Google Analytics Review

An effective business strategy goes hand-in-hand with business growth. Every website owner who seeks to attain substantial business growth must recognize this. And using a web analytics software is essential to achieving a business strategy that works. Thus, many analytics software platforms that help business website owners make appropriate business decisions are available for use. They also help to boost organic traffic for SEO. Google Analytics, one of this type of software, is a widely-recognized tool in analyzing business data. In examining Google Analytics, this review offers all you need to know about the popular analytics software.

What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics review

Google Analytics is a free cloud-based website analytics tool by Google. Like all web analytics services, Google Analytics provides you with analysis and reports of your site's visitors. It offers insights that help to check the success or otherwise of marketing strategies. The platform works for businesses of all sizes - from small startups and entrepreneurial endeavors to large companies and corporations.

How Google Analytics Works

Google Analytics performs in such a way that it affords you a single platform with the necessary tools for analyzing all your business data. It collects and analyzes the data and behavior of people who visit your site. These data include the device they visit your site with (whether PC or mobile phone), their preferred language, and their interests. It also includes their age and region, as well as the time at which they visited your site. With Google Analytics, you have access to every essential information about your website's traffic. For example, you get to see the number of visitors that go to your site, as well as what percentage of them are unique.

This analytics software by Google uses a data-tracking code to collect and curate data from your website. It then processes the data into readable and helpful reports which it makes available to you. All the data collation and analyses on Google Analytics are, thankfully, automated. This means that there is no need for a manual input or processing of data. The software automatically generates the metrics for your website. Therefore, all you need to do is to view the analysis. You can then make informed decisions that suit your business needs.

Features of the Google Analytics Service

Several distinguishing features set Google Analytics apart from the various other web analytics software available. These features - divided into web analytics and mobile analytics features - include the following:

Web Analytics Features of Google Analytics Software

1.) In-depth Tracking: Google Analytics carries out comprehensive tracking of various aspects of your site. The data which Google Analytics tracks include:

  • keywords

  • campaigns

  • conversions (goals)

  • user interaction and behavior

  • site search

  • page view

  • time spent on site

  • referral sources

2.) Multi-site management: You do not need multiple accounts to run different sites. This is due to Google Analytics' multi-site management feature.

Mobile Analytics Features of Google Analytics Software

1.) Event tracking on Google Analytics is its unique mobile analytics feature.

Other general features of Google Analytics are:

  • You can use it for free.

  • It allows integration with other amazing Google services (such as Google Search Console and Google Ads).

  • It allows you to observe the varying metrics between mobile device users and computer users. This, in turn, lets you make the appropriate changes to enhance your site's usability.