions. It has the external API like CAPTCHA service, rank tracking, and indexing or spinning services.

12.) Free updates all the time

You don’t have to pay for updating the software. It gives you a huge saving when using this tool.

Now that you know its different functions, we now go to the reviews about this tool. Reviews provide insights on how well it works, if it is effective, and whether this is the right tool for you.

gsa ser

The reason why this tool was made is to make link building easier and more effective. It can also identify the best locations to place your links. The program can detect and submit to different platforms which include blogs, article sites, document sharing sites, forums, directories, guestbooks, image comments, microblogs, RSS, social bookmarking sites, trackbacks, video submission sites, wikis and so much more.

GSA Search Engine Ranker will search and look for all these platforms for you so that you won't need to build your list which is time-consuming and difficult.

We all know that backlinks are one of the top ranking factors in Google. This is why they play an important part in your SEO. Backlinks are essential to generating more traffic to your site.

The problem is you can't go on sites one by one and submit backlinks manually. This can be very costly and time-consuming on your part.

This is where the GSA Search Engine Ranker comes in. It can create backlinks on thousands of sites that are relevant to your industry on more than five hundred platforms.

All you need to do to work with the software is to provide content, and the GSA SER tool will start submitting the backlinks. It will focus only on high traffic sites that are relevant to your content.

This results in targeted traffic coming in like a flood to your site.

Benefits of the GSA Search Engine Ranker Tool:

  • It can support an unlimited number of keywords and URLs for link building

  • It has excellent features that will benefit many SEOs

  • It will automatically handle the detection, registration, submission and verification process

  • It comes with full customer support and support forum

  • It is regularly updated, including bug fixes and new features

The tool gives you 100% full automation which can run endlessly. This helps you do away with link building manually. Once your SEO campaign is set up, you can start running the GSA SER tool.

The tool also has a built-in article spinner. This feature gives you unique and quality content that you can submit to various heavy traffic sites. What you need is different articles on the same keyword which is what the article spinner can do quickly.

The tool also integrates with 22 different indexing services for all your indexing requirements.

One of the best features is the multiple language support. You can build links and submit the content in other languages aside from English.

You don't need to sign up and confirm emails all the time. The software takes care of account registrations, email verifications, and link verifications.

There are filter options that let you target only the type of links that you prefer. There is a language filter, country, outbound link, and dofollow/nofollow filter that you can choose from to name a few.

It can also solve captcha codes for you and automatically find, test and verify good proxies while building links.

All these amazing benefits can be bought at a very affordable one-time payment of $99. You get free lifetime updates once you make a purchase. A five-day free trial is included so that you can test the software before buying.


Integrations tools


  • GSA captcha breaker



  • ( Slow)

  • Antigate (Recommended)

  • Best Decaptcha

  • Beat Captchas ( Down)

  • Blazing OCR

  • Bolo API

  • Bypass Captcha

  • Captcha 24

  • Captcha Bot

  • Captcha Decoder

  • Captcha Infinity ( Outdated )

  • Captcha Sniper

  • Capthca Solutions

  • Captcha Trader (Down)

  • Capthca Tronix

  • Captcha X (Down)

  • CheapCaptcha

  • Death by Captcha ( Preferred)

  • Decaptcher (Recommended as 2nd service)

  • Decaptcher

  • End Captcha

  • Hicaptcha

  • Human Coder

  • Image Typerz

  • Image Decoders

  • mega OCR (Down)

  • Ocr My Captcha

  • PixoDrom

  • ReverseProxies Ocr

Recommended set up:

  • Captcha tronix + GSA captcha breaker + Death By Captcha

  • Captcha tronix + GSA captcha breaker + Decaptcher

  • Captcha tronix + GSA captcha breaker + Image Typerz



  • GSA SEO Indexer

  • RankIndexer

  • Elite Link Indexer

  • Instant link indexer

  • Indexefication

  • web 20 indexer

  • Link licious

  • Express indexer

  • Link Huggers

  • Nuclear link indexer

  • Link pipe line

  • Backlinks Indexer

  • X Indexer

  • Link Centaur

  • Lindexed

  • One hour indexing

  • Link Processor

  • Slick Indexer

  • Witch Indexer

  • Fast link indexer

  • Link Indexr

  • Speed Links

  • Cloud Indexer

  • Fast Indexer Pro

  • Index Auto pilot



  • Stormproxies

  • Squid proxies

  • Buyproxies


Email verification

  • Catchallboxes


Article Manager

  • GSA Content Generator ( Free )

  • Article builder

  • Article Forge

  • Big Content Search

  • Kontent Machine

  • SEO content machine

  • PLR articles

  • Ultra spinnable articles

  • Wac

  • SEO article pack

GSA campaign structure

GSA ser is a very powerful tool, but will remind you that GSA is only good for tier 2, 3 or 4 links and it's not capable to build links pointing to your moneysite.

I will list all the campaign that you should follow according to your target.

Indexing - If you want to index all tier 1 links properties such as PBN, social, web 2.0 bookmarking then your platform should be like this:

gsa ser review tool

Just check Indexer, microblog, pingback, Referrer, RSS, Social Bookmark and social Network.

Anchor text balancing and powering T1 - On this case, if you want to add more anchor text balance to your tier 1 links at the same time powering up the links, then you should do this one:

gsa ser

Check Article, blog comment, Social Bookmark, Web 2.0 and Wiki. In this platform you will likely to receive a contextual backlinks with anchor text targeted at the same time it will power up your tier 1 links.

There are lot's of platform to choose from and depends about your target if you're really need to hit your upper tier level so hard. But for me, these 2 campaign will help you build index + power up + anchor text balancing.

Reviews about GSA SER tool:

Grow Traffic

Based on the review site, GSA SER is a Black HAT tool and using it has associated risk to your site. It added that although the site works, it has the ability to harm your business online.

Your site is going to reap good results but only for a limited time. After that, you are more likely to get penalized by Google. This effect can hinder your growth because you have to devote more time to fixing the bugs created.

Other review platforms only talk about the site’s positive side and hide the risks, but it exposes the truth. It said that other sites wouldn’t tell you that your site can be penalized by Google for using the tool.

Grow Traffic mentioned already that the tool is a Black HAT tool. It claimed that it goes against the Google ranking algorithm because it abuses backlinks.

The software creates spam comments on blogs from sites that you don’t know exists. These comments appear like a natural comment but don’t provide value.

It has an article spinner feature to come up with content that goes with links. However, it only changes the wording but the meaning remains the same. By doing this, the site will not get penalized because the search engine wouldn’t think that they are duplicate content. However, it still places your site at risk.

Another red flag according to the platform is its feature that can blacklist sites. It can blacklist .gov or .edu. or sites where your link was posted earlier. It is a sign of spam engine because it blocks sites that run the anti-spam procedure.

The software’s CAPTCHA Breaking and automatic account creation can also bring an issue. The tool uses web proxies to avoid being blocked by popular CMS.

It has a timer for link submissions to avoid overflow protection bans. It is questionable because it shouldn’t be a problem if it is a White HAT tool.

On the lighter side, the review site praised the software’s pricing. It doesn’t charge each time there is an update. It only asks for a one-time payment.

It monitors the links it created. You gain insight into the link’s performance, whether it is good or deleted.

GSA SER can be used in different ways:

- Gray HAT: It is a combination of white and black HAT tools. It automates backlinks that are organic.

-Run GSA SER: Build links continuously before it begins penalizing your site. Disavow links and search for new targets. Keep GSA SER up-to-date.

Black HAT tool: Use GSA SER to boost your site for a short time only. It works like a firework where your site will skyrocket the search ranking and dies quickly. When the site drops begin building a new one.

Common Stupid Man

According to the review platform, GSA SER is a highly competitive software because it is comparable to other popular link building tools like Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter, and Senuke XCR.

The software is flexible in its methods because it can submit a lot of different sites compared to its competitors. It is one of the best tools to improve your link building profile. It has the ability to create tier 2 and 3 links to index the tier 1 links to acquire more links.

It works great because it can build links more than its rivals. The built-in spinner helps create unique content while creating links.

It has regular updates compared with other tools. This quality makes t possible for the tool to create backlinks and provide result.

The review platform believes that the automatic link indexing is integrated with other link indexing platforms. GSA SER supports Nulear link, Indexer, GSA indexer, Indlexed, Linklicious, and Nuclear link Crawler.

The tool’s internal Math solving engine can solve Math CAPTCHA problems. It is amazing because ti can solve up to 1, 500 CAPTCHAs.

It is integrated with other CAPTCHA solving services like decaptcher captcha infinity, image typez, bypasscaptcha, and more giving thid-party CAPTCHA support. It has more ability in solving difficult CAPTCHAs than other tools.

The software is fast, adjustable, and multi-threaded. It is easy to use the platform with its available tutorials.

It has adjustable filters that allow the users to choose the quality of backlinks. It analyzes and builds links to similar target of the competitors.

The import feature lets you import your own links. You can get your link list. GSA SER identifies the link’s platform and builds the links.

Your chance to get infected with the virus is very limited because it uses no browser in the background. It also offers full private and shared proxy support.

In summary, the review platform finds GSA SER an expert in building links. It doesn’t ask for a pricey fee, so users wouldn’t have an issue trying the tool.

It is adjustable and customizable. It allows tiered link building. The CAPTCHA breaker makes your profile more natural. Thus, it eliminates Google penalties.

Digital Kube

Another review platform, GSA SER provides users a lot of options to explore the tool. It even provides its own scripting language to create a code for your site.

It has a lifetime update that doesn’t change anything. It can save you tons of money because you only have to pay once.

In terms of customer support, the software team provides fast and friendly assistance. They can be reached through the contact form or email.

The tool’s interface has an easy, understandable, and clear design. It is divided into three parts: list of projects, built links list, and real-time log.

The tool asks users to pay a one-time fee of $99. Just pay once and get unlimited link building for a lifetime. It provides a 15 percent discount when you have a coupon.

Overall, this platform gave the software a rate of 4.7/ 5. It commended the software’s auto-pilot features that can help you in concentrating on other parts of your business.

Wicked Article Creator

Based on the review site, GSA SER makes it possible for sites to build strong and quality backlinks. Good backlinks help rank your site on top of search results.

Backlinks are essential for SEO. Without it, it is impossible for you to generate traffic. Building backlinks are time and energy consuming.

It is also costly. However, this tool makes it possible for brands to build their backlinks without paying so much. It only requires a one-time payment.

The tool helps create backlinks on up to thousands of sites relevant to your niche. It cuts the long haul of the process. With your content, they can manage everything for you.

They concentrate on websites relevant to you. In return, you are flooded with backlinks. It can provide backlinks anytime.

With the software, you can get rid of the long process of building links. You can focus on other aspects of your business because the platform can do these tasks for you.

Bloggers Ideas

This site gave GSA SER a score of 9/ 10. GSA SER is completely automated. It saves you a lot of time and effort because it does a lot of job for you.

Having good SEO takes time. It consumes about 50 to 60 hours a week in order to achieve it. However, the tool makes it possible to attain good SEO quickly.

The tool is affordable because you just need to pay $99 once but you can build up to thousands of links. All you have to do is submit content and it will do the rest of the work.

It focuses on high traffic sites relevant to you. In turn, it brings tons of backlinks to your site.

There are review sites that say that GSA SER is a reputable site while there are also platforms that say that it is a Black SEO technique that can harm your reputation. It can be confusing but if you’re going to try it, you need to assess it well before trying.

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