Google Update May 2021

Google is synonymous with change. Webmasters have come to expect regular changes with each new update. This helps them to adjust their processes and methods accordingly to conform to whatever changes the giant tech company makes. With the impending release of the May 2021 update, bloggers, website owners, digital marketers or just about any content creator on the tech sector are interested in knowing what Google has in store.

What Can We Expect with the May 2021 Update?

Google Update May 2020

According to Google, from May 26, 2021, a new Government Documents and Official Services policy will go into effect. Duration of approximately 5 weeks will be given for the policy to be fully enforced. In addition to this, the Other Restricted Businesses policy will be updated although the Sale of Free Items, which is a part of the aforementioned updated policy, will be removed.

What is the ‘Other Restricted Businesses Policy’?

This policy simply serves to protect Google users from being exploited. Google limits or even stops advertisements from businesses when they feel such ads have the potential to pose certain risks to users. Some of the criteria of what Google considers to pose such risks include:

  • Funds solicitation

  • Free Desktop Software

  • Local Services

  • Consumer Advisories

  • Event Ticket Sale

  • Third-party consumer technical support

  • Bail bond services

  • Sale of free items.

The sale of free items policy, as mentioned above, will be removed in the May 2021 update. This policy involves selling products or services, which can be gotten for free or at a reduced price from another source.

The May 2021 update will see the arrival of the new Government Documents and Official Services policy. This policy means that Google will not allow advertisements for documents or services that can be gotten from governments or delegated providers.

A delegated provider is a company that has received an official assignment from the government to provide products or services on its behalf.

Features of the new policy

One important fact to consider is that this new policy will be implemented regardless of the price of the product or service as set by the advertiser.

This policy will disallow ads for documents or services that aid in the renewal, replacement or acquisition of information that can be gotten from the government or its delegated provider. Examples are passports, IDs, licenses (such as driver's or gun license), birth certificates, etc.

The new policy will also disallow ads for helping with the application or payment of services that can be gotten from the government or its delegated providers. Examples are applying for government benefits, requesting an official change of name or change of address, etc.

This policy does not affect some professional services such as:

  • Legal services

  • Business to business

  • Tax preparation service

  • Immigration lawyers or immigration consultants

Accounts could be suspended if the policy is violated repeatedly.

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