Digistore24 Review - Huge Affiliate Market Place?

Every sustainable business model is driven towards customer satisfaction through the delivery of goods and services. A business that cannot reach its customers will lose its profit margins and find it difficult to survive. In fact, customers are the major reasons why businesses stand. Nevertheless, reaching the final customers, connecting, and engaging them is an enormous task. And a lot of businesses perform poorly in this regard. Thanks to affiliate networks, many brands are finding an escape route to reach their customers and make a profit.

However, finding an effective affiliate network to join can be tasking. Apart from the existence of so many affiliate networks, getting a relevant and great paying network can pose several challenges. One such affiliate network that is doing the rounds is Digistore24 (D24). This network offers a platform to grow your business online.

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This is a comprehensive Digistore24 review. It contains every information you must know about the Digistore24 affiliate network. It will help you make an informed decision when selecting an affiliate network. To find out how to expand your business across the internet using this affiliate network, you must know what Digistore24 is, how it works, and why you should use it.


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What Digitstore24 (D24) is

What Digitstore24 (D24) is

Digistore24 is one of the many affiliate networks you will find around. Just like ClickBank, this platform allows publishers and vendors to meet and grow their business online. Digistore24 lets publishers find marketable services and products online, serving as a middleman to publishers and vendors.

How Digistore24 (D24) works

How Digistore24 (D24) works

Just as the way other affiliate networks operate, here is how Digistore24 works.

As an affiliate or vendor, you are required to sign up as the first step of using this affiliate network. Signing up as both an affiliate or a vendor is also possible. Or you can choose to register as either an affiliate or a vendor. On signing up, you get to access the user dashboard.

Registering as an affiliate opens you up to the product categories where you can find services and products to promote. For instance, you might be interested in rendering services online. All you have to do is go to the e-business/ internet marketing category and select the product and service that you would want. Digistore24 bases the displayed results of the product category on the sales volume. This can help decide what sells best and would suit your need at the time.

Digistore24 makes it easy to navigate between being an affiliate and a vendor. On the header, you can switch between modes. This makes it easy to find affiliates to advertise your products. Inside the vendor section, select Account> Product> Add product and fill the form that opens. Filling the product information form lists your products on Digistore24’s marketplace.

Digistore24 gives a guide on how to fi