Google Keyword Planner Review [2022]

Creating a site and posting content without traffic defeats the point of posting content online. A good Search Engine Result Page ranking would provide better visibility for content you post online. To achieve this, you need keywords with low competition but high search rates in both your ads and site content. Therefore, engaging in research to gain relevant keywords is one step up the ladder to achieving better ranks for your website. Through keyword research, you get niche-specific and relevant terms that increase your site traffic inflow.

Google Keyword Planner Review

Rather than taking wild guesses at what terms will attract more traffic, an efficient research tool would get the work done. This article will discuss one of several keyword research software; the Keyword Planner by Google.

Keyword Planner

What is Google's Keyword Planning Algorithm?

This Google-developed keyword research tool is free. Like other tools that serve this purpose, it analyses data from searches made on Google over time. Through this data analysis, Google's Keyword Suggestion software provides suggested key phrases alongside detailed reports. In other words, the results are accompanied by information regarding the average searches a phrase has, and what search engine these suggestions are from. It also gives you bid estimates for each suggestion. This way, you have an idea of your budget if you were to include that search term in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

How Does Google's Keyword Research Tool Work

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Before you can access the keyword research algorithm by Google,

  • It is necessary to create an account on Google Ads. Creating an account cannot be done through the mobile app as that is only meant for checking your ad campaign progress. In setting up your account, you must ensure that your account is that of the Expert mode and not the Smart mode.

  • You must input a valid means of payment and create an ad campaign to completely set up your account. However, you can hold off this part if you are not ready to spend money creating a campaign.

To proceed without this step, select the option to create the account without an ad campaign. Next, fill the required details on your business and tap the submit option. Once this is done, select the “explore account” option and follow the steps outlined below from step 2.

When your account is all set up, here are the steps you should take to get results from Google's Keyword Research algorithm

Google Keyword Planner

  1. Launch Google’s