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Gramhir – Analyzes Instagram Profiles?

Gramhir is an online tool that allows users to analyze and view Instagram accounts. It is often used for understanding the performance of Instagram profiles in terms of engagement, post popularity, and other metrics. This tool is particularly popular among marketers, influencers, and regular users who want to gain insights into their Instagram account's performance or the performance of others. It's important to note that Gramhir operates independently of Instagram and is not officially affiliated with Instagram or Facebook. The platform typically provides features such as profile analysis, post analysis, and comparisons between different accounts. However, users should use such third-party tools with caution, especially in regards to privacy and data security.

The benefits of having a solid presence on Instagram, like other social platforms, are no news to brands. It allows you to reach out to more users and increase the awareness of your business amongst your target audience. But reaching this end goal is easier said than done.

You'll need to increase your views, engagement rate, and followers. And while doing so, it is essential to constantly track your progress. And this is where the Instagram analytics tool comes into play. These tools provide a function that can help you overtake your competitors in no time.


They allow you to analyze Instagram profiles. How can that help your brand? And what IG analytic tool should you use? In this article, you'll find the answers to those questions as it introduces you to Gramhir – one of the most effective analytics tools today. What is it? And how does it work? Down to the chase.

What Gramhir is

Gramhir is an analytical tool specifically designed for Instagram, offering users a way to delve into detailed insights about Instagram accounts, including their own or others'. This tool stands out in the landscape of social media analytics by providing comprehensive data analysis in an easily accessible format. It's particularly known for its user-friendly interface and the depth of analysis it offers.

  1. Profile Analysis: Gramhir allows users to analyze Instagram profiles, providing statistics like average post engagement, follower growth, and overall account activity. This feature is invaluable for users looking to understand the performance dynamics of any Instagram account.

  2. Post Insights: The tool offers a deep dive into individual posts, examining aspects like likes, comments, and engagement rates. This is crucial for determining which types of content resonate most with the audience.

  3. Comparative Analysis: One of Gramhir's standout features is the ability to compare different Instagram accounts. This comparative analysis is especially beneficial for businesses and influencers who want to benchmark their performance against competitors or industry standards.

  4. Anonymity and Convenience: Unlike some analytics tools, Gramhir does not require users to log in or provide personal Instagram account details, offering a level of anonymity and ease of use.

  5. Accessibility: Gramhir is accessible via web browsers, making it a convenient option for users who prefer not to download additional apps or software.

How Gramhir Differs from Instagram's Inbuilt Analytics:

  1. Availability for All Profiles: Instagram’s inbuilt analytics, known as Instagram Insights, is only available to users with Business or Creator accounts. In contrast, Gramhir is accessible to anyone, allowing analysis of any public Instagram profile regardless of the account type.

  2. No Login Requirement: Instagram Insights requires users to be logged into their account to access data. Gramhir, on the other hand, offers insights without the need for account login, providing a level of privacy and ease of use.

  3. Comparative Analytics: While Instagram Insights focuses on providing data for the logged-in user's account only, Gramhir allows users to compare multiple accounts, which can be particularly useful for market research and competitive analysis.

  4. Data Range and Accessibility: Gramhir might offer a different range and presentation of data compared to Instagram Insights. This difference in data presentation can be significant for users looking for specific types of analytics or prefer a certain way of data visualization.

Gramhir serves as a versatile, user-friendly alternative or complement to Instagram's native analytics, offering distinct features like comparative analysis and anonymous access, making it a valuable tool for a broad range of Instagram users.

Gramhir Instagram analysis tool

Gramhir is your go-to tool for Instagram analysis. It allows you to track your account performance by analyzing several metrics, including your average likes, comments, number of posts, and account rate (as seen below).

But here's the impressive part – it doesn't work for only your account. With Gramhir, you can track the performance of other brands in your niche. Yes, it functions as an effective competitor’s checker tool. However, it’s important to note that you can only analyze public accounts with this tool. Attempts to search for a private account on Gramhir will be unsuccessful, as the search response it returns is “profile is private”.

Gramhir Instagram analysis

Because of this, you can rest assured that Gramhir respects users’ privacy. So, if you want to analyze your private account, you should make it public via IG first. That noted, what are the top features of Gramhir? And does it analyze IG profiles? Well, as seen above, yes it does. But what does that mean for your brand?

Features of Gramhir – Analyzes Instagram Profiles

Gramhir is undoubtedly an effective IG tool. One that doesn't only analyze Instagram profiles but also allows users to explore hashtags, browse and download social posts. But what are the benefits and disadvantages of using this tool?

Gramhir is designed with several key features that enhance the ability to analyze and understand Instagram profiles and content. These features include Profile Analysis, Post Analysis, Account Comparisons, and a unique focus on Anonymity and Accessibility.

Gramhir offers lots of functionalities to users. Below are some of the top features you can access with this IG analytics tool.

Profile Analyzer

The profile or account analyzer is undoubtedly Gramhir's number one key feature. Again, while marketing on Instagram, it is essential to constantly measure one's progress. Doing so will help you ascertain whether or not your content strategy is working. If not, you can review or discard it and implement a new one.

And by analyzing your competitor's profile, you can discover where you're winning and where you're lagging behind. Gramhir helps you do this by providing an overview of your IG profile and several metrics. Some of these include:

  • Account Rate. According to Gramhir, this metric shows the popularity of an IG account via the statistics provided by the analysis. With this, you can see whose profile is more popular – yours or your competition's.

  • Ratios of your posts. Here, you can discover the number of your video and photo posts in percentage.

  • Average Engagement Per Posts. Under the 'Statistics' tab on the profile overview, you'll see the number of average comments and engagements per post. With this, you can ascertain how popular your posts are in comparison to your competitors.

  • Time. Still under 'Statistics', you can check the time between posts to determine how frequently your competitors are posting content.


Gramhir would be an incomplete analytics tool if it doesn't provide insight into hashtags. After all, this is an essential category feature on Instagram and other top social platforms as well. But no need to worry, as you can explore hashtags with this tool. Simply select a hashtag from your post, then you'll see several contents with that hashtag, including their number of likes and comments.

IG Browser

One thing that sets Gramhir apart is its Instagram browser. Thanks to this, its features are easily navigable. And while it is aimed at helping users analyze profiles, its browser offers another interesting use. It allows users to navigate and view IG posts within the site. Yes, on Gramhir, you can even watch IG videos as long as their public. Impressive, right?

IG Downloader

Since IG is one of the most popular photo and video-sharing platforms, users have always needed to download this content on their devices for later use. In addition to being an analyzer and browser, Gramhir also offers a feature that allows for download. With a click, you can get any public post saved on your device.

Post Analysis

  • Individual Post Metrics: Users can examine detailed metrics for each post, including likes, comments, and engagement rate.

  • Content Insights: Analyze which types of content (photos, videos, stories) perform best, providing guidance for future content strategy.

  • Comparative Performance: Comparison of different posts to see how various content themes or styles perform relative to each other.

Account Comparisons

  • Competitive Analysis: Users can compare two or more Instagram accounts to understand how they stack up against each other in terms of followers, engagement, and content strategy.

  • Benchmarking: This feature is particularly useful for businesses and influencers to benchmark their performance against industry leaders or competitors.

  • Cross-Account Insights: Identifying trends and successful strategies across different accounts, which can be applied to one's own content strategy.

Anonymity and Accessibility

  • No-Login Requirement: One of the most notable features of Gramhir is its ability to provide analytics without requiring a login or personal account connection. This ensures privacy and ease of access.

  • Open Access: The tool's accessibility to anyone with an internet connection broadens its appeal. Users don’t need an Instagram account to access analytics, making it a valuable tool for non-Instagram users such as marketers or researchers.

  • Privacy-Focused: This approach respects user privacy, making it an attractive option for those cautious about sharing account details or personal data with third-party apps.

Gramhir's features of Profile Analysis, Post Analysis, Account Comparisons, along with its focus on Anonymity and Accessibility, make it a comprehensive tool for Instagram analytics. This allows users to gain deep insights into account performance, content strategy, and competitive landscape without compromising privacy.

Gramhir Review – Pros and Cons


  • The metrics it provides allow you to ascertain which of your posts is getting the most engagement.

  • It allows you to ascertain which posts are trending in your niche by discovering which of your competitor's posts are most popular.

  • Gramhir allows you to see the most popular posts within hashtags.

  • The tool analyzes profiles in minutes.

  • It allows you to search for profiles by keywords even if you don't know their username.

  • With it, you can predict the number of followers and likes.

  • It works in seconds.

  • As an online tool, it is free of charge.


  • Gramhir has no app version available.

  • Its features might appear limited in comparison to other analytics tools.

Guide to Using Gramhir

The structure of Gramhir is easy to understand, even for a total newbie. That said, the following steps are a brief guide that’ll help you easily find your way around the site.

  • Go to and enter the username of the profile you want to analyze. If you don't remember the username, you can insert keywords that relate to the account. Then search for the desired profile from the results provided.

  • Next, you’ll see an overview of the account and its statistics.

Gramhir Instagram

  • Scroll down to see their posts. If you want to download a post, click on it.

Gramhir Instagram analysis tool 2

  • Hit the blue download icon, and you're good. On this page, you'll be able to see the comments and likes of the post. It can give you insight into how users view your posts.

  • You can discover similar posts by clicking any hashtag.

Gramhir Instagram tool

  • On this page, you can explore hashtags, as discussed earlier.

So, it's clear that Gramhir is an easily navigable tool. And what’s more, it doesn’t require any registration or sign-up. You can get started immediately upon arriving on the site. So, if you’re looking for a good analytics tool, you should give Gramhir a shoot.

Applications of Gramhir

Gramhir offers a range of applications tailored to different types of users. From influencers and content creators to businesses, marketers, and general users, the tool provides valuable insights into Instagram usage and engagement. Here’s how various groups can utilize Gramhir effectively:

  1. For Influencers and Content Creators: Tailoring Content to Audience Preferences

  • Audience Engagement Analysis: Influencers can study their most engaging posts to understand what content resonates best with their audience.

  • Optimizing Posting Times: By analyzing when their posts receive the most engagement, influencers can optimize their posting schedule for maximum visibility.

  • Content Strategy Development: Understanding which types of content (e.g., videos, images, stories) perform best can help in developing a more effective content strategy.

  • Hashtag Effectiveness: Analyzing the impact of different hashtags on engagement rates can refine their hashtag strategy for broader reach.

  1. For Businesses and Marketers: Market Research and Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor Benchmarking: Businesses can use Gramhir to compare their Instagram performance with competitors, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for differentiation.

  • Identifying Market Trends: Marketers can analyze popular accounts within their industry to spot emerging trends and align their content strategy accordingly.

  • Target Audience Insights: Understanding the demographics and preferences of followers of similar accounts can help in tailoring marketing campaigns.

  • Influencer Partnership Opportunities: Businesses can identify potential influencers for partnerships by analyzing engagement rates and audience compatibility.

  1. For General Users: Understanding Engagement and Trends

  • Personal Account Growth: Regular users can analyze their accounts to understand how to increase their engagement and grow their followers.

  • Discovering Popular Content: By looking at popular accounts and posts, users can stay updated with current trends on Instagram.

  • Learning from Successful Accounts: General users can learn strategies from successful accounts, applying similar techniques to enhance their own Instagram experience.

In each of these scenarios, Gramhir serves as a powerful tool for data-driven decision-making. Whether it's tailoring content to audience preferences, conducting market research, or simply understanding what makes an Instagram account successful, Gramhir provides the insights needed to navigate the Instagram landscape more effectively.

Accuracy and Reliability

When evaluating Gramhir, it's important to consider the accuracy and reliability of the data it provides. Understanding how it compares to Instagram's official analytics, Instagram Insights, is also crucial.

Accuracy of Data Provided by Gramhir

  1. Source of Data: Gramhir likely uses publicly available data from Instagram profiles. This means that its accuracy largely depends on the information Instagram makes publicly accessible. For private accounts or more nuanced data (like detailed demographic information), Gramhir may have limitations.

  2. Update Frequency: The frequency at which Gramhir updates its data can impact its accuracy. If the tool does not update data in real-time or near-real-time, there might be discrepancies, especially for fast-growing or highly active accounts.

  3. Algorithm and Calculation Methods: The accuracy of engagement rates, predicted growth trends, and other calculated metrics depend on Gramhir's algorithms. If these algorithms are not constantly refined or based on comprehensive data analysis, there may be accuracy issues.

Comparison with Instagram's Official Analytics:

  1. Data Accessibility: Instagram Insights provides data directly from Instagram's internal systems, ensuring high accuracy, especially for private or nuanced metrics. In contrast, Gramhir relies on publicly available data, which might not be as comprehensive.

  2. Real-Time Data: Instagram Insights typically offers more up-to-date, real-time data compared to third-party tools like Gramhir. This is crucial for timely analysis and decision-making.

  3. Depth of Analysis: Instagram Insights offers in-depth analytics, particularly for demographic information and user behavior, which might not be as detailed or accurate in Gramhir.

  4. Reliability and Trust: Being an official tool, Instagram Insights is generally considered more reliable, especially in terms of data privacy and adherence to Instagram's terms of service.

While Gramhir provides valuable insights, especially for analyzing public profiles and overall engagement trends, it's important to recognize that its accuracy might not match the level of Instagram's official analytics. For detailed, up-to-date, and comprehensive insights, especially for one's own account, Instagram Insights is more reliable. However, for broader analysis, market research, and when working with public data, Gramhir can be a useful supplementary tool. As with any third-party tool, users should be mindful of potential limitations in data accuracy and privacy considerations.

FAQs of Gramhir

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir refers to an online IG backup tool. It serves as an effective profile analyzer, IG downloader, and browser. It allows you to track your account's performance and discover how you're doing in comparison to your competitors.

What kind of insight does Gramhir provide?

How much does Gramhir cost?

Why use Gramhir?

Is Gramhir safe?

Wrapping Up - Is Gramhir Worth it?

Instagram is a top social platform that every brand would love to utilize for their marketing. As such, they take all the necessary steps to ensure they're not lagging behind or losing to their competition. To do that, a brand needs to analyze its profiles.

As you well know, performing such analysis will help you determine when it's time to revise, discard, or create new campaigns to reach out to people and increase your followers. On IG, more followers mean more people who are likely interested in you and your brand.

With Gramhir, you’ll be able to have an idea of what type of posts would interest your followers. By creating more content of that nature, you’ll be only one step away from increasing your engagement. As seen in this article, Gramhir is undoubtedly your go-to tool for IG analysis.



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