Exact Anchor Text Guidelines for 2021

Hello guys, it's Josh here. Today, I am going to give you the exact anchor text guide that we used for the past projects and clients, and it is working very well. We will show you how to build your anchor text in your tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks, and also with the software that you want to boost up. Anchor text balance is part of the ranking factors, and it has been a game changer when you're ranking your keywords in 2018.

Anchor text type

anchor text guidelines 2018

There are eight types of anchor text type that you should start using it when you're building your anchor text backlinks:

  • Brand keywords - The natural keyword that should often be used in backlinks is your brand/business name.

  • Primary keywords/Exact Keywords - It's the primary keywords that you're ranking on the particular page.

  • Key-phrases - It is where you add like a long tail keywords or add-ons word of the keywords that you're ranking. For example, your main keyword is "Anchor text," you should be doing " The best tips and method on how to use the anchor text."

  • Generic - It's the natural thing to do when it comes to backlinks anchor text. You should be using non-keyword words in your anchor text like " Visit here," "official site," "more info."

  • Naked links - It is where you're going to use the URL of your money site with different variations. For example, https://hybridtraffic.net, https://www.hybrid.traffic.net, www.hybridtraffic.net, hybridtraffic.net.

  • Brand + Key-phrases - Brand + Key-phrases - This is a combination of brand name + the keywords key-phrases. For example, "Hybrid Traffic The best SEO link building services company."

  • Brand + Primary Keywords - Combination of brand name + your primary keywords, for example: "hybrid traffic SEO strategies."

  • Domain + Primary Keywords - Combination of domain URL and your primary keyword, for example: " https:/www.hybridtraffic.net SEO link building services."

Anchor text usage percentage


If you're using PBN with metrics DA 15+, PA 20+, TF 10+, CF 10+ then you should be using the anchor text as stated below:

  1. Brand keywords - 20%

  2. Primary Keywords - 15%

  3. Keyphrases - 20%

  4. Generic - 10%

  5. Naked link - 15%

  6. Brand + key-phrases - 5%

  7. Brand + Primary keywords - 5%

  8. Domain + Primary keywords - 10%

If you guys have much more powerful metrics like 20 DA above and 20 TF metrics on PBN, then you should be increasing the primary keywords and the domain + primary keywords anchor text percentage:

  • Brand - 30%

  • Primary keywords - 25%

  • Brand + keyphrases - 25%

  • Domain + Primary Keywords - 20%


For Guest post

Let's move forward. If you're using a high-quality guest post with traffic, then anchor text balance should be like this:

  1. Primary keywords - 60%