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Digistore24 Review - Huge Affiliate Market Place?

Every sustainable business model is driven towards customer satisfaction through the delivery of goods and services. A business that cannot reach its customers will lose its profit margins and find it difficult to survive. In fact, customers are the major reasons why businesses stand. Nevertheless, reaching the final customers, connecting, and engaging them is an enormous task. And a lot of businesses perform poorly in this regard. Thanks to affiliate networks, many brands are finding an escape route to reach their customers and make a profit.

However, finding an effective affiliate network to join can be tasking. Apart from the existence of so many affiliate networks, getting a relevant and great paying network can pose several challenges. One such affiliate network that is doing the rounds is Digistore24 (D24). This network offers a platform to grow your business online.

digistore 24

This is a comprehensive Digistore24 review. It contains every information you must know about the Digistore24 affiliate network. It will help you make an informed decision when selecting an affiliate network. To find out how to expand your business across the internet using this affiliate network, you must know what Digistore24 is, how it works, and why you should use it.


  • What Digistore24 (D24) is

  • How Digitstore24 works

  • Features of Digistore24

  • Advantages of Digistore24

  • Disadvantages of Digistore24

  • Making money with Digistore24

  • Why should you use digistore24?

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Digistore24

What Digitstore24 (D24) is

What Digitstore24 (D24) is

Digistore24 is one of the many affiliate networks you will find around. Just like ClickBank, this platform allows publishers and vendors to meet and grow their business online. Digistore24 lets publishers find marketable services and products online, serving as a middleman to publishers and vendors.

How Digistore24 (D24) works

How Digistore24 (D24) works

Just as the way other affiliate networks operate, here is how Digistore24 works.

As an affiliate or vendor, you are required to sign up as the first step of using this affiliate network. Signing up as both an affiliate or a vendor is also possible. Or you can choose to register as either an affiliate or a vendor. On signing up, you get to access the user dashboard.

Registering as an affiliate opens you up to the product categories where you can find services and products to promote. For instance, you might be interested in rendering services online. All you have to do is go to the e-business/ internet marketing category and select the product and service that you would want. Digistore24 bases the displayed results of the product category on the sales volume. This can help decide what sells best and would suit your need at the time.

Digistore24 makes it easy to navigate between being an affiliate and a vendor. On the header, you can switch between modes. This makes it easy to find affiliates to advertise your products. Inside the vendor section, select Account> Product> Add product and fill the form that opens. Filling the product information form lists your products on Digistore24’s marketplace.

Digistore24 gives a guide on how to fill the product listing form. This is great if you do not understand how to fill the form.

Features of Digistore24 (D24)

Features of Digistore24 (D24)

These are the distinctive features characterizing Digistore24:

Sales and Payment

  • To optimize sales and payments for both affiliates and vendors, Digistore24 accepts direct payment, Paypal, Klarna, and advance payment options.

  • Individual withdrawal periods of 0, 14, 30, and 60 days.

  • Installment and subscription payments.

  • Internal blacklist and fraud prevention system.

  • Free test periods

  • Automatic reminder procedure

  • Sales in multiple currencies including USD, EUR, and CHF.

Sales Automation

  • Upsell tree builder

  • One-click upsells and down-sells

  • Upsell tree builder

  • Free upsell flow using G.E.T parameters as well as follow-up URLs

  • Cross upsells

  • Upgrades and downgrades to ensure active subscriptions

  • Smart upgrade widget

  • Member offers

  • Automated telephone sales through DigiCalls24

  • Volume discounts

  • Discount codes

  • Vouchers

  • Shopping cart widget

  • on the sales page

Bookkeeping and Taxes

  • Return and complaint management

  • Reseller model

  • Automatic tax calculation with payment to the relevant tax offices

  • Full email support for final customers

  • Automatic billing for finals customers


  • Physical products (books, CDs, DVDs, nutritional supplements), Digital products, and services

  • Product variants

  • Download vault

  • E-tickets

  • Software License keys

  • Automatically generation of PDF delivery notes for physical product returns.


  • Mobile app integration

  • Zapier integration

  • API for developers

  • Klick-Tipp (single opt-in included)


  • Multi-Step Order Box

  • Drag and drop form editor

  • Add-on products on forms

  • Videos and testimonials on order forms

  • Guarantee and security seal

  • Social Proof Box

  • Order Bump

Data Protection and Quality

  • 2-factor authentication

  • Prompt payment

  • 100% GDPR compliant

  • Complete transparency

Statistics and Analytics

  • Sales statistics

  • “Everything at a glance” dashboard

  • Conversion Cockpit

  • Order form tracking using Google Analytics & Co.

  • Cancellation rates

  • Checkout conversion

Affiliates and Joint Ventures

  • Affiliate advertising area

  • Affiliate marketplace

  • WordPress promo link generator

  • Content pages

  • Pay-per-lead contracts

  • Joint ventures

  • Affiliate attribution over multiple devices

  • Attribution using the last-cookie-wins principle

  • Automated commission allocation

  • S2S-Postback


  • ShipStation


  • ShipOffers


  • Step-by-step guides and video documentations

  • Blogs with best practices and tips

  • Help widgets

  • Email support

Digistore24 Pricing

Digistore24 is free to use. It only comes at a cost when you make a profit. Transactions reaching up to 400 Euros accrues a 7.9% + 1 Eur fee. Any amount above the 400 Eur mark takes a 4.9% fee. The transaction margin in the US is slightly different with a standard 7.9% + $1 fee. And a 9.9% + $1 if the transaction is over a 1% chargeback.

Advantages of Digistore24 (D24)

Advantages of Digistore24 (D24)

The benefits of using the Digistore24 affiliate network includes:

  • A solution to affiliate management

Managing an affiliate program is complex as a result of the many processes involved. Such difficulties are eliminated by affiliate networks. Digistore24 streamlines the affiliate process by offering technology, account management, as well as end-to-end tracking. Users can also access reporting and payment options for easy monitoring and tweaking.

  • Sales Tracking

With its comprehensive dashboard, Digistore24 allows each user to monitor and obtain reports on clicks, impressions, conversions, sales, and revenue at any given time. This affiliate network allows for easy optimization of campaigns.

  • Brand Awareness

Digistore24 creates awareness and an opportunity to form relationships by sending visitors to the websites of publishers. As a result of its massive global reach with publishers from around the world, advertisers can grow and expand their brands across several markets. With the engagement of a new publisher, an advertised product is potentially exposed to an untapped audience and a new market.

D24 allows you to maintain your brand identity. By uploading the creatives associated with your brand including your logos and designs, you are maintaining consistency across boards. Just like with other affiliate networks, Digistore24 allow brands to share their guidelines with publishers to avoid irregularities.

  • Ad budget optimization

A commission is generally paid out by advertisers after a sale. This, in turn, leads to the payment of the network fee. Digistore24 receives a percentage of the commission, which largely depends on the model that an individual advertiser subscribes to. Still, just as with other affiliate networks, D24 offers payment flexibility. This is unlike other methods of advertising that demand flat commission payment, regardless of the sales' outcome. Digistore24's flexible commission model ensures that each affiliate channel works in the best possible way.

  • Compliance Monitoring

Every affiliate program has certain terms and conditions that must be met to ensure a smooth operation. The terms and conditions, which are given by the network outline every unacceptable, indecent, immoral, and dishonest behavior. Spotting such behaviors that go against the affiliate program can be tasking and might not be possible in the initial stages of the relationship. Digistore24 integrates a compliance monitoring service as part of the network's operation. The affiliate network's expertise ensures the spotting of minor issues before they become full-blown.

With Digistore24's vetting of publishers, users of the affiliate program can rest assured of the mitigation of unethical practices as well as the full compliance of the network’s code of conduct.

Disadvantages of Digistore24 (D24)

Regardless of the numerous benefits associated with using the Digistore24's affiliate network, it also has its issues. This is understandable given that other great affiliate networks may not meet the needs of some persons, while it works well for others. For instance, ClickBank is restricted in some countries. So, these are some of the challenges related to using D24 at present.

  • Limited products:

Unlike some other affiliate networks, the featured products on this website are limited. This can be a challenge to persons who would want a wide product range.

  • Improvement on the platform

Even though the website goes a long way in making navigation easy, there is room for improvement. However, it meets the basic needs of users currently.

Making money with Digistore24

Making money with Digistore24

Affiliate marketing largely involves the advertiser (vendor) and the publisher (affiliate marketer). You can make money as either one of them. Here is how to go about it.

Making money as a Publisher on Digistore24

D24 serves as a great alternative to ClickBank in regions where ClickBank is restricted. That said, this affiliate network provides three steps to make money as an affiliate after signing up. They include:

  • Picking a profitable niche

Before getting into any program, you must know what exactly suits you. Speaking of niches, these are segments in the market that require a certain preference.

How can you identify a profitable niche? Well, as required by any business, you must do thorough research and analyze the market situation. You can also develop your business around your interest or passion. A simple trick that works when deciding on a niche is to select an evergreen one and channel your business efforts toward a low-competitive aspect of it.

  • Select winning products

You need to provide value to remain in business. This requires marketing good products. A good product will add value to your customers. And this translates into products that have a high commission.

You must know that your product choice can affect your reputation online. Choosing a poor product, even if it has a high commission value might not meet the needs of your customers. When they cannot find value with what you offer, it gives you a bad rating, which detracts others from you.

  • Create a website or Blog

Getting your affiliate business running on some levels of automation requires a website or blog. Creating a blog will do your affiliate business much good. For one thing, it ensures sustainability. As more persons care about the value you have to offer, dropping your link at different corners of the internet is simply not enough. Using your blog, you can show the value you have to offer and grow your business organically. This is a cheap and sustainable option to get customers that will buy from you.

If you are not a fan of blogging, you can try video marketing. Getting a YouTube Channel is fairly easy and it puts you across to the right audience.

These three methods will help you make money from D24 as an affiliate marketer. What if you intend to make money as a vendor? There are several ways to do that.

Making money as a Vendor on Digistore24

D24 connects affiliates and vendors. So, if you have a service or product that you would want to put out there, you can try out D24 's marketplace. Digistore24 offers a platform to reach audiences that you do not have access to. Making money as a vendor on Digistore24 involves:

  • Listing your services or products on D24’s marketplace and get marketers to help promote it.

  • Customers are sent to your sales page by the affiliates.

  • D24 processes the payment on purchases made and you receive your money.

Why should you use Digistore24?

Why should you use Digistore24

Apart from the several benefits of using an affiliate network, here are what publishers and vendors stand to get from using D24's platform.

Affiliate marketer’s or Publisher’s benefit

  • Free admission to the network

  • Immediate approval of affiliate application

  • Ease of finding product or services to promote as a result of the category listing

  • Accepts several methods of payment including PayPal and Bank transfer.

  • The services of D24 are accessible worldwide, unlike major competitors like ClickBank. This makes Digistore24 a better ClickBank alternative, especially in restricted countries.

  • Publishers can receive payment on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis.

  • Low payout threshold.

  • Commission rates range from 15 to 90 percent.

Vendor’s or Advertiser’s benefit

  • D24 has a full payment and sales system in place. Every manufacturer or vendor must list their services and products on the affiliate network. Here, they can get qualified partners to advertise their products.

  • Digistore24 offer product delivery services.

  • Presence of a sales-processing system and customer services.

  • Easy start-up guide for beginners.

  • Ease of optimization and automation sales processes.

  • Presence of intuitive dashboard to ease operation and interact with vendors.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on Digistore24

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on Digistore24

How can I locate my Digistore24 ID?

You must be logged on to view your Digistore24 ID. You will find it at the top left corner.

Why is my product not showing on the Digistore24 marketplace?

To ensure your product appears on the marketplace, you must create an entry into the Digistore24's marketplace. This is important as your product will not appear automatically on the marketplace after product creation.

How can I make affiliates promote my products on Digistore24?

You must do more than create a product to get affiliates on board. Your marketplace entry must be set up as well. Setting up your marketplace entry will make your products visible to affiliates.

Can I change my ID?

Changing your Digistore24's ID is possible. All you have to do is write to the Digistore24 support team and present your former ID and several other IDs for verification.

Where do I change the affiliate/ vendor view on the Digistore24 platform?

After logging in, you can change the affiliate/ vendor view from the top left corner.

Wrapping Up

Digistore24 has been extensively reviewed here. This affiliate network caters to the needs of advertisers and manages the affiliates seeking to promote a product. There is no doubt that it makes products easy to find and serves as middlemen between advertisers and publishers. Making it one of the best affiliate networks around.


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