Top Free Animation Software Tool In 2022

Animated videos will keep thrilling users from across the world as we endear naturally to them. Let's look at some stats behind the use of videos whether for pleasure or marketing. We will see how important videos have become to our daily lives.

For instance, over one billion hours go into the daily watching of videos on YouTube, which has 95 percent of internet users. Then you might also look at the effect of using videos on landing pages. Google places more value on such pages and considers it 53 times over pages without videos. And there is a 300 percent increase in the rate of video conversions compared to other forms of content. All these highlight the impact of videos on a personal and business scale.

Animation Software tool

There is no denying that there are several ways of creating videos today but one that stands out is the use of animated videos. Color appeals to the eyes and sends lasting impressions to the brain. And this is one reason why animated videos keep appealing to us every single time.

Because of the profound effect of animations, one cannot just do with it. Whether you are an advertiser, social media influencer, small business owner, creative, or you want to entertain family and friends, then you must have considered making animations.

To create amazing animations, you need to use the very best tools. But, being on a budget might be a constraint on creating the best-animated videos. Your search is now over as this article analyzes the top free animation software in 2022. Here is all you need to know to create outstanding animations.

What you should know about animation software

Animation software is the software you need to create and design motion graphics. These motion graphics exist in single frames which are later combined to produce every animation out there be it games, cartoons, dramatizations, or movies.

General Animation Software features

Aside from the features peculiar to the individual software, we will consider, some general features of the top animation software include:

  • They share a somewhat similar layout with Mac and Windows Apps.

  • Free-form design tools, paintbrushes, geometric shapes, and whatever other basic animation tools a creator would need.

  • Virtual layering, which allows you to move objects at will, either behind or ahead of other objects.

  • An empty field behind your animation stage. You can liken this space to your workspace where you can toss things until you find the right spot for them.

  • A general on-screen timeline that gives you control over when any action in your animation takes place. This timeline is usually organized by frame number.

  • Scrubbing (scrolling across frames in the timeline), which helps you get to view your animation in motion.

  • Selection tool - The selector tool allows you to create duplicate content on the screen.

What differentiates animation software from traditional video editing software?

Animation software

Here are what makes animation software stand out from traditional video editing tools;

  1. Animation software provides computerized versions of tools that were used in traditional animation along with some new tools. As an animator, you get to use these tools to design characters, the animation stage, and the background. After adding other elements, you arrange everything you have designed into frames. These frames are later compiled to give a motion-picture animation.