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GEO Proxy Review

One of the most recent extensions released on Google Chrome to customize your browsing experience is the Chrome GeoProxy. As an extension, the Chrome GeoProxy operates in a separate environment from where it interacts with the browser Chrome. The result? Extended access to web content and advanced browser behaviors are a few among others. The aim of this article, therefore, is to inform you of what changes this new extension brings to you as a Chrome user.

GEO Proxy

What is Chrome GeoProxy?

GeoProxy is a location-based proxy this way it provides results according to servers in the country. While trying to improve its service to its over a hundred thousand users, it was last updated in October 2021. As a browser extension, the Chrome GeoProxy has a 3.8-star rating. What extended web access does this extension bring to you? The GeoProxy performs functions similar to other Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and proxies. As a proxy, GeoProxy helps you overcome certain limitations you might encounter while surfing the web. These limitations could be due to restrictions placed on IP addresses from your country. How does the GeoProxy overcome this? It does this by providing a new IP address from any country you choose.

Pros and Cons of using GeoProxy

Here is what makes GeoProxy standout and some perks to it:


  1. Using GeoProxy gives you access to an array of IP addresses from a variety of countries.

  2. GeoProxy also has a social media benefit to it. With Chrome GeoProxy, you could configure your Facebook account to work with just one name. You could consider this as some extra form of anonymity.

  3. Users get up to ten IP addresses to choose from.


  1. It provides no authentication, hence, users are not protected from spam and other cyber threats. Users might be redirected to an unsafe site without their knowledge.

  2. As a free proxy, it also carries risks of data interception. Such risks are present as the lack of a paid version makes it easier for cybercriminals who equally have to pay nothing to gain data access.

How Can You Get Chrome GeoProxy

To get this Chrome extension, search for GeoProxy on your Chrome browser. Next, visit the Chrome Web Store and click on the option to add the extension. However, this option only appears using a desktop computer. If you carry this operation out using a mobile device, the option becomes “add to desktop”.

Once you have successfully added this extension, the GeoProxy icon appears on your toolbar. When there is the need to manage its settings, clicking on this icon would direct you to the menu of the extension.

After getting the web extension on the Google Chrome online store, here are some simple steps to use it.

  • Input a country name of your choice. The search box is meant for the name of the county you need a proxy for.

  • By inputting the name of the country, GeoProxy crawls up a maximum of ten available proxies in that country.

  • As proxies are arranged in a latent order, do well to select the first proxy as it currently has the least latency. In order words, using that proxy, sites take lesser time to respond.


Let us now consider answers to some questions you might have regarding Chrome GeoProxy

  • Is GeoProxy legal?

As is the case with all other proxies, GeoProxy is legal.

  • Is it safe to use GeoProxy?

Most proxies require and gain access to your data while you surf the internet. Due to the vulnerability of proxies to security breaches, most of the time, your data might face risks.

  • Am I completely anonymous using GeoProxy?

Not entirely. When using proxies, you are not completely anonymous as your browser cookies can be traced. For absolute anonymity, you might consider getting a new browser from VM before setting up the Proxy server.

  • How much does this Chrome extension cost?

Chrome GeoProxy is a proxy available to all users at no cost.

  • How can I stop using a proxy from this extension?

To disable a proxy, click on the GeoProxy icon on your toolbar and select the do not use proxy option. When you refresh your browser or visit a new site, you find that the proxy is no longer in use.

  • Can I use GeoProxy across all devices?

GeoProxy is compatible with computers. When using a mobile device, by clicking “add to desktop”, this browser extension would only be made available to you on your Chrome accounts on computers.

  • How do I make the GeoProxy icon leave my toolbar?

First, click on the kebab menu at the top-right of Chrome (the three little dots at the extreme). Next, select more tools, and then, extensions. Here, you will find the “enable” box ticked. Unmarking this option removes the icon from your toolbar.

  • Is it possible to delete this extension?

Of course, it is. When you no longer want this extension, click on the same kebab menu and select more tools. From here, click on extensions. When you find GeoProxy among the list, click on the trash icon. This removes GeoProxy from your current list of Chrome extensions.

Wrapping Up

Among the top 5 browsers currently out there, Google Chrome is surely making its mark. With the addition of extensions every once in a while, Chrome frequently improves its services and the browsing experience of its users. These extensions built on web-based technologies including JavaScript and HTML among others are made available to users on the Chrome Web store.

Indeed, there are better options out there aside from proxies such as VPNs. However, if a proxy is what you seek, this Chrome extension is worth a shot. It offers its services for free and grants browsing access to countries you may not have been able to access before.


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