Google Ranking Factors To Consider In 2022

Ranking high on Google SERPs is a great way to build tremendous traffic to your site. Why? Because Google is no doubt the dominant search engine among all its counterparts, Yahoo and Bing inclusive. Over 5 billion people use Google search every day! To ensure that these users get relevant results for their search, Google continuously improves its algorithm. Thus, the SEO and ranking factors you need to be concerned about change over time. However, it would be overwhelming to consider every one of the 200+ Google ranking factors. Therefore, in this article, we take a look at ten (10) of these Google ranking factors to consider in 2022.

Google Ranking Factors 2022

10 Important Google Ranking Factors You Need to Consider in 2022

Here are the 10 very important factors for ranking on Google that you should consider –

  1. Premium Quality Content

  2. Search Intent

  3. Website Speed

  4. Optimization for Mobile

  5. User Experience

  6. Backlinks

  7. Domain Authority

  8. Keywords

  9. Website Structure

  10. Website Security

We’ll now take a closer look at these factors.

1.) Premium Quality Content

Google takes content very seriously. The search engine is likely to rank pages with unique, relevant, and fresh content that helps users. Premium-quality content beats site structure and optimization. There are certain indices that determine whether your content is of high or premium quality. These include whether your content is –

Valuable, original, and unique

Your content is valuable if it answers the questions that readers are asking. When users search for answers on Google, the search engine places on the top of the results, relevant content that adequately addresses the question.

To tick the boxes for originality and uniqueness, your posts must be free from plagiarized content. Content that is duplicated a