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Dito Telecom - Is The fast-growing Telcos in the Philippines?

(Telcos) are one of the essential industries on the planet today. Integral to communication and dissemination of information, we just cannot get enough of our data needs. As with other parts of the globe, the telecommunication industry plays a key role in the Philippines. As a direct consequence of the presence of modern infrastructures, this sector has seen a splurge. The 1995 deregulation of the industry has yielded an increase in the number of telcos.

One of such telco making the rounds in the Philippines is DITO Telecommunity. DITO seems new, but on taking a closer look, it has been around for a while. Who is behind DITO, how does it work, and how is it impacting the Philippines telecommunication industry? This article discusses DITO in full. But before going right into the mix, it is best to begin by knowing what DITO stands for.

DITO Telecommunity- Why the rave?

Dito, which derives its name from the Filipino word 'here,' began its reboot in 2019. Formerly known as Mislatel, DITO is one of the fast-growing Telcos in the Philippines. This telecommunication company focuses on information technology and multimedia. It is a consortium of several companies with China Telecom as its parent company. As the 3rd-major telecom provider, it received the certificate of "Public Convenience and Necessity" in July 2019, from the Philippines' National Telecommunication Commission.

DITO's proposed monthly internet rate competes with other top players in the industry like Globe Duopoly and PLDT-Smart. This telecom company is set to commence its operations in the Philippines on the 8th of March 2021. And it is walking through the door with its 4g LTE. DITO promises world-class services with a commitment to providing 200mbs of internet services to over a third of the Philippines in its first operating year. The list of areas where it will first offer 5G & 4G SiM Cards:

  1. Metro Cebu

- Carcar City

- Cebu City

- Consolacion

- Danao City

- Liloan

- Manduae City

- Minglanilla

- Naga City

- San Fernando

- Talisay City

2.) Metro Davao

- Panabo City

- Tagum City

- Carmen

- Davao City

- Digos City

How DITO operates

How DITO operates

As with other telecommunication companies, DITO is charged with information transmission through several types of technologies like radio, electromagnetic, and optical systems. DITO promises to deliver internet and telephone services to its customers across the Philippines. This will ensure the provision of basic communication means to individuals, households, and businesses.

DITO Telecommunity Services

These highlights the services that DITO subscribers stand to enjoy:

- Mobile Prepaid Plan

This is one of several services that DITO offers. This mobile payment plan allows network subscribers to make payment for the calling services upfront. Subscribers who do not need to make much usage will find this plan to be beneficial and cost-effective.

- Mobile Postpaid

Like other telcos, a mobile postpaid plan will be on the table of services being offered by DITO. Postpaid plans involve billing subscribers of a network on monthly basis - typically at the end of the month or after using the service. The actual usage forms the basis of the mobile prepaid bill that DITO offers. For income earners, this plan is a plus.

- Data Products and Services

DITO is also bringing top-notch data products and services to meet the rising data demands in the Philippines. It is partnering with Whale Cloud to develop a next-gen IT system to ensure a solid data foundation is laid for the ever-expanding Philippines market.

As a result of the joint venture between China Telecom and Udenna Group, DITO commits itself to deliver mobile services with world-class network speed, wider coverage, competitive rates, as well as an unparalleled consumer experience. The company looks forward to rolling out 5G services in the coming years with delivered speed being 10 times faster than what is available at present.

DITO is available in a 4g network at 700, 2000, 2100, 2500, 3300 MHz, and 5g at 3500MHz.

Milestones achieved by DITO Telecommunity

DITO Telecommunity so far has achieved several milestones to capture the attention of the general public. Here are some of its major achievements to date.

- Local and International calls were made using voice and video over DITO’s network in March 2020. This successful test took place 60 days ahead of the proposed schedule in spite of the global pandemic.

- 300 base stations have been completed out of the targeted 1300. This is the highest amount of network towers constructed by DITO’s ITCs.

- DITO’s core network has been created and it is experiencing continuous reinforcement and enhancement.

- DITO Telecommunity is well on track with its scheduled launch date of March 2021.

- With the project gaining much ground, the manpower of this telco has seen a significant rise. DITO now has 300 employees from the 100 that kickstarted the project.

Coverage and Speed

Dito Internet Speed

DITO currently covers about 37.5 percent of the Philippines population. It meets up the 37 percent set by its Public convenience certificate for its first operational year.

It surpassed the set minimum average of 27mbps of broadband speed. As its technical audit reveals, it currently runs at an average speed of 85.9 Mbps and 507.5 Mbps for 4g and 5g networks respectively.

A speed of 102.4 Mbps and 769.1 Mbps for 4g and 5g networks respectively is observed near its base station. Also, 91.2 Mbps and 437.1 Mbps for 4g and 5g networks respectively are observed at the middle point. And 64.4 Mbps and 316.5 Mbps for 4g and 5g are observed far from the base.


No exact rate is in place at the moment. But as with other businesses, gaining market share is important to DITO. And this will likely influence DITO's decision to adopt an aggressive and competitive pricing strategy in its initial years of operation.


DITO's 'Life at DITO' page on Facebook is specially created to help the public see where they can fit in with DITO Telecommunity. Here, you will find news and career opportunities. Also, DITO uses this Facebook channel to respond to inquiries relating to building a career at DITO. This is to assist the company to give personalized attention to persons who want to interact with the company in a working capacity.

A talent acquisition team is in place to review every resume. This team ensures that the skillsets of the applicant match the requirement of the company. Depending on the availability of a role, DITO will reach out to qualified applicants either in person or through virtual channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about DITO Telecommunity.

How do I apply for a role at DITO?

Starting a career at DITO Telecommunity is quite straightforward. Any individual seeking to have a career with DITO can visit DITO's official Facebook page to find out the exciting career prospects on the table. There is further information available on DITO's official LinkedIn page. Interested persons can use the regular updates found on DITO's official JobStreet page to keep abreast with the company's latest development.

DITO Telecommunity can be contacted further through their official channels.

I would like to recommend a property that I own to DITO Telecommunity. How do I go about that?

DITO Telecommunity will welcome your suggestions. All you must do is check out their site acquisition and land rentals policies to see how you can come in.

When is DITO Telecommunity’s technical audit?

DITO’s technical audit took place in January 2021. This audit aims at ensuring that DITO Telecommunity is fully equipped to meet its primary objectives. DITO aims to run at a minimum speed of 27 Mbps for 37 percent of the population at a minimum.

How can I purchase DITO’s plan?

Right now, no service is on sale. Dito’s focus is to ensure top-quality services for its customers. To stay tuned to its latest developments, you can visit its website or Facebook page for any information.

What is the Official launch date of DITO Telecommunity?

DITO Telecommunity seeks to launch in March 2021.

What are the recent developments with DITO Telecommunity?

- September 2020: DITO Telecommunity completes 859 towers of its 1300 target towers. This Telecom company estimates that the 1300 target towers will cover 37 percent of the Philippines' population.

- March 2020: DITO Telecommunity made its landmark move showing it has its core network facilities in place. With a video and phone call placed to several of its partner vendors in several areas from National Capital Region, North Luzon, South Luzon, Mindanao, Visayas, to China and Hong Kong, it showed it is ready for service. This move took place in March 2020 and was two-months before schedule as the mandated schedule was slated for May 2020.

Is there an official Facebook page for DITO?

Yes, there is. You can find DITO’s official and verified page on Facebook with the name ‘DITO Telecommunity.”

Wrapping Up

As competition breeds improvement, the telecom industry in the Philippines can brace itself for a change. There is no doubt that the presence of another telco can only spell good things.

DITO Telecommunity is coming into the scene and making waves for the right reasons so far. It promises to bring outstanding services from mobile payment plans to great customer services at a quicker rate. And there is the technical side of things too. Subscribers of this network stand to enjoy the speed, coverage, and high bandwidths. One thing is for sure, Filipinos just cannot wait for the launch date to feel something brand new.

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