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Domain Authority Stacking SEO

Does anybody hear about domain authority stacking? In short, it's called DA's in some SEO marketer. This strategy is quite complicated if you're new to this. Domain authority stacking is like building up your domain authority and stack them with spider web links by using high DA sites, social properties, and blogging, yet it is the safest and convenient way to build backlinks to your brand. The thing is, it may not just increase your site's backlinks, and domain trust, but it will help you gain a good reputation.

What Does Domain Authority Stacking?

1.) Brand Awareness - We all know how important is the brand when you're starting a new website. Domain authority stacking will be a big help to your brand increase for awareness as you will generally build naked links and brand name as your anchor text in tier 1 properties. So, in other words, it will be really useful in brand recognition.

2.) Authority metrics - The most awaited part of having an SEO is to increase the site's authority, the higher the numbers, the more the search engine loves your website, your indexing rate will increase, and of-course your rankings will be part of the reward for every page that you have. We all know how domain authority (DA) is important to SEO. So, domain authority stacking will help your site's metrics increase such as DA and PA.

3.) Natural Rankings - If you build high DA circle rings to your website, you probably be getting a lot's of high DA site's juice which will credit to your money site. If you focus on building those authorities, what will happen? Your rankings will skyrocket in search engines such as your landing pages, your blogs, your homepage and any pages that you created on the particular sites, and they will gain rankings. A good brand presence will be rewarded with good rankings.

How Does It Work?

This strategy is a little bit more confusing. Domain authority stacking is just like tiered link building network strategy. But, the only difference between the two is that the tiered link building or what we called the multi-tiered network is giving lots of links factors that are pointing to tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc. While the domain authority stacking is building a quality tier 1 contextual backlinks with high DA. So, this will include web 2.0 blogs posting, some PBN or guest posting. And then, you will build tier 2 with same set up high DA, tiered 3 = same, etc. You can build up to 5 - 6 upper tier level depends on your campaign.

Campaign Structure

There are lot's of different campaign structure when building your domain stacking; some SEO specialist build with high DA web 2.0 blogs, some build with PBN or guest posting, some are focusing on top authority links or profile. So, we will tell you all the campaign structure that we already tested and created below:

The Web 2.0 Da's

This structure is good for ranking video, keywords or brands; it is the basic multi-tiered network using different URL of web 2.0 choosing only the highest DA 50+. It's really helpful and productive if you know what you're doing. To have this structure, we recommend creating the tier 1 properties with quality on-page optimize like page, title, images, etc. For the other base, you may use web 2.0 tool builder, automation tool or SEO software.

domain authority stacking

Hybrid Traffic Da's 2.0

It's from our service, and we include it here, and we want to show you on how we do the best domain authority stacking so far, it's very powerful and highly diversified links with high authority links and traffic. We build it 15 top powerful web 2.0 blogs in phase 1, a mixture of web 2.0, high profile, PBN, bookmarking, high PA/DA web 2.0 for phase 2. Google Stacking will be phase 3, another boost up for phase 4, which is the high DA PBN, web 2.0, bookmarking, social share and some traffic sprinkles. Then, we do drip feed all the links with the indexer. You can check our service here - domain authority stacking.

domain authority stacking SEO

Achilles Da's 2.0

This type of campaign is highly powerful, and it consists of high powered links in phase 1 links that will push all your links and make your phase 1 links a good startup. It's a combination of high DA set of phase 1 links with different platform pointing to money-site.


That's our different campaign structure on domain authority stacking, any of these three are working good. You need to choose which one you're comfortable to build with. And if you have lot's of resources then, you probably get the structure right. So, overall rating of all these structures can increase your site metrics, branding, rankings, anchor text distribution and contextual backlinks. Just a quick reminder, build your phase 1 links with quality.

You can check our video here:


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