Google Site Speed Test

How fast is your website? The answer to this question determines which of these two would be higher - your conversion rate or your bounce rate. In other words, whether people stick around your site long enough to perform further actions (add an item to their carts or place an order, comment on your blog posts, etc.) or whether they exit shortly after they arrive largely depends on how fast your site pages load.

Google Site Speed Test

Slow-loading sites are a turn-off for many internet users, if not all. And except one has had previous experience with your brand and is determined to perform an action on your site, the reaction of many to a slow site is to leave right away in search of another site that offers the same services. This would reduce the number of unique visitors that your site receives, as well as the number of its conversions. In addition, it increases your site's bounce rate and attracts a penalty from Google, which keeps you farther from the high ranks of its SERPs. And none of these is good for the growth of your business or brand.

To avoid the dangers that come with slow site speed, you will find site speed checkers very useful. And what better tools would you require to rank high on Google SERPs than those developed by Google? Google PageSpeed Insights and Test My Site by Google are some very helpful tools in this regard. Let us now examine these tools for the Google site speed test.

Test My Site

Test My Site with Google is more than the simple tool that it appears to be. It is a powerful service that comes in handy when you want to check your site speed and performance across mobile devices. It is an updated and more specific version of the mobile site segment of the Google PageSpeed Insights tool, which this article would discuss later. The easy-to-use platform also suggests fixes, thus, proving to be an effective aid for businesses seeking to improve their site performance.

How Test My Site by Google Works

Google Speed Test

With a simple and direct interface, Test My Site provides site owners with their site speed score in a short while. All they need to do is to input their site URL in the search box provided. It takes only a matter of seconds after submission for you to complete the site speed test. The tool considers a "standard" 4G connection in conducting the test.

Besides measuring your general site speed, Google's Test My Site has page speed tools that help you to optimize the speed of your individual pages. You can get custom fixes to improve the speed of each page on your site. This Google site speed test tool also comes with a report that contains the results that you get from each corrective step you take. It even provides additional tools that allow you to benchmark your competitors or leaders of your industry and to evaluate how a faster site can impact your business.

Test My Site uses the IP address of the search to determine the location of the user and then choose the test location for optimum and relevant results. The Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) provides the site speed data that Test My Site uses for its test. Factors such as device, site design, implementation, third-party apps, server, browser, and network are considerations in determining the loading time of your site. Loading time, which is the time it takes for your site page's visible content to appear, is the Speed Index. This speed index is a basic metric for ascertaining your site speed performance.

There are three categories of both site and page speeds. These are slow, average, and fast. According to the metrics of this tool, site speed and page loading time of more than 2.5 seconds are slow. Average speed falls between 1 to 2.5 seconds, while loading time and speed of less than 1 second are fast.

Pros and Cons of Test My Site

Test My Site is, without doubts, a helpful tool for testing your site speed. However, it has its pros and cons.


  • Speed- This is no surprise since it is a speed test tool developed by Google. After all, Google itself is the search engine on whose result pages the tested sites are to appear. The performance report that Test My Site generates is fast, making the entire site speed test quick.

  • Ease of use- Test My Site is hassle-free and does not require excessive navigation. The first thing you see when you open the tool is the search box where you have to input your URL. After that, all you need for you to find out the speed of your site is one click.

  • No money required - There is no required payment to access either your site speed or the complete report.