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Criteria For Buying Aged Domains For Money-site Or PBN

There are lot's of marketer are waiting and fishing about expired domains for the use of their PBN or client money-site. There are lots of advantages when you're using aged domains or expired domains.

Aged domains

1.) they are already indexed. 2.) site has already old backlinks. 3.) They are aged. 4.) advantage in rankings.

Here are some step on how to fish a right value domain

Go to for finding aged or expired domains.

Set the filter to find only the following domains:

1. Only New Last: 24Hours 2. No Fake PRs: Check 3. No Page Rank -1: Check 4. Minimum Page Rank: 1 4. Minimum Backlinks: 10 5. Minimum Age (ABY): 3 Years


6. Indexed in Google - Go to google and search the money site "" 7. Ensure that the domain does not have a Fake PR: 8. Check for DA: (Minimum DA10, but recommended DA20)

9. Must not have been dropped 2+ times: http://Whois.DomainTools.comThe domain should be relevant to the money site.

  • The domain should be relevant to the money site.

  • majesticseo metrics of 15+, between CF and TF metrics, should have less than five difference.

  • Moz DA of 10+ and PA 15+, with a spam score of 0

  • No spam backlinks (broken links, links not found, no spam number links)

  • Not hacked domain (No foreign language as anchor text)

  • Referring domains should be 20+ above.

  • Highest anchor text should be a branded name or naked links.

Finally, the last step is not a criteria, but it is advisable to check the following: you need to check the domains anchor text to see what type of inks have been coming in. You can use services like or You should consider the following:

  • Check that the Majestic Trust Flow is not less than 5

  • Are there offensive anchor text phrases

  • Are all the anchor text in another language other than the language you will be using on the site? This is not currently a problem for a mini site, but may become so in future if Google tighten up in this area

  • If the percentage of referring domains is less than 3%, and the number of backlinks in excess of 1000, this might not be a great domain


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